• Hi all,

    I have another question concerning my last partner who took off over a week ago now.

    Some time ago, he told me he'd had a dream where a woman's voice said "I still love you, come back to me". He presumed it was his fiancee who died nearly two years ago.

    I suggested to him that it could've been me, as subconsciously I must have felt I was losing him, and that my understanding of the spirit world is that those who have passed over don't ask their loved one/s left behind to come with them.

    It is troubling me a bit this one, as it throws into doubt my understanding of the spirit world. So if anyone has any insight about this question, I'd be appreciative.

    Thanks in advance!



  • It doesn't matter who it was - what matters is who Rodney thought it was.

    And there are those spirits who have passed right over to the other side and those who linger on the earth plane with unresolved issues.

    I'm sorry but I feel using his ex was just an excuse in the end to get away. Rodney was feeling rather trapped and dreamed of all the things he still had to do (or thought he had - mostly they are the last-gasp dreams of a man who feels life passing him by.) I feel he wanted to meet other women.

  • Hmmm, so I helped shape the monster and set it free ... lucky me 😞

  • Yes. Lucky me to be rid of him. After he told me there were plenty of decent blokes around, I took that as his nice way of telling me to f*ck off, and very patronising to boot.

    Karma will deal with him.

  • Actually this situation was nothing to do with you Moon - it was all about Rodney and his unresolved issues with his own life. You just got caught up in the current. But I think through the last painful years, you are learning how to recognize damaged people.

  • YOu are right! My ex husband was damaged and I tried to save him, although if asked, he'd say it was the other way around and would still look at me as that "pitiful" woman he'd been married to for years.

    I now am asking that I don't attract broken men into my life anymore, or at least not ones who aren't prepared to work on their issues. I'm not perfect in that regard either, but at least I'm aware of it, and realised the other day that I have been drawing men to me who leaned on me emotionally, but who rarely or never returned the favour, so to speak. And this resulted in me being put last on their list, which I allowed.

    However, I truly wish they didn't choose to point the finger at me and make me out to be either a "witch" or as above, pitiful. That rankles, but then ... I know who's really pitiful here 🙂

    You live and you learn, don't you?

  • I'm also thinking that with the loss of Rodney's fiancee, he has begun a mid-life crisis. I've heard of this happening after loss, especially if a person doesn't allow enough time to grieve properly for that loss.

    Yet more thoughts from another grieving soul who's getting over it, bit by bit ...

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