AstraAngel my friend, if you have a minute...

  • Hello Astra, I hope this finds things going well with you and your creative pursuits! So I had a little surprise the other day with the return of an old flame that I thought was long gone. I have been seeing someone else since january but I have been feeling wishywashy about him for a while now. The timing is interesting - ready to release one, then another shows up. I could use a reading if you have some time for it. It's easy to see this as a "pick one" situation, but maybe it's neither, just a coincidental push into an entirely different direction that doesn't involve either. I am sitting on a fence right now. (Probably playing it safe that way, lol, but you know one can't sit on a fence will become uncomfortable). Hugs and thank you 🐵

  • Hi Jenever7

    Thanks for the nice wishes, I am staying busy, sounds like you are busy too!

    To look into this situation I looked at each relationship separately and then you can see how they compare to help you make your most informed decision.

    We'll start with "January guy"

    I didn't get any cards that are "under the surface" cards, which simply means that I think this relationship is probably pretty well lined out, I don't see anything "hiding" that you are not aware of here. What you see is what you get with January Guy.

    Here is the progression:

    Knight of Swords

    10 of Pentacles

    Knight of Wands

    10 of Swords

    3 of Pentacles

    The Moon

    4 of Swords


    6 of Swords

    So this relationship is mostly swords and pentacles, mind and physical. Couple of 10's which are crossroads energies. So there is a question kinda hanging in the air here about "where do we take this next?". Couple of Knights, so maybe he is setting the pace mostly. The Moon is a lot of mystery, emotional, and can be mixed signals. The Strength card seems like you two being very controlled with each other, there is a sense of restraint. The 6 of Swords at the last card does sorta feel like a desire to head for calmer more serene waters. Not sure whether that is within this relationship or simply a desire for an entirely new situation.

    Next we'll look at your "old flame". There does seem to be more sizzle here...

    Hermit (Ace of Wands under the surface)


    King of Wands



    King of Swords

    Queen of Pentacles

    Queen of Cups (Hanged Man under the surface)

    The Chariot

    The cards 1 and 8 both have another card under them as it turns out, which shows that there are deeper currents in this relationship somehow.

    The Hermit seems to be something coming out of hiding. The hermit is also a very high divine love principle so that seems like a good thing. The Justice card could show some rebalancing is needed, or could be some past issues being dragged around. King of Wands is him, and that is his temperament, fiery, take control, and Strength card, could be restraint or could be you liked letting yourself go with him. Judgment is hashing the relationship apart, or examining matters between you a lot. Might have been painful at times. King of Swords, his intellectual side. I have the sense that he might have been pushing for something in the relationship that you were not ready to give. Then the Queen of Pentacles and Queen of Cups. Interesting that these are both opposites of the Kings, the Pentacles matched by water (you) and his fire matched by your earth (you). So right there I am getting nice feelings about you two, that there was something magical about you two. Why did it end? That seems sad to me.

    Also, under that Queen of Cups (your heart) is the Hanged Man, and I will tell you I don't think he ever got over you. He has dreamed of you... couldn't do much... he dreamed of you though, over and over and over.......

    The Chariot sounds like the train wanting to leave the station with him pretty fast. I think this all looks exciting with him. Both gentlemen seem to be wonderful, your old flame sounds like there was some real connectedness in the relationship that you miss. Also, 6 cards are major arcana so that is a strong sign that with the two of you there are higher energies being tapped into. Can be good or a challenge, however they are there anyway and will be blessings.

    Also... there is only 1 minor numbered card out of all of them, the Ace Wands and that sounds like a NEW beginning in a role, path together. I would lay money you will be hooking up with "O.F." and moving the January Guy relationship to calmer waters...

    Hope that gives you something to consider!

    love and light


  • Astra, thank you so much for your time. I'm not sure it gets me off my fence, but as always, your reading has really hit the nail on the head. There's always some comfort in knowing that I am seeing things as they are. January is safe - but as you say restrained. It's what I've come to think of as a very "polite" relationship. We are close in all ways, but not really connecting at a deep level. There's something missing...a little bit of sizzle that existed with the O.F. but probably more so the deeper intellectual/spiritual aspect of things with O.F.

    I also feel that January guy may not really be over his wife (who left him two years ago for another man). He's a good guy, very kind to me, I know he tries, but even when we're together I sense he's lonely for what he lost. I can't put my finger on it, but your suggestion of "mixed messages" feels right. At times I think he wants to love me, but other times I feel he resents something about me at the same time. I'm not "her", the one he lost, the family he lost, the time he loses with his son with shared custody now. Maybe it's his continuing resentment of what she did to his life that always lies just under the surface and taints things between us. Sometimes I feel warm and secure with him...and I think "well maybe..." but then it slips away. Anyway, I've come to think that we've been helpful to each other moving forward out of some hurts (that crossroads you speak of) but it's not feeling long-term to me. Maybe just sharing a little piece of the journey together.

    It would probably make sense to you now, to know that O.F. is a Virgo (ties in with that Hermit card I believe) and we definitely connected at many levels, and as I say, very strongly intellectually. But alas, there have always been obstacles between us, and there is a lot of change and disharmony in his life right now. That's why you got that Justice card. It is literally legal matters and struggling with what I am sure he perceives as injustices (money and custody issues with children of course). He is preparing for a divorce. So there, I've spilled it, the obstacle between us through the past is that he is married. Strength may be that he often leaned on me during his dark days. The lady who could calm the demons, but you see I couldn't be that forever and in parting there was plenty of hurt all around. You are certainly right that the "King of Swords" wanted something I couldn't give him. So he said that his reason for getting back in touch with me was a move to right some old wrongs with the way he left things with me - again, restoring balance and bringing justice back to things. I hope the Chariot reflects a new strength in him to maintain his balance and composure through the months ahead. He has some battles in store. What happens between us, I do not know. Guess that's the 6 energy you are seeing. Doesn't seem to matter what goes on, there's a pull between us.

    You know, I had to laugh. I think you've done three readings for me over time and somehow I can never escape that darned 6 of Swords. You told me at one point he was about to get where he is going, but I don't know...seems we just keep bouncing along in those choppy waters going in circles, still trying to get to the other side. I think he needs a GPS.

    Thank you again Astra for the reading. You are a beautiful soul and always bring a smile to my face. 🐵

  • I love the 6 of Swords. That is my card. The other day I asked Heaven, "What is my passion???" out of some real desperation, and that card came up. And I thought, "yes, that is me." Trying to find that "other shore" wherever or whatever... or whoever... that is.

    I have thoughts on that companionship issue we all long for. I feel that deep down we are each connected with a little slice of Heaven, a companion "above" you know? Our angel, or guardian, I dunno... I have something like that... someone, beautiful who really understands us deep down, and there is really a connection. I mean, what do you do when your life is very far along and you still haven't entered something you always dreamed of in love.... you fall in love with angels is what you do. Maybe one special one...

    So yeah, the six of Swords is a lovely card... very romantic in a way. Like, you could build a relationship on that one card. Everything relates back to the Tarot anyway, covers it all. 6 of swords at least gives you a boat out of the deal! At the very worst you can always go fishing haha. Do any of the other cards give you anything besides a horse?

    That's really a shame about the Jan guy, his wife left him. I wonder why she would do that? He is probably asking that question a lot... what was I not providing? So then she leaves, his ego i crushed, and now he has to rebuild his shattered concept of self. You come along and he is like. oh wow! Someone else likes me! Yippee! Now I can start that Ego Rebuilding Program I have been trying to get going.

    So then you two are cruising along, and somewhere in the back of his mind... a little voices whispers...

    "Hey... psst... January Guy... I got a questions for yaz... what if Jenever7 turns out to be a repeat performance of what we went through with Madge? And one day she disappears!"

    So Jan guy is working through trust issues... he wants to really love you, open up to you. He has a fear now though, and he is concerned that he may still not have the ladies figured out... what you expect... need... what makes it really work? Whatever approach he was taking apparently wasn't working with the ex.

    So, he is taking more time to shore up his self image. He wants to be in a place where should you decide to split, he understands it is part of life, things change and it doesn't throw him for a loop.

    The whole marriage institution thing is long overdue for some major overhauls. ANd the way our society ignores the single most important aspect of existence... RELATIONSHIPS!!! All the rest of the baloney though... dividing by zero... that our kids can do. Grow up and get married and expect it to work out? Not exactly doing so great. The culture should be focused on LOVE and not on the freaking money at the exclusion of love. We have it all backwards, it is so stupid. All they have to do is teach relationships throughout school... pair off kids... I mean it should be a real science. Then the "careers" follow after love, and not the other way around. Sheesh maybe one day well figure it out....

    Anyway, that is just me blabbering... I do think your Jan guy though is working through building up his inner self after that divorce... taking it slow, so some walls probably... I know you are great for him.

  • The 6 of Swords is YOUR card. Ah hah! Maybe you just can't do a reading without your signature card showing up. Lolol, just having some fun with you here. Btw, that boat is full of holes you know. Only thing keeping the water out is a bunch of swords being used as corks. One of those horses might not be such a bad deal and you can always fish from the shore. Sorry, I think I've been adrift for too long, imagining what it would be like to walk on solid ground for a change.

    I believe you are probably right about Jan guy. I'm not entirely sure why his wife left him. When I listen to his story of how they ended up married I think he didn't have the heart to end things with her even though he says he was very uncertain about marrying her. He tried to end things at one point and he said she was such an emotional wreck he took her back. A marriage borne out of pity, not deep love. She was on her own with a young son, little money, living in a trailer, violins playing in the background....and then he was breaking her heart on top of it. He couldn't do it and they ended up married. They had one son together, and for health reasons she couldn't have any more.

    Standing outside of it and hearing the story she sounds like an opportunist - although maybe not consciously. He solved her problems at the time (financial and self-esteem) but the way things sound there wasn't a deep love between them. She had numerous affairs of which he was unaware until the end when she decided that, in addition to telling him about her current affair (the man she is now married to), she told him about a couple of others. That was a very cruel thing to do, so she clearly wanted to pay him back for some perceived wrongs. His sons love him, he is a good and caring father. As I say, he's always been kind to me, although a bit caught up in his own stuff sometimes. Likes me available when he's free, feels put out if I'm not, indifferent if I want to do something and he's already got things going on. Unfortunately that seems somewhat normal with men so I'm not sure why I still let it bother me.

    I couldn't agree with you more about "relationships". I've had my share of unhealthy relationships. Now I'm struggling with a 16 year-old son at odds with his father at this time. I've just scheduled him with a counselor. The same challenges I had with his father, my son is now experiencing. I don't want his self-esteem shattered nor do I want him to go through life thinking that his father's way of resolving conflict is healthy. "Dad" doesn't know how to support or encourage his children to grow into their best selves, he just wants them to do as they're told. When they don't meet his expectations, he just yells louder. Well, you know when one person starts yelling, it's human nature to yell right back and the battle begins. I'm the classic link in a chain of generations of unhealthy relationships, and the divorce resulted from me recognizing that fatal flaw and trying to break new ground for all of us. Undoing conditioned behavior is a big job and I am still a work in progress really. Sometimes I think "love" is too nebulous a word for what needs to happen between people, I tend to think "respect" in all it's forms is the foundation from which love can then flow. But see now you have me blabbering, lol!

    Did I read in one of your posts that you were developing a website or am I confusing you with someone else? I enjoy your posts and perspectives so much that sometimes I read your readings to others just to get a smile. Wondered if you had a blog or something going?

  • Hi Jenever7

    I liked what you shared, you have a really nice way of opening out relationship challenges in a thoughtful way. I hear you on the whole generational thing. ugh, I think a LOT of our love and emotional issues can be traced back to these family lineages. Where some role has been embraced (expected behavior patterns) that are lousy or broken, however about the time the children are born, the parents are clueless and the bad training gets passed down. What really sucks is about the time a seeking person finally sees where the issues are (looking back over the past and your upbringing) you could be a lot older and the kids are now grown!

    That has been my position, I am so horrified now at how I have allowed my 3 kids to be brought up, (they are 18, 16 and 14). I am almost desperate to start again with someone else just to prove I can raise my children with a proper attitude of love, compassion, tenderness, patience and grace, rather than this crazy, nightmare, frantic and (often) out of control emotional nature I see being passed down. I won't go into details.

    Your Jan guy sounds like a very compassionate person. Unfortunately they are also the types with a big bulls eye that says "easy mark". I am that way a lot. However it is also a road to certain pain as people will take advantage (not sure why life is set up that way. Yuck.) It sounds to me like he has played the role of "supporter" a lot in his life, and he is hungry for someone else to do that instead. When you don't run to his side as soon as he asks, he may again feel that he is "supporting" matters, by being willing to wait, change plans, put something on hold. He is probably weary of being the supporter, he is wanting his ship to come in with you on the prow.

    I don't have a blog or anything, I have done that a lot in the past but I got burnt out on it. Maybe I will get something going again. I also do some landscape painting, art has been a real life long dream. I only took up the Tarot about 2 years ago as a result of my life falling apart in some major ways, I was desperate for answers and religion hadn't helped (church) so I was looking at anything to help me understand how life works. I am still working on that!

    As for guys being the way they are (as a group) you are probably right, (I am a guy) so I can kinda see what makes us tick, and where the issues are in relationships. I think a lot of it comes down to communication. Looking back over my one 20 year marriage that ended, it was communication that was a major issue, like, some things we just couldn't talk about. So I kinda gave up early on, and no relationship can last forever apart from open, tender, patient, kind communication. If two people can't communicate about basic issues, how can we expect a committed relationship to last? I am still trying to figure out why things happen as they so. Bizarre.

    Speaking of painting, here is a little study I did today... 🙂

  • Wow, you did all of that today? Even as a study it has a nice mood about it. If you see the dark it feels dark, see the light and it feels light. I can't decide if it is spring or is it's whichever suits your frame of mind at the moment. Well done!

    Sorry about your children. Mine are 16, 14 and 11 so we are at a similar stage. In retrospect I might wish I'd done some things differently, but it was important to me that the kids have the chance to build good relationships with their father. We share custody 50/50 week on and week off. I had hoped for a good situation but I'm tired of too many months of sadness and growing tension among my kids. I feel like I have to de-program them when I get them. The oldest is on a rampage, the middle kid gets teary-eyed and just wishes everyone could get along, and my greater worry is the youngest who is learning how to simply wall it all out very well. Becoming numb is in some ways worse than the rampage. So, it is intervention time. Will start with the oldest and go from there.

    I started with the Tarot after accompanying a friend to a "Psychic Fair". I think I was around age 24 at that time. I had my palm read and it was uncanny how much she got correct about me. She said that she saw great intuitive potential in my hand and recommended that I try to develop it. She suggested a metaphysical shop to me and I was guided to my first deck of Rider Waite (looking back she was probably part owner of the shop and told everyone to go there, lol). Like you, I tended to use them in dire moments. For the past few years though I have studied them more seriously. They help me clarify my thoughts, look at issues I might otherwise choose to ignore, and when my mind is in overdrive, it's a place to focus that energy and try to calm it. I have a tendency to think too much. But in this case the cards have led me to think about larger spiritual issues with a much broader mind. It's interesting how often the cards are correct though. A friend I made on this forum says that it's synchronicity plain and simple. The correct cards will always come up...except for times when the cards lie - because sometimes you aren't ready for the real message. I've done some good readings for friends too, that have turned out to be very accurate for their situations. Never so colorful and humerous as your readings, lol, but still the answers come through.

    Just FYI, If you have a facebook profile, some of us here have connected via a group page I set up called "Could you move please you're blocking my light". As an admin I can get messages there and it's created a way that I can remain friends with some of the folks I've met on the forum. It's also been a way for other members who know each other to connect. I'm the go-between in those cases. Just thought I'd let you know it's there if you ever want to utilize it.

    Very nice chatting with you this evening. It's late here and must get some sleep now. Goodnight!

  • Jenever7

    That is really great how you got started on the Tarot. I am sure your readings are wonderful for your friends. I am still learning so much about it. You are so right though, the cards seem to reflect life really well and seem synchronous as you mentioned. I have also played around with some Tarot games I have come up with, and even using them as a glorified Poker deck for gambling or card playing purposes haha... the Tarot works great for card games too. Regular playing cards are what I started working with 2 years ago, and that then led to the Tarot. I got into all of this through a book on angel numbers by a psychic in Australia, Joann, and then that led to me using playing cards to see what numbers were coming up for me day to day... and then that opened into the Tarot...

    (Listening to Isis right now while typing this, what an amazing band, album Panopticon, some scream-o music haha).

    I used to listen to music on my ipod and paint in the woods and street scenes I loved that... I am trying to get back to a more consistent efforts in my life, art, tarot, relationships (trying to stay positive is my challenge!). Creative people I think can easily sink into some darker places in life and that is normal I guess.

    Okay on your kids and how you are handling that. Sounds like you are doing well there. My heart goes out to our children theses days... this frantic pace of culture... always communicating, cell phones... then I walk into a room where there is yelling and arguing and I cry inside and wonder "why are we doing this to ourselves.. and leaving it this way for our children to also unravel. I hope we all get it straight eventually, "all you need is love". Get love working properly and all the rest falls into place. My hope anyway!

    That sounds really great on the facebook site. I have been on facebook and all that and got tired of all the notices, emails, way too much chatter and I can't deal with it so I deleted it all. I will give it some thought to join in with your group there, that sounds pretty cool.

    I just flipped the 4 of wands for you! Yay that is a nice energy! Then the cards all fell on the floor haha...

  • My children are actually great people. It is just I always felt like I was helpless in the family life for some reason. I was not emotionally prepared to handle disagreements and lack of communication between me and my spouse, (for whatever reason) and it seemed my desire to try and keep the family on a higher spiritual level was countered for some reason. So I gave up.

    It is all one, weird... foggy... confusing... mystery... that I am tired of trying to understand...

  • If I could I would take the next shuttle to Proxima Centauri this instant and start a new planet somewhere. Me... and angels...

  • Well ya know...if you really wanted to escape it all, there are still enough remote places on earth you could go. Just put yourself in the middle of nowhere and call it Proxima Centauri. Have you read any of Don Miguel Ruiz's books? I've gotten a lot out of his books, just finished "The Book of Knowledge". I like that they are short reads, but big on ideas. A couple of them I have read twice because they are so painless, lol. Check it out if you've never read his work. His ideas are based on the philosophies of the ancient Toltecs. Some books are such a challenge to read, using too much language that is only familiar to those formally educated in philosophy. It is so strange to me that people would study the human condition and then make sharing their ideas so inaccessible to the masses. There's a level of arrogance in that. As you pointed out, good communication is so crucial for understanding. To me people who overcomplicate what could be presented more simply are power-tripping and trying to make sure they stay smarter than everyone else.

    Interesting that you pulled the 4 of wands. That's not a card I see often. Sad isn't it because I think I must not have anything to celebrate 😞 But that card has turned up in a lot of readings lately. Although I still haven't been hit with anything that makes me say, "yay, I'm so happy!" And I'm not in a mood to get cliche and think, "every day should be a celebration". Every day is most definitely not a celebration right now - although surviving some of them might be...hmmm. (I just posted this youtube link to my fb wall more so for political reasons, but it could fit in general right now - it's the Temptations "Ball of Confusion", hah! Great song, give it a listen). Also no anticipated changes in my home or location. I'm pretty planted here for years to come. So I don't know what that card means. Maybe I'll get a party invitation soon. -.- A bit distressing that all of the cards fell to the floor. Utter collapse? Naw, that would have been the 10 of Swords or the Tower... You're the optimist, you better come up with something pretty good to explain that one! Lmao

    I thought I'd pull one card for you in return and another card forced it's way into my hand. The main card was the Devil and the opportunistic card was the 6 of Wands. I always like a "shadow" card to get an overview (card on the bottom after I cut the deck), this is the 2 of Swords. My first reaction is that there is something you don't want to deal with, but if you would take a chance and try, the energy is there for success and in finding that success you would feel in a higher place than you are right now (bonus - you get a horse out of this deal!! Ahaha!) You might rather just keep thinking that things are in balance but perhaps you are not seeing - aka avoiding - what really needs to be dealt with? The lady won't put down a sword in order to remove her blindfold so that she can see clearly and make a firm decision. Just my initial response to what I see here. Take care not to indulge in activities that are harmful to you and don't obsess - take positive actions for yourself, "love, Mom", hehee.

    I bet the internet link to Proxima Centauri is lousy.

  • Jenever7

    That was all very nice of you to share all that. I should check out the author 'Don Miguel Ruiz' for sure... have not read anything by him. I tend to read extraterrestrial abduction books and sci fi novels. Currently reading "Beyond the Blue Event Horizon" by Frederick Pohl and its great.

    I think my spacey past growing up in this moon walk, 'what is the universe?' age we live in, tends to lead me sometimes to literally dream what it would be like to establish friendly and supportive contact with ET races. How wonderful that would be! They are all nice and helpful out there. Angels if you ask me.

    You are so right about the "every day" not being a celebration. It is a balancing act I think, between "keeping the faith" that life IS always good, balanced with the "reality" of what our eyes are showing us. So some days I see more with my eyes (Devil) and some days more by faith (Most any other card haha), and those days are so wonderful! I do some painting too and so there are those kinda ups and downs you experience emotionally as we look at life with searching eyes. And some days can be very troubling, I deal with that, and go for walks and cuss out the neighbors car under my breath haha... venting some anger, which I know we are not "supposed" to have... still, you have to find some quiet way to vent, and release it... I am trying to get back to painting as a means to express those feelings. That seems to be a healthy and positive way to express one's more negative feelings about life in creative ways. Hollywood does the same thing with movies. So creativity is a wonderful way to let it all out. Throw paint on canvas sorta think like Pollack.

    The cards on the floor? I dunno... means I am a klutz hahaha...

    Thanks for the reading and cards! There are areas of life I am trying to carefully choose my steps right now. So the "not wanting to face something" I think is picking up that cautious kinda thing with me right now. Taking everything a step at a time praying for wisdom from above.

  • Hey Astra, I see that you found the page. If you ever want to be friends just message the "Admin" there - moi and I can give you the "friend" info.

    So...I think that I might have done some damage to the pretty picture between O.F. and myself. I had a need to come out of the darkness on some issues. As much as I know "you can't push a river" it never stops me from trying...particularly when that river has been more of a rocky, raging current than a like a leaf floating lazily along - for three years. Such a long time to feel blocked, and as you said about your situation, you just get tired after a while of trying to understand things. Anyway, I needed some attempt at truth in order to clear some cobwebs out of my heart. So along came the icky "what happens now and what comes next" conversation that neither of us really wanted to have and it was emotional and uncomfortable and in the end he doesn't know what he wants and I know more of what I don't want...which is more confusion and more of what we already put each other through. So it's not clear what happens next. He's not in any position to start a new relationship and he's full of negative energy about himself, "broken, dysfunctional, a failure". I might actually be to a point where I want peace in my heart more than I want anything more to do with him in this space. Let Existence figure this one out. I keep telling myself it's time for a big "let go" all the way around in order to clear space for something brand new and hopefully sparkly. Shining down in smiles and sunshine instead of crawling towards the light injured and bleeding, coming out of a dark space. I feel a bit selfish saying that, but sometimes my biggest problems in life come from trying to help others at the expense of my own emotional well-being.

  • Hey Jenever7

    Funny, you mention "Shining down in smiles and sunshine" and I drew the Sun card for you. 🙂

    Then the 2 wands, Death, Hierophant - that seems like the conversation (2 wands) the aftermath (Death as a restructuring agent) and then the Hierophant is your aspiring toward your own path while he sorts his out. Sounds to me like this was long overdue. I think the Hierophant could be the results of this, connecting to something higher in this relationship. Then the 9 wands, so it seems like there is stronger identity trying to be established, something more determined and steady in the face of adversity.

    ""broken, dysfunctional, a failure" those feelings will transform in his life to something much nicer. THat is the Death energy, it takes that stuff and reconstitutes it into its "golden" equivalent. So he should be coming out of that soon I hope with a brighter view.

  • Thanks for pulling those cards. 🙂 The coincidence of the Sun is wonderful! And you are right, this was long overdue. We hadn't spoken in a year, I wasn't sure we ever would speak again actually. Sometimes it's easier to walk away. Never for me, but for many people that seems to be true. Normally I like to remain on friendly terms if that's possible. I don't like to be in relationships and then hate on someone when it's over. But...there were some pent up emotions to resolve for sure, a lot of hurt and I even told him that much as I'd like to be friends, this is different with him. That's probably fear mostly, can't repeat the past. Some pretty deep stuff at play here.

    Okay, so looks like some changes in store. I'm never clear on that Heirophant card, but actually have seen it a lot lately as well. The Heirophant always sounds boring, like status-quo, structure, conformity, following the crowd, and practicality. Things that I'm not very good with, although admittedly am forced to maintain at some level as a parent (although I always encourage my kids to just be themselves and tell them that's it's always okay to rebel against injustice - just to make sure they do it in a constructive way). When I think of "higher wisdom" cards I think Hermit and High Priestess. What am I missing with this card? Does it reflect his need maybe, to overcome his perceived dysfunction in order to "fit". What a sorry outcome, to go through a death only to be reincarnated as a sheeple. :o(

  • The Hierophant has a lot of intellectual and emotional energy. It can be understood as a card of "sorting it all out" and arriving at insights and understanding.

    In the Kabbalah the Hierophant is the Key "tav" or "nail". I am no expert at kabbalah I just have a book by Paul Foster Case which ties the Tarot back to the Hebrew alphabet for the 22 major cards, which are the keys) ... so the Hierophant in the key is a nail which adds things together, ties things together, adds up, sums up, it is like the mortar which holds the house together, It is higher divine order, like God making a pretty picture from all of our lives in some ordered way that is lovely. We may not always understand what that is. we each play a wonderful part though how cool! (You can substitute Universe for God I am not going to preach).

    So the 'something higher' in the relationship could be some breakthrough where the two of you are comparing notes, drawing conclusions, seeing some new things together, understanding and wisdom is all a part of this. So nailing the relationship, getting it hooked up the way it should be, connecting parts together... building something really as it is the nails which are linking everything up. My 2 cents anyway....

  • Well that is interesting, I've never known that about the Hierophant before. That might explain another card that came up as an "outcome" in a reading taking an overview of this whole "relationship" - the 3 of Pentacles. Building something...materially though. Maybe we are going to become business partners, lol. I do believe that our paths were meant to cross, it's just strange to me that no real purpose has been revealed yet after soo much time. I've never been convinced that romance was the purpose, but mainly because that has been the source of so much angst between us, I gave up that notion. Now, at a point that he is really free to make decisons, and yet he still doesn't know where his heart stands...well. Most of us always know where our heart really stands at any given time, and if you are wishy-washy I think that says something right there. So, I've always expected that there was some other purpose. Maybe it is just wisdom.

  • Hi Jenever

    I think you are on the right track, I drew some cards just to see a snapshot of the present moment (which is all I really can know, is what is in this now, actual moment). And on your side is mostly all swords *thoughts and on his side is mostly all wands. So, assuming you have associated wands with path and role concerns, and swords with thoughts, then it would appear that you are thinking more about things, and he is simply very focused on his life path and role concerns.

  • Hey, your white-board analysis is cool. I think that's a pretty good assessment of things. Holy cow, does that really say 17 Swords? Are there that many in the deck? I guess if they appear on other cards there could be. Sigh...would you say I'm a little too much in my head right now, lol. Actually that's not a bad place for me as long as the mental energy stays positive. You know, like not playing out scenes in my head or pointless worrying. I have tended to go with my emotions a lot in the past and I'm trying to get to a more rational place so that's actually a good thing for me. This is a fun reading though because it's like the energies that we had going a year ago are in reverse. I was all about action and he was trapped in his head. But that's how he operates anyway, thinks things through to the nth detail before he does anything. So maybe there really can be some kind of new balance in store. I did talk to him today. Had some information that came to me in a dream this morning that I thought he needed - otherwise I don't think I would have talked to him for quite some time. Complicated story so I'll spare you but I had forgotten about an e-mail that had information he might need right now. I almost never remember my dreams, but when I do, and when they seem to have a message, I always impulsively act on them. Always figure it must be important if I'm remembering a dream at all.

    So this looks like a decent assessment of things for now. Friendliness, direction forward, no real blocking cards other than I see that Devil there but he's always a reminder that sometimes we create our own obstacles to progress. Keep the dark stuff out and stay in the light.

    I'm humbled by your efforts here. You've been a wonderful help in what has been a couple weeks of a serious spike in emotionalism. Balance is restored...for now anyway, lol.

  • Hey Jenever7

    Sounds good, I think you are in a great place with your thinking. I am the same as you, trying to get to a more rational, level-headed path, and not so emotional (I have really struggled with that). So swords to me are all a good thing, shows clear thinking, strong intellect (which we all need!), wisdom, just all around great energies of wise consciousness!

    So your situation with him looks fine to me... he is working through things, I am sure once that clears out you two will be closer than ever. I would stay the course, let time work her magic.

    I have been seeing a lot more swords in my own readings, and I am coming around to LIKING getting swords, go figure. Used to cringe when the 3/5/7/8/9/10 (and the court cards about as crummy) swords came up in a reading, but now I like them! I constantly get the 3 of swords... so I thought I would do my own version of the 3 of swords (below).

    All of the swords are good news if you ask me.

    Ace Swords - A new, beautiful thought

    2 - Agreeing to the new, beautiful thought

    3 - Taking early steps in to manifest that beautiful thought

    4 - Your beautiful thought see the first light of day

    5 - Seeing more aspects of your beautiful thought

    6 - Refining and mellowing your beautiful thought

    7 - Dreaming of even more possibilities for your beautiful thought!

    8 - Organizing and expanding your beautiful thought life

    9 - The completion and enjoyment of your beautiful thought

    10 - The option of taking your beautiful thought in a new direction

    Page - Take a step with your beautiful thought

    Knight - Run with your beautiful thought

    Queen - Your beautiful thought is reigning and ruling

    King - Enjoy the fruits of your clear headed and beautiful thought

    (Much of this is based on Gail Fairfield's work with the Tarot, "Choice-centered")

    So here is my reading of the 3 of swords, "Shows a clear, imaginative idea that is taking flight. Your path is proceeding smoothly and soon you will see the manifestation of what you have planned. You are taking the early steps to manifest your beautiful thought.

    Swords expose how screwy we can get in our thinking. There is never any reason to imagine anything negative in our thoughts, and yet that is where we get beat up most of the time is in our thinking. So if the thought, concept or conclusion about a situation or someone is in ANY way less than beautiful, something ain't right. You need to distance yourself from that imagined less-than-beautiful thought.

    I should make a "Happy Tarot" deck that gets rid of all of the dumb, ridiculous, absurd and pointless negative interpretations. What person came up with that idea to assign a bad concept to a card? That is bizarre to me... and then to have millions of us over the centuries carrying that grand tradition forward. The 3 of swords means heartbreak! Really? I say different.

    I say the 3 of Swords is the card of True Love and Happiness! 🙂

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