All About Scorpio Males.. Tell Me What You Can.

  • To Whom it May Concern,

    Hello to you and thank you for reading this. I have met a Scorpio Male that I am genuinely attracted to, we have met through a mutual friend. However, I am not getting the green light signals that I feel I should be getting. I am told he is attracted to me as well as I am to him (mutual attraction) but he does not seem to pursue me like I would hope. What am I missing here?

    I've told my friend that I will not pursue him since I am not seeing the green light but she keeps telling me he is just shy. I'm used to being chased, not to do the chasing.

    Now, I do know (though I am not sure how long ago) that he was living with a girlfriend and they broke up. He was crushed, and at one point, tried to commit suicide. I do not know how long ago that was. I also do know he was afraid to meet me because he feared rejection. I had not rejected him, in fact he was very relaxed and we talked with each other like two old school buddies (for hours). We are both attracted physically to each other and the ability to get along well is there.

    I guess the point of this message is to understand what I should do here, what move if any should I make? I am trying to keep a level head and NOT walk away, but I just don't feel the electricity like I normally would with a guy I'm attracted to. He's very different.. it's odd for me.. I am not sure how to place my finger on it. Do any of you have any good advice about what I should do from this point?

    I appreciate any solid advice I can get, thank you again.


  • love detox,

    the only thing i can tell you theres a forum on all about scorpios, i hope and pray you get the answers you are looking for


  • LoveDetox - Since you met through your friend I wonder if you could all get together somehow, perhaps your friend could arrange it - out for a drink or dinner, try to make it a small group so it's not so obvious that it's a set-up, lol. This would allow you to get a little more time to get acquainted without any pressure. I've had experience with Scorps (3 relationship all at least a year, the longest 16 years and counting since he's my ex-husband of 4 years now and I can't shake him until our kids are grown) and none I've known have ever been shy about making a move if they wanted something or someone.

    So this is perplexing. Your guy's history is a little off the map though. Anyone who goes suicidal over a relationship - or anything really - should be approached with some caution I think. The Scorp men I've known can be intense, act impulsively, and they can be prone to addicitve behavior (water signs - we all have that potential). Also vindictive. He might have attempted suicide more as a pay-back to his girlfriend than because he had given up on life. Could have wanted to make her feel guilty. Proceed with caution and as ramonita said, look for other threads about Scorps. They are complex creatures, difficult to understand (I believe they like it that way - I was often "dam ned if I do and dam ned if I don't with these men", because this is how they kept control). On the positive side, all of them I've known are very good at making and managing money and good at getting material things. You won't want for anything material with a Scorp man. As I say, just try to know a little more about what you are getting into with this man before you get in too deep. Wish you all the best!

  • love detox,

    i found the forum, sorry i made a mistake,

    the name of the forum is all things scorpio, there alot of comments in there

    this forum is under astrology,

    my father was a scorpio, jenever 7 is very clear in what she is saying to you, sorry i cant give you any psyhic help for i am not a psyhic,

  • Jenever7:

    Thank you for your reply, we have already met in person. He came over with my friend a few days ago. We had all laughed and talked and had a nice time. He seemed very comfortable talking to me and hanging out, like we were old school pals.

    I feel like I am in the friend zone here and have now also decided it would be best to stop trying. Having him pursue me is what I would assume should happen. I know how aggressive Scorpios can be, and seeing it happen first hand with many (some/most are off their rockers crazy!). Maybe it is part of their games they play (and they do play them constantly) but it's not for me. I am a straight forward person, and maybe it is just the Aries in me, but I don't BS around.

    Anyhow, I will heed your words and take your advice. I am as of now walking away from this one.


    I will check it out, thank you.

  • Okay, now he has started pursuing me.. hmmmm

  • LOL LoveDetox. Now that sounds more like a Scorp. Just tread carefully. Scorps are very sharp at figuring people out. Whether they do it consciously or not, a Scorp man will look for your weak spots as a way in and believe me they are good at finding them. Once there, they find ways to hold you in their cage. If you like his cage that won't be a problem, if you don't like it, or dislike cages in general, then you could have a bumpy road ahead. These guys can be very faithful and take good care of you materially, but they definitely want to be in charge. They like a woman who stands up for herself but I believe that's because finding an intelligent, confident, successful woman leaves them more impressed with themselves for their conquest. The reality is that they are probably better suited to a more submissive type of woman who will adore them and put them on a pedestal. I don't say that with an ounce of sarcasm either. I think that there are many women who would be content in a relationship where a man takes care of business and the woman just takes care of him and the home. They do have romantic ideals about love and life. Oh there's always exceptions, but these are guys who like to build foundations (financial and otherwise) and take care of their investments.

    Well that felt good - I found something positive to say about them, lol. I was feeling guilty for honing in on so many negatives. Hope you'll share what happens next. I'll be hoping that he turns out to be a great guy for you.

  • Jevenver,

    Haha, yeah he is a very slow mover and unfortunately for a majority of people, they can never figure me out even if they think they have. I am a walking contradiction so people have a very hard time understanding me and what I'm really all about. Only those who are close to me can understand me and have been around forever.

    I am at this point still unsure of his intentions with me. We have not dated or anything so I do not know for sure what is happening. So I take it all in stride and I am not in a rush either. I do like him very well. Recently he has been attacked by a mutual friends dog and lost half his bottom lip, so I am waiting for him to heal from that and get his plastic surgery before I suggest anything. He is having a hard time eating right now as is, I don't want to push the envelope. I don't know if Scorpios are slow or not, I have many friends who are Scorpio and many male pursuers who are Scorpios, but when they actually want to get to know the person I do not know their patience levels. I guess only time can tell right? Possibly it is what you meant about foundations and Scorpios..

  • *Jenever... (Sorry about that).

  • Well, if even you think that you're hard to understand, then you have no choice than to try to be patient with this man, or with anyone the way it sounds. So you will have to give him time to get to know you. Perhaps since you recognize your own complex personality, there are ways that you could make it easier for him to get to know you. It's okay to have a complicated personality as long as it's not a barrier that you uphold to challenge people to close to you. Only those who "survive" the test of time or understanding you can get to the inner circle. You know what I mean? So before you call him slow, just be sure to check to make sure you haven't put up any walls that he simply doesn't know how to break through. Not everyone wants a relationship to be a constant challenge. Just keep being friendly and I'm sure things will become more clear.

    Ouch! on the dog attack. That's awful and I'm glad that it wasn't much worse. Still a shame that he has to endure more surgery coming up. Are you two familiar enough that you could take him something special to eat, like a tub of ice-cream you could share? Pudding? Homemade soup? Lol, sorry, the Cancer mom in me is coming out. I just think we all like to be pampered when we don't feel well and it could create an opportunity for you to have a little visit if you're well enough acquainted for that.

  • Oh I've thought about it (bringing him something) but I have been sick and I don't want him to catch my cold before surgery. I have an ice cream cake here from my child's birthday party yesterday, and I have offered him some of that. Since I am getting over this cold/sinus infection I think he may be able to come over again. Who knows, maybe we will see each other again soon.

  • Pamper him when he is sick. I scoorpio man may not seem like he appreciates but believe me they lock inside deep and savor and appreciate even long after.

    If you don't show compasion during this time he will also remember that too! And will feel a bit bitter by it.

    I do not know how old your scorpio man is but the suicidle thing or thought is not uncommon. They really do go to the depths (good and bad) with theier feelings. They will get so low no one else could even imagine the self induced pain they put themselves through after a loss.

    The good news it that once they come back from it they truely are renewed and the past is in the past. They actually do grow from the experience.

    You can not use analytics on any scorpio, they feel and percieve so differently then the rest.

    However a scorpio man is jealous and if you do something they really don't forget it.

    They also do NOT want a submissive woman! They don't want a bossy one either. They will respect you oppinions if it differs from thiers.

    Alot does have to with thier age though. Scorpios go through different marked phases in there life. Reinvention of how they percieve and act in life does change throught he years.

    But if they love you they will love you for ever unless you give them reason not to. They do need reassurance. It doesn't have to be over the top or anything. Just letting them know you there if theyneed it helps and do call and check on them. They wont call when they need it!

    I hope this helps.

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