Should I leave him?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've been seeing a guy lately and it kinda felt like I was making all the effort with contact, so I have naturally been thinking I should walk away.

    I did a little reading for my self (sharman-caselli) and asked if I should walk away. I pulled one card and two clarifying cards

    Ace of cups

    Clarifying cards

    Kings of cups and the fool.

    My thoughts are that they are telling me to stick around, he is a cancer so it was never going to be easy 😛

    But I'm quite new to the tarot so any feedback would be welcome.

  • Hi boop1984

    I am happy to try a reading for you! See what you think...

    I have been doing these relationship readings for a while using 5 cards for each person to try and see where the connections and issues are. They seem to offer some real help.

    For you:

    Your heart toward him: 2 of Pentacles - This sounds like a strong physical affirmation energy toward him. You really like to be with him, he is fun, nice and you gain a good physical feeling with him when he is around. You want to see that continue and grow, the closeness.

    Your thoughts about him: 6 of Wands - You have very high hopes and wishes about the two of you. You must sense on some level that you are really good for each other. You expect success in this relationship, it is a positive experience for you - at least in your thinking.

    Your path with him: 5 of Cups - This shows some emotional changes under the surface. You are adapting, becoming more flexible emotionally. You are learning to balance yourself emotionally with him. He challenges you emotionally and that brings changes which sometimes you aren't sure how to deal with. That is okay. You grow in your feelings with this relationship.

    Something you are reaching for with him (future): King of Pentacles - This shows you have a lot of respect toward him, you see him as an expert, a leader in his own way. You admire him on some level. He has a strong physical presence for you that you find very appealing. You expect this to develop.

    Something you are letting go with him (past): 4 of Swords - Times where nothing is happening, there may have been some choices to be quiet with one another about something, you took a break from him. There may have been a choice to move away from something of an intellectual nature between you. You let it go, you relaxed about it, you slept on it.

    And for him:

    His heart toward you: Knight of Cups - Focused on love with you. His heart is full and very happy at this time about you, he is determined and set to win your heart. He is a lover deep down and knows what love means in his own way.

    His thoughts about you: 5 of Swords - He is changing his thinking about you in some key area. He is flexible intellectually with you, where he challenges your path emotionally, you challenge his thinking intellectually. He is growing in his thoughts about you, something is turning the corner in his thoughts about you.

    His path with you: 10 of Pentacles - He is very physically focused, feet firm on earth, he is a no baloney kind of guy in love, practical and he is not flighty. Material, physical and security issues are of major importance to him. He is practical to a fault, you will not find him taking too many chances in his physical or material life, he likes a sure thing.

    Something he is reaching for with you: The Devil - Play. Frolic. He is wanting to have more fun with you, explore some new roads, push the boundaries. He sees you in a positive way, you break down some walls, barriers melt in him when he is around you.

    Something he is letting go with you: 2 of Wands - He is relaxing a little in his determined manner of setting the course in the relationship. He is relaxing in taking the lead, setting the pace. He is probably letting you do that at this point. That seems to be appropriate at this time for him.

    I think the two of you are clicking and all seems fine to me. You both have a little of every suit, so that sounds like you harmonize really well together. The only major card is the Devil and in a relationship that can be a lot of fun. Can be indicating some walls within him. His thoughts seem to be changing about something and so he may be reacting more rather than taking the initiative.

    I also did a numerology reading based on these cards and that may also help you:

    Wands - 9 total

    The relationship is trying hard to establish a secure and solid identity as "the two of you"

    Cups - 11total = 1+1 = 2

    There is a sincere 2 cup love here developing, it is balanced and connected.

    Swords - 15 total = 1 + 5 = 6

    The relationship is working well intellectually, you are able to move past choppy water into something smooth and flowing. Also indicates some hidden romance potential, can be indicating a desire to take the relationship to a closer sxeual level. You may be wanting to lose your thoughts in something more physical.

    Pentacles - 15 total = 1 + 5 = 6

    Sharing is working well, there is flow as you compare and contrast your lives. Dialogue seems to be working well and seems warm and understanding.

    I hope that provides something to help you make a more informed choice!

    blessings boop1984


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