How long should you court before you get married

  • i'm in a long distance relationship with a pisces we have been communicating for about 18 months haven't been able to see each other for a minute. every time we plan to hook up other distractions come up, finances kind of low so i put off until we are able need some insight.

  • for me - patience is the key . I went with my wife for 4+ years - i grew bored and started seeking a new - which made my cancer wife a little mad. Then my birthday presant started to show - (yes i was a dad!) and I steped up as i should.

    I am not sure if it was right ; but we have been togther for 29 years this July we are not the model couple -I am sure there are better . Relationships take time if at any time there is a hint of discord this should be worked on till eather yes or no.

  • Put it off until you realley know this person. Thru good times and bad times. Until the new wears off. I am married,have children,ect Think about it. Wishing you a good life. ROLA12

  • I say go for it! Put it on a credit card and go see this person! Heck, what have you got to loose - nothing, what do you have to gain? Allot. So go for it, just call them up say "Hey, Im going to see you this weekend." Call your work (cough cough, your sick) and go go go!

  • I've been in a relationship now 4 years, we just got engaged back in Feb. I'm wondering the same thing.

  • I guess to each their own. I met my hubby now in 2000 and we got married the next year. Maybe 6 months or so. When we met I was in a long distance relationship with a Scorp, we were planning to settle down he came to my town. but something happened we didn't end up meeting and he never replied to any communication. A month without news, I decided to drop him. I told my hubby about what happened and he was very supportive knowing how brokenhearted I was. From there we started intense communication, he was the most patient and kind man I've ever met. he still is, and we have been married for almost 9 years.

  • Make sure when you do meet you meet in a crowd, where othe people are present, if he really wants to see you why hasn't he made the first move. Even though you have been communicating with him, what are his intentions? What do you talk about love, old past history w/relationships, look beyond and make sure your not giving out to much information about yourself. If you really want to know this person you have to experience how this person would be each day, I am not saying move in with him, however, you cannot judge a book by it's cover, you have to read the book in order to kow the full story. I knew this guy David for five years we finally hooked up and began dating, I never thought in a million years he was a child molester or an abusive person at all. The beginning was great, about 7 mos. into the relationship he turned into a monster and revealed his true colors and intentions. Now I have a restrating order on him and the rest of his family has tormentented me everyday there after. I have filed a harassment suit against the family. I had looked up his family members online and wow was I shocked. I was blinded and then my eyes were wide open and it was to late the damage had been done. Make sure you know what your dealing with before you even get any deeper. Good luck, I hope his everything you dreamed of, but be cautious for your own sake.

  • Some marry immediately and the marriage lasts for a lifetime. Some court for 8-9 years and more before they marry. There is no should and should nots.Marry only if you are sure.

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