• hi astra

    how are you . i hope you are doing well . i have been trying to reach you for few days via email but it keeps bouncing back for reasons unknown to me. i would love to hear from you once again. may be you can try to write to me and see if your mail gets through or not. i have been trying for days and it's not going through.

    hope to hear from you again soon .

    best wishes


  • Hi ilikecolors

    Sri about the email thing, I was starting to get a little overwhelmed with emails related to tarot readings and so out of frustration cancelled the account. Nothing personal, just me trying to live simply. I am restricting any tarot readings to this forum only and if it has to be taken "off forum" then I am simply not able to handle that at this time for personal reasons. I am trying to get back on Oranum though. so that might be an option too.

    You have the situation with your ex, and then your love "Mr. E" out there right? I hope I am getting you straight here.

    So what is going on with you these days? How is that situation with working out?

  • hey astra

    i am so glad to hear from you finally again. i was trying to contact you for the reading i had promised to do for you some time ago. because i was going through such a mess in my life i couldn't pursue your request as i was unable to concentrate and was all scattered in my mind . now that i am back and things are a little settled in my life i would love to do reading/s for you. if you have any area of concern that you would like me to work on please write to me and i would be happy to assist in the best way i can.

    my situation is little under control and i believe you have written about someone else and not me. i can understand you are flooded with so many requests so this confusion is normal. i am out of the previous relationship chaos and feeling a little more in control and centred.

    if you have question/s please wirte them here and i would be happy to read for you .



  • ilikecolors,

    That sounds great... sri I must have had you confused with another. I don't do the greatest job keeping folks straight sometimes, their stories and all. One day maybe get a little better organized should I ever stay more consistent with it.

    Sounds like you are settled more and doing well... that is excellent. Good for you!

    A reading from you sounds great! Can you do a reading for what you pick up on me, where I am currently in my life? That is really nice of you... thanks for offering! I don't really have any specific questions.

  • hey astra

    thank you for your kind words and good wishes .

    here's your reading for the current situation in your life and how things will turn out in the future :

    knight of pentacles ,the empress, strength base: queen of pentacles

    i see someone there in your life , or someone you are pursuing and wanting to bring into your life and establish a relationship with . have you heard a message ,that you had been waiting on ,from this person recently ? you are handling your affairs with a keen interest right now and feel very grounded at the same time. there is a willingness to work through the rough spots and work on this relationship . it seems you will keep moving and working on what you want rather than what you don't want in your life . you have the ability and you feel responsible too to manifest what you desire in your life. you will keep conquering your fears and impulses and be very confident as a direct result and this will bring you a period of much abundance and joy , people will be inspired by your ideas and your way of doing things. there is likelihood of finding true love in life at this time . pay attention to your intuition at this time as it must have some very significant messages for you . the harvest will soon be ready for you and it wil be bountiful .

    please do let me know how you find this reading .

    i am soo happy to be able to do this for you astra . you have been a great help to me in the past . i hope this reading makes sense and resonates with your current situation .



  • ilikecolors

    thank you very much for this reading! I thought it hit the nail on the head for me. I kinda have an idea who these are - the Empress and the Queen Pentacles.

    I have not heard any messages from anyone (relationship wise) for a long time. Unless I am getting messages and just too dumb to know it. Entirely possible.

    True love sounds nice. I would give that a shot.

    A harvest, yay! That would be great.

    Wonderful reading ilikecolors. I try not to ask too many questions any more, I have pretty much abandoned any pre-conceived ideas as to who, what. when where and why. I am supposed to be dreaming of, expecting, chasing/imagining or wishing for. Whatever, let the Universe/God/Jesus/The Devil/Fairies/Gnomes/Leprauchans/Demons and Angels/Trees and rocks and birds figure it all out. I am tired of thinking about it.

    Have a great week ilikecolors, you have a very nice way with the readings... blessings....


  • hey angel

    i am glad it resonated well with your current situation and that you are moving towards abundance in life. thank you so much for letting me read for you .

    wish you love and happiness .


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