Love reading-help with interpretation

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new here and this is my first topic.I got my love reading from someone online.The question was ''what's n my love horizon in the next 6 months?''I am female and single.

    These are the cards I got: the Emperor, Knight of Swords and the Fool.

    And this is the interpretation: ''you have some excitement in your love life heading your way in a very big hurry! I have a man here who is older than you and you either already know him at work or he is coming to your workplace. This man is lots of fun and loves to talk. He is very clever and has lots of ideas that you will enjoy discussing with him. I think he is somewhat older than you and may have some facial hair or I feel lighter hair. This is a destined relationship and you really don’t have to do anything to find this man, because he is racing towards you. Once you meet, it will be the start of a whole new chapter in your life and I think you will be floating on air! ''

    What do you think about this interpretation?It says I'll meet my future partner at a work place and I've been unemployed for a while there another way to interpret this card?And King of Swords doesn't seem all that optimistic in a love reading....since I'm a passionate person.


  • Ena,

    Remember this reading was relative to the next six months, so I don't see the need to try interpreting this reading another way. Often, readings incorporate the next twelve months, but rarely go beyond that. And you know, time frames with readings are not always accurate, especially in the last few years; I've found readings from readers (paid readings) who are supposed to be 99.9% accurate (if there is such a thing!!) and they don't always get time frames right.

    Now, take notice of what this reading told you: ... know him AT WORK or he is coming into your work place."

    YOu may wonder in somewhere to this guy's place of work, rather than your own. Could be a shop or similar. But I'm gettign somewhere that is a point of sale.

    The King of Swords can represent a sort of "cross-purposes" sort of situation. This could mean, you meet entirely by accident; you might trip over or something and he helps you up, or he might literally bang into you somewhere, and you think "what a dolt". In other words, it might not start of wonderfully, but will end up so. He'll be cheeky, full of fun (like your previous reading said) and he'll draw you to him pretty quickly.

    You won't be unemployed for much longer. I feel you're destined for something that will tap into your creative side, if not straight away, but eventually.

    I also reckon you'll be celebrating come Christmas. It will be a light-filled time for you, and you will begin to see a bright future, rather than the sort of dull place you're in now. You seem to be struggling with feelings of failure, loss and a lack of motivation. But remember this: Spirit hates a vacuum, and will fill that empty space. Allow yourself to open up to what is coming; don't fight it.

    Did you get laid off from your previous work? I am also getting that down-sizing happened, and you were caught in the crossfire. I am also getting a position where you organise functions, events and shows. This is where your creativity lies I think.

    I hope this helps!



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