Saturn Return - need a reading

  • I've been told that my Saturn Return is coming up in the next few months and this will be a time of big change. I'm looking for a general reading. My birthdate is 10-14-83. Thank you.

  • lag83,

    Here is a reading for you, I pick up on your feelings so you can look at it from a different perspective.

    Your starting to learn something new... new job or venture

    Some of the stuff you are going thru... it will be hard to get out of your own way...dig in

    seems like your in a fight, emotions are flying. You need a way to calm them. This goes with the card above so its not just going to go away

    To one of your questions I get the feeling your trying to reach out and asking for help. Watch whom you ask help from... i get the feeling something is up and not straight forward; so you need to not blindly trust... think things out.

    recently you were open to a new idea...something you wouldn't have normally done

    other question has to do with a domineering woman... has to be her way...and can get nasty

    I think your ready mentally to break out and start new... but its hard to make the decision...and a part of you is saying...I'm important and they should listen to me... Let things happen as they should, do the right thing... not just towards your needs but for everyone....hard to do sometimes.

    after all is said and done... take a breath...refresh yourself, let things happen and it will start to turn for the better

    with the friend and the fighting...there's sadness

    again don't do the wows y it's me routine... don't feel your back is to the wall and only look out for yourself. I get a negative feeling if you do. Take the high road and use it as a learning lesson

    ok it came up again, how do i put it ....ego... all things we go thru are learning lessons. Find the positive and don't dwell on the negative. You are feeling that so the trick is going to be how do you turn the negative to a positive... work on that.

    The great thing is I believe god gave us free will and we can change anything if we chose too. Try to use this as looking at it from a different perspective to hopefully help make the best decisions.

    hope that helps,

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