Please i need advice reading. I don't know what to do with him (.

  • Hello !

    I am communicating with a boy from internet (M.). At the beginning of our conversation there were some uncertainty about whether he is single. It seems that he is single and in general a good boy. It is ok.

    But we always quarrel. We are of different mindset i think. Though he tells that he likes me and even wants a meeting and more serious relations. I don't know if it is really true.

    But i understand logically that he is not the person i want to be with. Although i like to talk to him and really sometimes think about moving this to real life. But now i am thinking about stopping all this, because i do not want to give him hope, and to hurt him (maybe silly, because he is sometimes rude). But i like when he talks about his emotions to me. And i probably also like him.

    I am confused. I think the only way is to stop all this now, and not wait until he will lose his interest. So, is it a right decision, to finish our conversation and just ignore him? Or maybe it will offend him somehow. Help please (((

    Thank you!

    Right now we are again in disagreement. I think that he has many illusions about me, and if we meet each other there will be disappointment?

  • Usually when i decided to go, he would always write me, and we would continue talking. But now, i don't know if he will do it in this current situation, so probably it is already the end?

  • I know it is probably because of loneliness i am communicating with him, so it is really better to stop?

  • Maybe he will meet another girl and will be happy with her?

  • Hi Marishkaa

    I tried a reading for you... see what you think... it seems to be a recap of where you've been with him so far?

    Everything started out with the Tower, so the sense I have is that there was something in your life (and his maybe) that was already coming apart when you two met. So you could have sort of fallen into each others arms as that was coming apart...

    Then the 10 of Wands... a lot of activity, communications perhaps immediately. Back and forth. A lot. Role choices too, so you are both having some fun and it is play as you get to know each other.

    Then, an EXTREMELY strong congruence around swords. You both rallied to your minds to be able to connect around. (So the ability to connect around words and such is vital). This is a path choice that you land on, so the conversations became more serious here are you are both finding your shared "fit" around swords. (9, 6 and 4 of swords).

    Then there is a lines that is either crossed or something divides, something you have to step over. (King of Wands)

    Then Strength which sounds like you are both now becoming a little feisty. Some sort of challenge to the relationship as you are jockeying for positions. Could be authority questions?

    Then the 8 of cups. And that seems like some real emotional focus. reigning things in, in preparation perhaps for something more serious.

    THen the 5 of swords which is like the sequel to whatever happened at that first corner of your relationship.

    10 of Cups. You really are hoping and praying for love, deep. feel, real, strong, true, honest, caring, and did I say deep?

    Then the Judgment card which is looking through both of your hearts to see how you really love each other, how you care about each other, even though it is still only long distance. Your hearts are being examined you could feel like you are floating at times.

    As I was looking at these cards I could not help except feel very strong emotions about the two of you. I think there is something here! I saw those swords comes together and I thought, these two are meant for each other... they will be able to keep each other late at night discussing who knows what... always seeking understanding. That is the really beautiful thing I see about the two of you, you have both known some mental pain in the past and so you are strong already in swords. I think it looks nice.... Tower as background says that there are probably still other issues in your personal life that could be settling out while you are trying to figure out what to do next. I can't really give you advice, although I hope something in here maybe helps you make your own decision. 8 and 10 cups are very strong love cards, the 8 in your case is prob picking up on your concerns about "moving on"... and the 10 is showing how you hope it can be wonderful ultimately.

    hope that helps! blessings 🙂


  • Astra, thank you so much!

    Too bad i read it only now, and some minutes ago, i told him i want to stop (he didn't answer yet) it all. I don't know what will be next. But probably he will accept my decision.

    As for our meeting it was so suddenly ). And we really like to talk at night. He is very clever, i like his mind. And we are playing logical games online).

    But he is not an easy person, when i first send him foto he didn't like me, and i was very depressed because of this at first. But than we continued and now he talks a lot about feelings. But probably this first his reaction and some disagreements between us about relations issues restrain my feelings toward him. (One more problem is that i have some issues with skin, not so beautiful it is.... and i know, he probably would react beady if he saw me). So i finally decided to tell him about it (hoping that would cool his feelings), and to stop.

  • He wrote me back, as if nothing had happened. It is so strange))Told me that it will be enough for him to know, how i am.

  • AstraAngel! Sorry to bother you again.

    i offended him much right now, and he asked me not to right him any more, and deleted his profile! ( but i still have his mail address). Please, I don't know is it the end??? Or maybe i can do something?

  • if this this the end, will he ever forgive me(( I didn't want it to be like that(((

  • What are your feelings for him?

  • Astra,i think i will miss him, but i also think that it is probably for the better ? And i should leave it as it is.

    But i know i hurt him, and that maybe i should do something?

    (I just found his another profile, but he hates it when someone touch his privacy).

  • actually i even afraid that he will somehow try take revenge on me.

  • Astra, I wrote him on e-mail that i need to talk, but he will probably ignore me. But i really need to talk. I am so sorry for what i have done.

  • AstraAngel, he still ignores me in e-mail, and this is the only way i can get in touch with him.

    Please, I know i bother you a lot,sorry (( but please maybe just one card, does he want everything back?Or that's all between us.

  • Dear Astra, I was able to talk to him. But he is cold ((( And it seems he will never forgive me.

  • Hey Marishkaa

    I drew the 9 of wands that to me is a very affirming "yes", he wants everything back.

  • Thank you!!! Will hope that his heart will melt soon again and he will become warm again..

  • Hello dear AstraAngel!

    May i ask you again please?

    I want a meeting with him, but i am afraid(. How do you think will it be a good meeting and how the relationship will develop after? Or we will dislike each other , and break up or just be friends?

    And, what do you think, can i trust him? (probably if it would be not the case the first reading could show it?)

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