Curious, but no rush... :)

  • Hi anyone that wants to answer,

    I have a couple different questions actually. 🙂 I was wondering for one if there is a way to hone my "weird" new skills that I seem to be feeling a little more lately? And on a completely seperate note, if my ex-husband and/or his family areed planning something court wise against me what it might be??Just so I am prepared for whatever might be coming. 🙂

    Thank you in advance,

    Laci 🙂

  • Laci,

    Hello! How on earth are you? Just saw this thread and thought: why not?

    Firstly, in regards to your new-found skill, keep using it. The main trick with this is to go with it, and not question it. Often you'll get something that seems so out there and wrong, but if you allow your ego-thought process to take over, you'll miss the mark. So if you're writing to someone and get the urge to send them a picture of a - for argument's sake - tongue, then go ahead! They could be contemplating a tongue ring 🙂 You get the picture I think! Remember my tiny tale about the pigs hahaha

    Your ex husband is a nasty piece of work, as is his family. I feel there is only one decent member of that family; they are male and I don't think they have anything to do with the family anymore. I feel there will be threats and all sorts of bluffing, if that hasn't already been happening, but a lot of it will be hot air. I can, however, see you being served with a document of some sort; a summons or avo even, but this will amount to very little. I'm getting that this family is very narrow and lacking in intelligence, y'know, "look at moi" type of folk. They feel you took something, but as to what that is/was, I can't see for the life of me. I get an image of them sitting round the kitchen table drinking beer/coffee/wine even, smoking away like trains, and discussing how you did wrong by them and how they're going to make you suffer.

    At the end of the day, hold your head up, keep your back covered, dot your i's, cross your t's and after a short while of doing this, their behaviour will land on deaf ears, and blow over like a dead leaf floating off with a gust of wind.

    I also do feel that the more distance you can put between them and you, the better. And I mean physical distance, not just no contact with them. They make me feel like relentless little tommy-knockers, hammering away until they get what they want. You need to block yourself from them completely in order to protect your psyche from their ridiculous verbal assaults. I'm also getting that one of them is going to stuff up big time. So much so, that any further action they might decide to take will be thrown out before it can go anywhere.

    You may have a few more months of their rubbish to put up with, but by March (at latest) I see this being a thing of the past and they'll continue to sit around their kitchen table, drinking copious amounts of whatever, smoking and talking about some other poor bugger in the same vein. Everyone does wrong by them; it's never them.

    Raved on enough methinks!

    Hope this helps



  • Haha...Moon50,

    I feel like you have been at that table with them!! Yes, they do sit around with many cups of coffee doing just that...the smoking I have no idea!! 🙂 Lol! And the one male relative is the Uncle that has been so wonderful to me and my boys! 🙂 They feel like I have taken my sons away...or as they put it, there grandchildren...They treated my boys more like their property than their family and we moved 90 miles away from them when we moved this last summer...I was really hoping that would be enough and that they wouldn't be bugging us anymore...I have to start my student teaching in January so I am just hoping that they don't do anything to prevent me from succeeding in that...I will have my teaching certificate at the end of the student teaching. 🙂 And yes, my ex-husband and his family are definitly something else...The Uncle doesn't have anything to do with the family anymore because they refuse to listen to my side (or his) when he tried to explain the situation. I also feel like my ex-husband has told so many lies and they are just believing him because they don't want to know/believe the truth...Hopefully whatever they may serve me happens before Christmas or after student teaching as I am not allowed to miss too many days during that. What is an AVO? I don't think I have ever heard of one. What does stuff up mean? Mess up? That could be my he is a drug addict and has already been caught once with drugs...and released "pending further investigation." I keep feeling like they are suiting up for a battle against me, but I am so happy that my kids are away from the chaos and fire that is feuled by that family...Things are much less stressful without them as close. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your time (as I know you don't necessarily have that much extra) and all of your kindness, I am so grateful!

    Laci 🙂

    P.s. You are SOOOOOOOOO right about how they never do any wrong...12 years of being around that family, and that was ALL I heard! 🙂 So thankful God found me a way out! 🙂

  • Dear Moon50,

    Oops...Googled AVO...LOL!!! I actually got that or something similar to that on my ex-husband!!! It's called a protection order here in the states...I know they don't have any standing if they try to put that on me... 🙂 Geesh...sometimes people are just silly! 🙂

    Thank you again, so much,

    Laci 🙂

  • Dear Moon50,

    This is that weird thing again, but I want to say something about porcelain dolls to you...Something about the beautiful porcelain dolls...pristine...I don't know...really weird...O.k. Please let me know if this means something to you...

    Best wishes,

    Laci 🙂

  • hey,

    They're called Apprehended Violence Orders in Australia, hence AVO.

    Yeah, I think I was sitting at the table with them in that cloud of smoke and negativity :)Very strange that I didn't pick up on your sons, but then again, it could be that there is no real relationship between the boys and your ex's family; if anything they are far better off being away from them before too much damage was done. Judging from your response here, I'd say you're at the "blown over" stage of this whole thing. There may still be some niggly things coming from them, but they'll amount to nothing. And "stuff up" means to make a mistake 🙂

    As to the porcelain dolls, I'm not sure what connection that has to me, but it could very well BECOME something important. I'll definitely let you know once that becomes obvious. The other thing it could be is that I have a female spirit here who feels that her treasure was taken from her. It was suggested by the Captain that it could have been a doll, though I've not come across one here in three years ...

    Don't get put off by those who say "whatthe?" because more often than not, that "weird" thing you pass on to them has some significance later on, even if it means diddly to a person at that moment you pass it on.

    Again, the message is: go with it ...

    Chris xoxoxox

  • Dear Moon50,

    Glad to hear that it should be over soon. The "smokyness" could be the negativity around them is so thick that it could hang around them so much that it appears to be a is so prevalent in their way of life, that would make sense... Also, about the taking "things" from them, could be that I took some books I was told were for my children, and they claim are my ex-husbands...I still have them packed up in the garage stored right now...About the dolls, The weird thing is I got a really creeped out feeling about the porcelain dolls...and I didn't want to pass onto you because it gave me such an eerie feeling...when I wanted to send you comfort at the end of the note...the creepy dolls came to mind...sorry... 😞 Weird, but does Rodney have some of your dolls??? Or are there old fashioned Porcelain dolls (different era) type ones around you somewhere?? Sorry, rambling a bit, but still very confused now... 🙂 Thank you so much for your time and wisdom! 🙂


  • Oh, gosh, just thought of something else...we have had so many forest fires and such around the last month or so, but that could be the smoke!! Everything in our state is under smoke...the whole state is in a haze!!! 🙂 And the dolls keep coming up, the beautiful, pristine,creepy other era dolls...are really weird and bugging me...Could the ghost answer you about dolls, or importan treasure to you??? If you asked her nicely?? 🙂 Kind of doubt she would be willing, but worth a try right? 🙂 Maybe under a window seat area??? Do you have one of those? Or on a shelf by a window? O.k. I am really reaching here, but some of these things keep popping into my head... 🙂 Good luck, and let me know what you find out...kind of like a slow mystery now. 🙂

    Thanks again for everything, Laci

  • Laci,

    Comfort is not something I'm feeling today. Today is Pity Party Day for me, so a bit more won't add to the load I don't think 🙂

    Again, the dolls could tie in with the Captain's insight about the female spirit I have here. Captain feels that whatever this "treasure" is - be it a doll or whatever - is buried somewhere around here; either under the house or around it. I'm not too keen on getting under the house really, so I hope it's not there!

    I do have a doll that was bought from an antique shop in town. It's a Japanese doll, but can't tell if it's porcelain. I also have a court jester doll; again don't think it's porcelain. Neither of these dolls creep me out really, but ... ?

    My daughter has a couple of porcelain dolls, but they are at her father's house in her room. They weren't from another era either; they were bought by mail order when she was about 5 years old.

    Curioser and curioser ...

  • What I see as Different era may be a different culture too...It just seems like really old dress style to me...long dress, with ruffles and lace, like a beige or cream colored dress, dark hair, but I almost see like bright blue eyes on it, so not sure if the Japanese one would really fit the bill...I feel like the doll is hidden a bit too...This may all be just a weird coincidence...And I don't feel like the dolls creep you out, I just felt that it had a very creepy scared of something around it...does that make sense...not sure I am explaining right. 🙂 Well, I am glad they are not creeping you out. 🙂 Yes, maybe this is making it harder...oh, is there a magazine in your house with some dolls in it??? Sorry, another pop into my head... 🙂

    Deep, dark, Red hearts again, Laci 🙂

  • Sorry, the hearts are sad...I am pretty sure that is why they are deep and dark red right now. 😞 Please feel love and light sent your way! 🙂 And BREATHE! 🙂

    Light and love,

    Laci 🙂

  • You could be taking about my old walking doll that I was given when I was 5 for Christmas. My mother made the wedding dress for it out of her own (which was a cream colour and lacy). But the doll is in a box in pieces. I had always meant to send it to a doll hospital and get it fixed, but never got around to it.

    Don't know if that's the one you're seeing?

    Thanks for the hearts! I am in a very deep grief state today. I miss Rodney; I miss having joy and laughter around me. I am so very tired of feeling nothing but endings and sorrow. So those hearts are appropriate today I think.

    I'm breathing 🙂 I've cleaned my house so I have a fresh space to come home to after going to my daughter's formal tonight (which I don't feel like going to, but ... I'm her mother). A part of me says it'll be an okay night, so I'll just go and go with it, as I've been saying to you.

    Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day 🙂

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and compassion. I dislike feeling this way, but do, so I'm just letting it run its course.

    Cheers and red hearts


    and procelain dolls 🙂

  • 🙂 Dear Moon50,

    If that doll was important to you...a happy childhood memory for you, get it fixed! You need some happiness...and something that is just for YOU right now...if that is a doll, so be it! 🙂 If that doll is somewhere in the house maybe your spirit will feel more kindred towards you and perhaps "share" her secrets better?? Maybe, just a thought...and I do feel heaviness around you...cuold be the sorrow...I hope seeing your beautiful daughter at her dance tonight helped...Hopefully the hearts will bright happy red for you soon! 🙂

    Lots of love and light,

    Laci 🙂

  • Well Laci, you aren't the only one who picked up a heavy energy around me; again the Captain picked that up also. She feels there was a death here - she and Blmoon, and I know there has been at least one in the house years ago. However there's been insights about more deaths; even bordering on "mass" deaths (Blmoon and Shuabby) so that could be what you're picking up on.

    And maybe that doll could do with fixing. She's not completely beyond help I don't think, although her outfit is tattered and torn, so she'd need a whole new one! But being a girl, she'd appreciate being fitted out, as well as being repaired. So I may get a quote on fixing her and go from there. It could well be worth it. That WAS a hugely happy childhood memory. I'd hankered after a walking doll for a while, and there, under the tree that year, was a big box with my name on it and her inside. You could be right about the spirit too (her name is Katherine). I'd be happy to share her, and that might calm her sense of being violated and losing her treasure somewhat. Definitely food for thought.

    Gee, you're getting good at this! Keep it up 🙂

    Love, light and blessings back to you!



    PS: Formal went very well and my girl looked gorgeous, as she always does. She's one of those ladies who can wear something plain, dress it up with a bit of bling and she looks a million dollars. Plus her angelically pretty face, and she's a crowd stopper! Very proud of her, although a bit wistful thinking of thirteen years ago when I first took her to kindy in a uniform way too big for her and those cute little stick legs ... sigh ... They grow up so fast!

  • Dear Moon, 🙂

    Haha...Perhaps, that may be why I am so connected to you too...My older son started Kindergarten this year. :)And I completely agree...they do grow up way too fast! 🙂

    About the spirit, Does Captain know if the spirit is angry or just sad...because the heaviness feels like sad to me...I don't know... When I get sad, it feels like that weight that is pushing down from above on your shoulders when you are standing up and it feels like you are lying down and having your chest pushed down on, all at the same time... 😞 I wish that the spirit would understand you have good will and intention towards her. That would be so nice. 🙂 If you can do a little more research from the town knowledge and find out if Katherine had a favorite flower or color or something...or even ask her...I don't know, does she answer you?? Maybe you could plant those flowers or flowers in her favorite color (possibly yellow??) to brighten things up around the place? I know you both have that nature loving feeling going on...could be good for you both to have some bright sunshine yellow flowers around. 🙂 (If nothing else, perhaps it will bring more of the Captain's aura around the place as well...maybe your spirit will be more willing to answer you then??) Just some ideas...sorry, I am trying to type them as they pop into my head. 🙂

    Is it raining there today??? Get a depressed rainy feeling...hmmm...maybe that is part of that pressure thing again?? 🙂 Who knows? 🙂 Hope today is better for you than others have been! 🙂

    Laci 🙂

  • Hi Laci,

    Well, contact with you is getting more and more amazing! I dug out that doll - almost thought I'd thrown her in a fit of anger at my parents - but she's all there. Naked, but all there. She's not as damaged as I'd thought. Her eyes need fixing; she probably needs new hair (her hair is dark by the way; an auburn colour) and she has a few holes and cracks. Plus that new dress. I'm thinking another wedding dress, which I reckon my daughter could make for me once she's finished her HSC (Higher School Certificate; not sure what you call it in America?). I feel really good for having kept her; it's weird, but I've never felt the urge to get rid of her, considering what has gone on with my family.

    Yes, the energy Captain has felt is a depressive, sad one, rather than anger. She did say though, that Katherine "smoulders" at men because she was treated very badly by the men in her life, so has no trust and is bitter still. I talk to her sometimes, and I told her I'd share this doll with her if that was what she wanted. I've asked her not to chase away a good man who comes here because I don't think I deserve to live like a hermit - me, the dog, cat and her - forever 🙂 But overall, the news is good because the doll is not beyond help. And if memory serves, even though I called her Penny, I think she actually was a Catherine doll 🙂

    Yes, yesterday (which may still be Friday for you; it's Saturday morning here now) was pretty cloudy, windy and not a nice day.

    Now, can you see what is happening here? You have allowed your gift to come through, even though you thought it was weird. In doing that, you're getting other impressions as well, which are proving accurate. You picked up on the weather here yesterday. You picked up on the depressive energy here. You are also right about the nature thing. I love being outside (when I'm not in a pity party state) love animals, birds, and apparently Katherine is a nature lover too; especially animals.

    And I have got some yellow flowers growing in hanging pots (because the possum eats the ones on the ground or tables, little bugger) but am thinking some marigolds might be a nice touch as well 🙂

    So, this is all indication that you are developing your own spiritual power, because you didn't tamp down what you thought was out there or strange.

    Keep it coming ... this is getting good :))

    HOWEVER, if you try to force it, it won't come to you. (If anyone starts asking for you personally to do readings for them, do what you can, but if you can't get anything, you can't get anything. I usually let a person know with a short post, and get to it when I can). It is still, as I said, a case of going with what you get and you'll know who it's meant for. This is also why I asked for folk not to ask for readings directly from me because that confrontational sight of my name puts the walls up. Yet, I can go in to topics with no replies, find a general question for anyone to answer and things come freely.

    This will be very interesting; seeing how things are around here when my Catherine doll is fixed. Though I know my daughter will be slow as that tortoise in getting the dress done, however budget dictates I think here, so I'll have to be patient. As will Katherine 🙂

    Let's see what the next chapter brings!

    Thanks again for all this; it's really grand!!!




  • Dear Moon50,

    Just a quick note...budget may allow for a thrift store look if u want to try there for the dress....Does your doll have a very serious face and bright bye eyes? Oh and the dress I was seeing went nearly to the chin of the doll...well the ruffle of the collar did...oh and do you think it is normal to "see" things in black and white when you do see them? I will post more when I get to a computer....typing on a mobile is not very easy...weird...I hope mobile is the Aussie term...I usually say cellular phone. 🙂

  • My doll has a very pretty, but serious face, and her eyes used to be bright blue. Her original dress did cover her neck if memory serves; I think it was pink.

    I think most images come in black and white really; not sure. I know if I get an impression/image, I haven't really been too aware of SEEING colour, but actually picking up on it.

    Mobile is the term here, not cell. But I would've known what you were talking about if you'd said cell!

    Thanks again


  • .

  • 🙂 Dear Moon50,

    Good to know that there was a reason for using a different term...hahaha. 🙂 I didn't really notice any color specifically except those bright blue eyes and bright yellow flowers...all other colors seem like background noise...or muted somehow...just something weird that I hadn't realized until I noticed those bright blue eyes. 🙂 Oh, and I can't take credit for the nature thing...I actually read soemthing in one of your posts (not intentionally or anything, just happened), so I figured maybe planting those flowers ( I felt strong bright yellow sense) might help out around there...couldnt' tell if it was because Katherine likes yellow or Captain better (as Captain was the first one I ever really felt I knew I had to pass something onto...and it was bright sunflowers). 🙂 Oh, and I had to pass the beautiful bright angel light onto was such a peaceful feeling that came over me when I felt I had to pass that onto you...I hope you too felt that peace. It was so amazingly calm and light (in both senses of the a weight being lifted and the bright sense). 🙂 Hope today finds you well,

    Laci 🙂

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