Hugs to Moon50

  • Hi Moon50,

    I know there's lots going on with you and you're hurting and trying to make sense of things.

    Wish I had 'gifts' so I could read for you, as you have done for me. Alas, not gifted in that department. So I just offer my HUGS and my prayers. You will be OK one day. Until then, be kind and gentle to yourself.

  • Thank you Danceur. We all have those gifts, to varying degrees, it's just that we're not aware of them, or they present in ways we don't always see.

    But your intuition told you I was still hurting, and you were urged to send me a lovely message of hope and warmth, which y ou have done.

    So thank you so much for giving me this care and support and never forget that these "gifts" are not always going to present in ways we've come to see as the usual 🙂

    Have a lovely day!



  • Hi Moon,

    How are you doing these days?

    Hope you're lots better 🙂

    Just wanted to tell you that some of the things you said came to pass. My contract was not renewed - or rather it was terminated. I actually had a year to go. I do think the company is downsizing - as you said.

    So I'm job hunting again. If you're up to it, may I ask for a job reading? There was one I interviewed for a month back. They seemed very keen on me but weren't in a position to hire yet. Haven't heard from them since. And I'm having a phone interview for another job tomorrow. Not sure if I have a shot at either, and if so, which would be more suitable.

    Hope you can shed some light.

    Oh I never met the orangey-colored hair guy you mentioned. Would have been nice. Still just me 🙂

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