Captain, a follow up question please

  • Hi Captain,

    A couple days ago I asked you about the blocked phone call thing. As you said, this "friend" has his pride that he didnt know what to say if he called. I cant help but keep wondering if I will hear from you again soon? like a real phone call from him or txt message? Hope to hear from u again. Thank you.

  • I don't feel he has the courage to call you direct. He was hoping you would call him to ask if that blocked call thing was him. So then he could say you were after him.

  • thanks for the response, Captain. May I ask you a couple more? Why doesnt he have the courage? besides his pride as you mentioned before, what else bother him? last time when we talked, he was the one telling me not to call him ever again. of course i was so mad. It's no big deal if he initiates a call. i dont get it? what's he afraid of? ugh.

  • He's afraid of how you would receive him now after the things he said.

  • Unfortunately even if you did make up with him, he's an 'on-off' moody sort of guy and would inevitably freeze you out again.

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