Earth & Water?

  • Any chance with this guy?

    06/28/83 (Cancer)

    my b-day is....

    05/11/85 (Taurus)

  • Astrology predicts that this is unlikely to work for romance. Problems of communication will be central to the relationship. If the two of you fail to express your deeper and more complex needs, feelings and sensitivities, there will be little to hold you together and much to break you apart. Anything left unsaid here will build until it explodes, aggressively and destructively. The physical or romantic attraction is not usually very strong here, and you two will have trouble finding a common language, spoken or unspoken. Love and marriage will rarely prove fertile ground for this relationship.

    In exceptional cases, your friend's empathy may gel with your human sympathy to create an atmosphere of emotional support and respect. Friendship is possible here, but it will be highly complex - when your friend gets bottled up inside, there is not much anyone can do to help him, and he may even become jealous of your extroversion and social skills. Meanwhile you may be brought down from your enthusiastic highs by his criticism, sarcasm, and refusal to be motivated by his own natural energies. You are sometimes subject to agonizing depressions, and it will be easy for you to blame such states on this guy.

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