Captain? can u help please?

  • Hi Captain

    I have a question - I got two blocked phone calls at the same time last monday and this monday. two weeks in a row.. no voice mail left. I am wondering who is doing this to me? feeling so puzzled. hope to hear frm u soon! thank you!

  • This is someone you know, someone you think is a friend...

  • thanks for the response, Captain! hmm I feel the same way.. i have a "candidate" in mind.. but Captain, may I ask one more question? so its probably my friend, and why is he doing this to me? if he wanted to talk, why not just giving me a normal phone call ?! i dont get it? what u think, Captain?

  • He hopes you will know it is him and to initiate contact so that he won't have to. He feels he is not good at expressing himself and wouldn't know what to say if he called you. It's like him staying in touch without actually contacting you. He will never admit being the caller though since he has his pride.

  • makes sense. thanks Captain. I feel its from my boyfriend.. Or I shall call him my ex-bf ;-/

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