Photo reading?

  • Dear everyone 🙂

    I would be thrilled if someone could do a photo reading for me! I would just like to know what is currently going on in my life especially regarding love & relationships:)

    Thanks so much,


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  • Hi shalott91,

    This is not a face reading but a general one, I pick up on your feelings so you can look at them from a different perspective..

    you have a goal you want to accomplish

    you are having trouble in your relationship, not sure if it's a trust issue... something is up

    it's like he wants everything... but doesn't focus on it... or you in the back ground...

    to your question, someone is going to give you good advise about it

    and someone just gave you good advise too...a nice feeling to him... he has power like a father figure or a boss..

    to your other question... things broke down and didn't work out

    you have a skill that you are good at, but I'm not sure i want to say don't over believe or take it down a notch. It is good to believe in yourself, just be grounded so you don't over look something.

    After the things you go thru take a breath.. things get better

    and do trust yourself of who you are... know you are good and not to let situations get to you...this is different from the card above...sometimes you go thru stuff and you question yourself, know you have a good heart

    it may take time so have patience.

    and don't over due, sometimes when you want something and can't wait there is a tendency to over due... so breath, let nature take it's course, learn from it and continue on.

    hope that helps,

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