Friendship and Love

  • How does a Scorpio define the difference between 'just friends' and 'lovers' if the Scorpio has Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio? This person also has his moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius...and Virgo rising.

  • Well, I'm a Tuarus and he's a Virgo. We are best friends, talking to eachother everyday, I'm absolutely crazy about him, but I have no idea how he feels. He gives me so many clues that he might like me too, and other days, nothing. Please help. I'm always trying to convinse myself that I don't like him, when I really do, that it's nothing, and that it could never happen. My two best girlfriends beg to differ. Help!

  • From my experience, guys are more shy than we give them credit for. They can do a really convincing job of looking confident and "cool", you'd never guess. My advice is to let this friendship be an opportunity to be truly closer. You can ask his opinions without it looking like you are pressing for an "us as a couple" answer--most guys are flattered to give out their opinions, and it might open up his ability to admit there are areas that he feels shy or unsure about. Do you know anything about his family or past relationships? My boyfriend had an emotionally cold mother, abusive "macho" father, and jealous step-brothers. His past girlfriends included one who cheated on him, so he avoided intimate relationships for years!

    So--lots of confusion about "relating" that needed to be understood. Hope this helps!

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