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  • Over view of what you think these cards are saying. This is a situation regarding someone close (friend) and what's coming etc.


    over--8 of rods



    situation--knight of cups

    past--ace of cups


    future--2 of swords


    friends--high priestess

    advice--knight of swords

    outcome--king of rods

  • Hi Daliolite

    Okay, see what you think...

    Overview - 8 of rods.

    Its a path issue. Life role, and in a fairly well developed (8) area of life. So it could be an established situation that has been "dreaming" for a while of some path changes or new possibilities (7) and is now moving forward to an 8 "what actual steps do I have to take now" readiness to see the changes take place.

    Present - Hierophant. "Tav", the nail in the Kabbalah. What other things hang on, depend upon, what ties things together. Tav is like our word "and" in the English language. So the present is very "tied up" or a lot of parts and pieces all connect together in the present situation. The desire to see some developments/movement to a path (8 rods) is touching a somewhat complicated present situation. A situation that is established, founded on the past. (emotional focus). The idea here is something trying to "continue on" that has a history.

    Below - Death.

    Transformation, as in something old is being "reconstituted" into something new and nice. Could be the end of one thing while another is trying to come forth. There is a background to this situation that has been trying to "transform" for a while. Shows a willingness, and a desire to see positive change come in life no matter the circumstances. This is a very prolific energy, death being merely another name for the Seed of Life.

    Situation - Knight of Cups. A strong emotional focus at this time. Feelings could be swinging back and forth. Racing off on emotional energy.

    Past - Ace of Cups

    Emotional beginnings. Love or emotional path. This person has been starting in love, trying to establish love, understand love.

    Challenges - Moon

    Moon is mystery and the night, and a little magic, can be tearful and sometimes scary. The Moon asks us to trust even when we can't see our path, and it is night, and we may feel alone and a bit frightened at times. The challenges are trying to see what is ahead, through the night, darkness, with only the moon to illuminate. So, some fears at times, some beautiful night views at times!

    Future - 2 of Swords

    This shows a love that is very intellectually balanced. Swords have their own way of relating. Everything settles down into a cool intellectual balance.

    Blocks - Emperor

    The way the present is "framed in" is limiting the progress somehow. Someone is seeing the situation from a certain viewpoint that is inflexible or unable to see it from another point of view. So then patience (with this person) is probably needed.

    Friends - High Priestess

    Some aspect of the situation is hidden from view to others. Friends do not see the details, or there is something about the matter that is secretive to the outside world.

    Advice - Knight of Swords

    A balancing to the emotionally focused situation. This Knight is keeping things logical and smart, on thinking this matter through calmly and with great reason and poise. The advice is to stick to the facts and work through matter a step at a time with calm, loving intellectual practicality.

    Outcome - King of Rods

    Kings are the male fulfillment in the suit. So the "outcome" seems to be saying that this situation will develop from a somewhat complicated (Hierophant) Knight of Cups (love focused) situation, to an outcome where a path that has needed some "improvements" is in fact leading to a fulfillment (King rods) of path. This continues the Sword Knight energy of the advice, so path seems to be mostly swords from this point on.

    I will try and pull all that together as a story...

    I think this person is going through a life change of some sort, moving away from a strong emotionally appraised way of looking at life, to something more intellectual, practical, and calm.

    The present seems to be opening a door for this. There is something coming soon that is an intellectual agreement/choice of some sort that seems to mark the the passage through the door. After this 'agreement' the path seems to change from something mostly emotionally focused into something cooler, more intellectual, logical. There are no material issues here, this is all about path and transition from emotional to intellectual focus.

    The challenges to this process completing seem to be mostly emotional and the choice of viewpoint. It seems this person is trying to see their life/path from a different/new point of view and it could be difficult to do that right now, because of some fears or apprehension of change (Moon). Or memories from the past could be affecting their viewpoint/attitude.

    Friends don't seem to be a factor in this, the world "out there" is hidden from view for now. This is more to do with this person and their own personal walk.

    Success is certain. I see this person experiencing some sort of transition from one "mode" of life which in the past has been mostly emotionally focused (cups) into a new path that is much calmer and cooler, (I wanted to say groovy-cooler)... this will work out well for them. I think the "relaxing" of the viewpoint is important for them. To not rely too much on their own conclusions at this time. Stay open. Level headed. Taking life one smart step at a time no matter the pace.

    I hope that made sense for your situation? Thanks for asking for the reading Daliolite! Please offer any tips or suggestions in how I interpreted this, I would love to read what you are getting too, how they compare... blessings!

  • Thanks Astra Angel for always responding! This reading was right-on. I think there are 4 people in this reading. I believe I know who they are. They aren't negative influences, so to speak, just their roles in situation. My friend being the king of rods (and also) a life path. His astrological sign is cancer and I've drawn the moon for him before. The moon being the planet for his sign. Not only is he intelligent but sensitive and emotional. I believe I'm being shown as the 2 of sword, or my part in it. Actually, I have no part in this. Just wondering how he's being shown and how he's doing. I've wanted to talk w/his son about his situation but am very hesitant. It's funny but I often think about him late at night (moon). My friend asked me to get him out of his situation. To get him out, I would have to go thru dr's, family and establishment. I don't think (I know) he's getting enough attention where he's at and going downhill. Talked to a priest about it and he asked me--why don't you tell the family. Just trying to decide if it would help. The priest told me not to fret over what other people think.

  • Astra--I could be showing as high priestess, as well. Any thoughts.

  • Daliolite

    Okay, well... you added a lot of clarity to that. So, four people? That is really interesting. I always want to reach for cards right away to see what is going on .

    You referred to yourself in this as possibly the two of swords, and High Priestess. Those are both very poised and quiet, and soft and sensitive. So you could be providing that in this situation, sort of a calming influence? The King of Rods could be that emotional part a lot, fiery... and the moon as you say, also very emotional. Cancers I think are really, really sensitive. So you may be balancing that somehow with your moderating influence. I am sharing what comes to mind...

    So you are trying to decide whether to talk to the family...

    I drew 7 cards...

    6 of Swords > Queen of Swords > Page of Wands > 3 of Wands > Justice > 2 of Swords > 2 of Cups...

    That all sounds like it would help, don't you think? Considering reaching out... you would be the Queen of Swords in this I am guessing. You risk the communication (page wands) and that is successful (3 wands) and there is balance restored ... and emotional balance too... 🙂

  • Yes, sounds favorable. Just don't want him to be placed in another wrong situation. What's funny is, before he even asked me to help him, I had tremendous feelings of--get him out of here. I was like..are you losing your mind. At that point, his situation wasn't bad. I'm learning to trust my strong feelings. Yesterday, at work, something told me to go to Peggy (a friend at work) and ask her what the significance of that date was. It felt like my heart was actually coming out of my body. I was in a different part of the building from where I normally work. I kept getting a mother influence. So, I asked her what the significance was to the 19th and if her mother died. She said her husband had passed on Sept. 15th and he had stayed (died) in the part of the building I was in. She had taken care of him for awhile. That's how I got the mothering influence. I'm glad I told her how I felt. I told her that her husband wanted me to acknowledge it for her. I get a lot of communication from those who pass.

  • I have been shown as high priestess in readings before. I don't know if this is good or bad.

  • Astra, Have one more request, please. Could you do a reading as far as my work/job goes...this is no way assoc w/the previous post/situation. Thanks! If I can return the favor, let me know...

  • Hi Daliolite

    I drew some cards on your work/job question. See what you think... 11 cards...

    You are focused on material needs (Knight Pentacles), and that seems to be working out in your life as plans of the mind (7 swords) and the Devil (Key is "ayin" things seen). Which is manifesting as "seen" more income (10 pentacles, the most income) connected to work (employment, 3 pentacles).

    Then the Universe card. It is almost the Universe steps in here and says, "Hey Daliolite... we have an idea for you... :)"

    Focus your thinking (Knight of Swords) on what you LOVE (King of Cups) and that will turn your 'something problematic' (3 swords) into a new idea (Ace Swords) leading to your Change of Fortune (Wheel) that you deserve.

    The general thrust of the reading seems to be trying to encourage you to focus on what you love to do (and the unlimited possibilities before you), and let that translate something that has been a problem(?) (3 swords) into some plans (3 swords) with a new idea (Ace swords) (the presence of the Ace moderates the 3 swords into something helpful I think) and that opens into something really nice, and changes financially for the better I am sure.

    Perhaps something you have not seriously considered as an income source, however it could be with the proper focus. Anyway, it all looks great to me, something definitely developing for you income wise (3 pentacles, 10 pentacles, and the Wheel all spell good things to come.)

    There is also the possibility that this is all connected to a person of interest that will be a key player here to help you (King of Cups)

    How does that sound? Let me know what you see, I like to hear how this may or may not apply to your life! 🙂

  • The string of cards are:

    Knight of Pentacles, 7 of Swords, The Devil, 10 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, Universe, Knight of Swords, King Cups, 3 of Swords, Ace of Swords, and the Wheel

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