How can I stop thinking about him?

  • I am currently seperated from someone who I see as my soul mate. He is a Scorpio. We split often but can't seem to be apart for any length of time. We have such a connection. In his eyes also, not just mine. Since our last contact, I cannot stop thinking about him. I have tried keeping myself busy, trying to do things to take my mind off him, but keep seeing signs or things that remind me of him and our times together. This time has hit me particularly badly, I even see him in my dreams!! We have been on and off before, and my things are still at his home. He also has money belonging to me. I know him well enough to know that if we were finally over he would ensure I got everything back. I know he is due to go on holiday with some single friends in a few weeks, and keep thinking about him meeting someone else. How do I stop myself thinking about him? I won't be able to settle until we are back together, and truly believe that nobody else will do. I also know he won't contact me until he is ready, and I am too scared to contact him in case it prolongs the seperation. HELP!!!!!

  • Lolpet,

    You need to explain why you keep breaking up, because if you are truly soulmates, you need to figure that out.

    I broke up with my man 3 times in 10 years, and everytime we got back together, we both owned up to what went wrong, and how to change our behavior, change the way we treated to each other, so that we could feel love and feel respect from the other in a healthy way.

    The whole point of being with someone is to share love with each other, and if instead you continually hurt each other more then you give love, what is the point/

    After our third break-up, we've been stronger then ever, I've accepted the sacrifices i must make to be with this man, and he with me.

    it sounds like you guys have to be honest with each other or this game will go on forever, one way or another.

    Good luck


  • I myself went thru something similar to what you are going thru. It took almost a year or more til it stopped being heartbreaking. I could see him so clearly in my head, even take a walk thru his house. In my my mind. I don't have him in my thoughts as much as I used to, believe me it will get better...........We know that it isn't very good to be like that but sometimes we can't help ourselves. I am sure you will be fine.

  • I went thru a relationship very much like yours. Short answer-turn and Run. My Ex who tried to convince me that we were soulmates, we broke up so many times I can't count. As I said to him as he claimed his undying love, He just wanted somebody, you will most likely see ( your He) finds someone who will worship him, agree with him (even when you know he is wrong) Do what he wants, is also needy like him he is more than likely not to move on to his next SOULMATE. When you step away from something It is amazing how much clearer you see things.

    Stop wasting your time on this man (wonder if he is looking for his next SOULMATE no his singles trip?) Right down to the fact That I also lent money that I knew he would pay back, just after the fact it took me small claims court and a lawyer to get. See him change when he doesn't need you anymore. Do you think he wants you or do you think he just needs somebody?

    On the bright side, I am glad I stopped wasting my time with a self-centered jerk and now know to trust my intuition. It has been 2 years and I am so much Happier now, not being on an emotional roller coaster. I see how he treats his now Girlfriend and think how was I ever that stupid? I hope this helps you as I wish someone would have told me what they really thought!

    GOOD LUCK! Veeshe

  • Thank you all so so much. I am so grateful for your support. Brigidaire, it is probably the fact that we are both so honest (and stubborn)that causes the breakups in the first place. He tries to back me into a corner, and I retaliate by digging my heels in!!!! Neither of us hold back. Lalupita, I have also done the house walkthru, but he is renovating his entire house at present so it would be the old version in my head, not the real one room at a time like normal people - he has no patience and wants everything done at once!!) I now have to update you all. Late last night I heard from him. He has been feeling exactly the same as me - seeing so many reminders of me this week too. We had a long chat. Veeshe, my cash is safe, and he has told me he would rather I was going on holiday with him, that he doesn't want anyone else because I am in his head like he is in mine.He has been around for the past five years, and is going nowhere. so I am under no illusions. Yes he is self centred, has double standards and is the most frustrating man I have ever met. But he is also the most loving soul. Who knows how long we will last this time, but I am so grateful that there are people out there like yourselves who are prepared to give your time and support. Once again, many thanks. xxx

  • Lolpet I guess I am one person who doesn't believe in soul mates. The reason if they were truly your soul mate they would never hurt you, or need to explain them selves to you. I think we have many souls who we come with into our life time and depending what we need to do is what we be drawn too. With this said "Be very careful and never doubt your intuition if it feel wrong it is". He very sexual oriented and intensity he has especially his eyes can be very penetrating as if he is looks right through you and can read minds.Scorpios can be very possessive I am not sure of your sign so make sure you really understand this man. It is a power play to break up and then make up especially if you are the one initiating it. So he is in the power position. If on the wrong side of this man you need to know they can be very vindictive. If it is right and do hope it is this game you two play will have to stop. It almost like you need to create drama that why you dig your heels in. If you two can't compromise and make it work all the time then it isn't a soul mate. Soul Mates are suppose to be easy and this isn't.

  • I need help!!! urg im a cancer woman who fell inlove with a capricorn male and god did he hurt me.he wants to be friends but i cant do it.everytime he talks to me my knees get weak and i get butterflys.i feel like a helpless schoolgirl.he broke up wit me on my birthday and three days later i found out hes dating another woman.its funny how fate works in its ways so yesterday i decided we cant be friends because i cant forget what he did to me so i told him that.then yesterday night im walking home from a friends house(okay my fool around buddy)and who do i see walking down my block(he lives 2 blocks away from me)HIM!!! and hes walkin towards my direction ignore him and keep walking to my house.i look back hes down the block calling me i ran into my house and cried. idk i feel like i truely love him hes amazing but it hurts alot.urg Sometimes you have to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve

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