You there blue moon?

  • hi there i was wondering if you could answer a few questions about my upcoming future. 1.) will i still be in college next quarter? will iget my vet tech degree? 2. Where will i be living in the next 6 months to a year?

  • vettech,

    I came across this reading Shuabby took the time to do for you. It seems to answer most of your questions, which is why I copied and pasted it here, just in case you havent seen it yet.


    I will answer these questions for you as you have asked for a life's reading and that takes a lot of time and energy to give.

    Question 1 I feel that they will not grant your appeal due to the time you have already spent in this quest for a career there. They have rules they proceed by and may not be able to grant appeals at the snap of a finger. You have not failed yet, and if you put forth enough effort than you will be very proud of yourself and pass with flying colors, therefore granting the wish that you want to be a VEt tech. We all have greatness within us, we just have to reach in and pull it out , it starts in the mind . I feel that you are overcome with everything that is happening in your life personally. Could you ask for a leave of absense from the school , and when you are more together in your life than go back and finish the schooling . This may be an option for you to consider at this time.

    Question 2 The homecare agency is to new to furnish you with the job you are seeking at this time. It will take another month or two before they would have a job for you. I hear the name of Margaret here that will be helpful to you in acheiving work. She may well be with another homecare agency that has been up and running for years and has jobs to give. I sense you going into a cream colored cement block bld and up 2 floors to an office to talk about a job , so this is an interview and it is close here , meaning 2-3 weeks. Smile, be very pleasent and do not overtalk is what I receive to give you in regards to this interview. I hear your phone ringing with good news soon. Let us hear about that.

    Shuabby "



  • Hi there, well I was hoping on a new reading since that reading is outdated, i failed one of the courses i took for the second time asking for an appeal is now my only option. if im not granted an appeal, and im dismissed from the program then its permenant and my loan goes into default which means i have to pay the $30,000 back and payments begin immediately. which will be over $400 a month. which i cwont be able to afford if im not a vettech. am i supposse to just ignore the bill? and get deeper into debt? its was the only loan i was approved for. if it goes into default i will not be able to get another loan til i get this one out of the way which then leaves going to another college(which there isnt any other vettech school near me) out of the question. cause i need loans to go to school.if i did get one how can i afford2loans at $30,000 each? that would be $800 a month! i cant do that! so i need to finish this program in order to salvage all that money or im stuck with lifetime of debt with no degree/career. shuabby admitted that not all readings are 100% accurate, which turns out to be true. the prediction about my work was way off, i already have a client with my new employer, and it will become full time here shortly, 8 hours a day 6 days a week. not 2 months with a different company like was predicted. so how do I know if the school prediction will come true or not? i hope not, else my future is bleak. i would like a new, fresh reading from a different person to see what changed,whats different now, what direction things are headed regarding my college future, finances, and love/home life.

  • Remember that you are asking people to apply a lot of energy to do readings for you, whether or not they turn out to be fully accurate. If you compare readings to other things in life, it's fair to say that absolutely NOTHING is ever 100% accurate, even science and medicine.

    So please, be grateful for whatever you receive freely, move on and follow the guideposts of your life, that are often provided by readings given. We are not here to lead a person along in life; simply to point out what we see coming, and how the person can either make the most of it, or avoid it, or make something positive out of something potentially negative.

    It may be that now is the time for you to let your life run its own course; in other words, see where it takes you.

    I wish you luck in your future.



  • you are absolutley right. no one can depend soley on readings, and only God knows his plan for you, it itoo much of your future is revealed too soon, it could alter/change things. i need to take astep back and remembert tarot can be a fun tool to see where things stand but its not the end all. thank-you for the reality check lol. after several months my missing 8 tarot cards just popped up, lol. but havnt done any readings for myself, just friends/family.

  • I know it can be hard when life is confusing and/or not working, and you want answers. God knows I'd love answers to what's going on in my life, but sometimes, we just need to - as I suggested to you - take a step back, get out of our own way, and let life run its course. No easy task if you're someone who likes things to be clear cut and to know where you're going.

    As they say, often the best rewards come from the biggest leaps of faith 🙂

    Good luck to you!



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