Aquarius with a Gemini

  • I've recently met a Gemini. For the first two weeks, he was very attentive and interested. Going as far as to say he wanted to be with me and loved me. However, for the past 4 days or so, he has completely dropped all efforts to get in touch with me and now talks to me as if I'm a casual friend when i contact him. He no longer tries to spend time with me either, making excuses for his behavior when I confront him about it. Is this normal gemini behavior? will he come out of this weird change or should i move on?

  • I was in the exact same situation as you. Im an Aquarius myself and was seeing a Gemini. Everything you said happened to me too, he told me he loved me and then just completely changed his mind a few days later & then moved onto my best friend! (which didnt last because shes a cancer) yes it apparantly is normal Gemini behaviour, as they say they have two personalities. My advice to you is DONT chase him, let him come back to you but don't hold your breath. I dont see why you should put your life on hold for somebody who cant make up there mind what they want, us Aquarians hate that. So just move on, it will be alot easier.

  • The thing with geminis is we tend to be very wishy-washy ( not that it justifies actions like that). Think of it like dealing with a cat. They come to you when they want attention but will scamper away when approached. Very curious but also loose interest in things quickly. We tend to jump before we think, very impulsive at times. Until we are 100% sure and ready to settle down, don't look for too much commitment from a gemini. When we do settle though, we are there to stay.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm a Gemini female, and all I can tell you is mystery helps, don't give him all your goodies too soon and don't explain why your not giving it to soon.. be mysterious. Let him figure you out. and not even all the way. so for example if he calls don't pick up the phone or if you pick up make it seem like you have to rush off or get off quick. if he says something, just say... its just a project I'm working on and tell him you will call him back, then don't. this will drive him crazy. make him pursue you. And when he see you always look good and smell good. be pleasant. and let him know you will call him, then don't. after about two or three weeks of this, they will be dying to take you out. but if you don't see a rise out of him then he is simply not interested.

    I hope this helps.....let me know what happens.

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