• Howdee there!

    My tarot reader did this relationship reading on me and a man I have been romantically involved with for the whole of 2012.

    We had been going out as girlfriend and boyfriend for a few months then had a short five week break, and this spread was done when he and I got back together. But we broke up again five weeks later.

    Past: Queen of pentacles, 10 of wands

    Present: Five of Swords, Sacrifice card (can't remember the exact card)

    Future: Five of cups (clarification card over this card was pulled and it was the Nine of Cups), Justice and the Ace of Cups.

    Overall centre card: Death.

    Does it speak of a romantic reconciliation or just friendship in the future?

    Given the spread was done at the time of Five of Swords and Sacrifice as the present cards, I am wondering if the Nine of Cups/Justice/Ace of Cups is still to come? I am trying to work out if the break is the break we are on now, or the one before and that means we have already been through the Nine of Cups/Justice/Ace of Cups - but given this only lasted five weeks and was fraught with difficulties sadly, it doesn't FEEL like it was such wonderful cards.

    How do you interpret this spread?

  • I'm not too practised in Tarot, though if I ever use a spread, I psychically interpret them.

    The message I get from your post, and particularly the Death card, is that this relationship is not meant to be long term. One or both of you needs to make a permanent break. I feel you can see this coming, but feel hesitant because you enjoy this man's company. Friendship with him could be possible, but I feel he's not willing to commit at this point in time, and may not be for a very long time. However, you will be come out on top after this, and I can see you heaving a sigh of relief when this finally ends. I know you may not be able to see that now, but you will.

    I understand this might not be what you wanted to hear, but ... there are too many unresolved issues in this relationship for it to work romantically, as well as some basic incompatibilities.

    Good luck! Your future will bring you what you want; you simply need to free yourself of chains and be open to receive the best you deserve.



  • Hi Moon50,

    I probably gave too much other detail too and just negative stuff as there were many months with him at first of pure love and closeness and he was head of heels infatuated with me and then I started to be moreso with him.

    Anyway, things moved on in August when we split for the second time and my tarot reader did a second 7 card love spread on me just him and I, asking for GUIDANCE NOW. (and apologising to the spirits for having to do another spread so soon three months later)

    This is what it said:

    Past: 7 of pentacles, 1 of pentacles

    Present: Hanged Man, 8 of pentacles

    Future: Two of Cups. Strength

    Overall middle card: The Emperor.

    What do you think now?


  • Although I see you don't read the all the information I gave you...will impact you psychically I guess?

    Oh well, you are probably right. Re-reading my first post, that's certainly how it comes across that I need to make a clean break (which I am doing)

    Although the second more recent spread does seem positive for he and I.

    Who knows!


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