Goodness, this one looks bad -- any insights?

  • All, I was on this forum a few months ago with a decision whether to take a new job or stay at my old one. I took the new job in August. Feeling some pressure, as everyone who starts a new job. Did a Career Celtic Cross and go the results below. On first look, very bleak but wanted to get another opinion.

    Self - Eight of Swords

    Ethics - The Sun

    Foundation - Queen of Coins

    Situation - Three of Swords

    Challenges/Opportunities - Six of Wands

    Lesson - Queen of Swords

    Development - The Hermit

    Issues - Seven of Cups

    Allies - Knight of Wands

    Advice - Ten of Swords

    Long-Term - Page of Wands

  • Hi LeainDC

    I'll take a crack at your cards. The swords are probably causing it to feel "bleak"?

    Self - 8 of swords. Swords are intellect and 8's are organizing. So in this context it sounds like your head is getting organized around your new job, so this seems fine.

    Ethics - The Sun. Sounds bright and nice here too!

    Foundation - Queen of Coins. Queens are very mature energies in the suit, so this sounds like a very solid material/financial attitude you bring.

    Situation - 3 of Swords. Again, taken in context I see this as simply showing more about the thought life being called into action to learn, adjust, adapt. In the 3's there are a lot of planning and pondering energies, so this is normal in any new job.

    Challenge - 6 Wands sounds like victory to me. Successful outcome is your opportunity.

    Lesson - Queen of Swords - SO I think your intellect is being called to the fore in your new situation, you are matching your material and financial mature self with a similar mature intellectual energy that is very well thought through. 2 Queens in this reading portend mastery and success!

    Development - The Hermit. Very creative energy and the ability to take responsibility and get the job done by yourself if need be. The "open hand" in the Kabbalah so that sounds like opening your hand to any challenge presented and solve it with style.

    Issues - 7 of cups. Day-Dreaming on the job of a new love or emotional something or other. I am not sure about this if its a warning or an opportunity!

    Allies - Knight of Wands. Your best ally is yourself as you focus wholeheartedly on your path at this place.

    Advice - Ten of Swords - A crossroads card of intellect, this seems to be encouraging you to move forward in your thought life to some new ways of seeing how important you are in this new position, how much the company values your involvement. This seems to be you thinking in some new ways, as related to work or career here. See the opportunities here and they will appear as a result.

    Long terms - Page of Wands. This sounds like a new path that you enter in this job, it opens out a new phase or path in your life somehow! The pages are all very youthful and innocent and trusting, so this seems to be a long term ,nice situation to me. Sounds like communication between you and management/peers should work out well here too!

    This all seems to paint a bright picture to me! I know some of the cards can make these look dismal (10 swords) however the essence of 10 is COMPLETION and SUCCESS. No matter the suit.

    I hope that gave you something! Congrats on the new job too!


  • Thanks so much, AstraAngel. You've interpreted in a way so much happier than it looked! I'll heed your words and take with me tomorrow to the workplace in a more positive and energized outlook. 😃 I'll do another reading in a few months and see how it compares. Thanks again!

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