Operators are Standing By ~ Archangel Michael via Ron Head

  • We would speak today on your dedication and focus on your ascension. On first sight, it would appear to be a selfish thing to do. Allow us to explain why that is not so. We could give many lines of reasoning to refute that opinion, but let us voice just a few. First, and most obviously, you are all one. Each of you affects the state of all others.

    As you rise in consciousness, you raise all others. Every effort you make to embody the love of your Creator in any fashion will increase your light and therefore help all around you. And could you see it, you would know that your light extends out infinitely into the reaches of universes. Then, importantly, there is the fact that you cannot help others unless you have first helped yourself. What could you give them if you have naught to give? What will you teach if you have not first learned? How make them happy if you know only sadness and misery? First you must uncover the joyful, powerful, radiant being that you truly are. You must discover this and make it your own. It is not meant to be a monumental trial.

    Remember one of the teachings that have not been corrupted down through the ages, “Seek and ye shall find.” It is only necessary to seek in the right place, inside yourself. Yes, you may ask us for help. Yes, you may ask your Creator as well. Remember also, “Ask and it shall be given.” It was promised you, and we tell you again, it shall be so. You have wandered far and experienced much. That, dear ones, as much as you do not like to hear it, was your intent when you first came here. But now it is time for you to return to the state of consciousness from which you began. It has been said that when you make a decision, the universe will conspire to make it so. That is a truth which you are quickly learning to be true.

    It is also taught that your beliefs are the cause of much repeating cycles of suffering. That has also been so. Many, many of those cycles have had their last hurrah now. You have done well. As more of your past returns for your attention now, if indeed it does for you personally, ask to know the lesson you have spent so long learning, and then release the situation to the light, never to be repeated again. Your guides, your angels, and your own higher selves want nothing more than this for you. As your television loves to say, “Operators are standing by.” If you take the steps we are speaking of, or have already taken them, we tell you that the next few months will be as a whirlwind for you.

    You will have many chances to see things which are appearing frightful to many others. Keep your focus on your own transformation and you will be able to see the transformation which all of the outside circumstances represent. You will be told that the world is coming to end and the sky is falling. It is not, and it will not. As you see the changes in yourselves, you will know that for fact. Reach out with your hearts and feel our presence around you. We rejoice in seeing that as much as you do.

    Good day to you now, my dear, dear friends.

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