• Thanks amused! Not happy spending such a gorgeous day in pain, but it is at least better now. I haven't heard of this remedy for it either; lying over a pillow, so will try that. My first point of treatment with it is heat as it is a recurrent pain, then I swallow anti inflammatories (very strong ones) a valium and lie down because this combination knocks me for a six 🙂 I can at least walk, but have been plagued with it for about a week now. This happens every time PMT sets in; they're due in a day or so 😞 Drives me insane!! Thanks again xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Whats pmt? Pre-menstral? Praying for your healing, call Arch Angel Raphael.

  • Duh! Never mind! Hi Amused!

  • Yep poetic, pre-menstrual. I still get 'em at this age ... sigh 🙂

  • Hi Moon

    Sorry to hear that you are still in pain , i have thedull ache running down my arm still but it is this bloody weather that doesnt help in and out up and down i am so over it .but yours sound very severe if you are taking valuim . Have you been to the quacks at all ?

  • Hi Everyone!

    Is anyone experiencing a bundle of emotion? I'm flipping from happy to tears w little reason. some aches but mostly emotional roller coaster...not my style & it is hard to just go w it.

    Moon, How is your back/leg feeling?


  • Hi all!

    Yes, have been to doctors years ago about it, but I have arthritis in my back, so can't do much about it except treat it, rest it, then walk, walk, walk. I have a treadmill for that purpose and even ten minutes is enough to ease the pinch.

    YES! I have felt incredibly emotionall all week, although mainly so bloody happy I could burst! It is hard to just go with it ... but questioning it is not good either, so apart from Thursday (which was a bit of a downer but I was grateful for it in a way) I have simply gone with the joy and spread it around wherever I can.

    Back/leg is better considering I've just finished working four days, day off, then two more very exhausting shifts, so that's a plus. The fact that I love my job helps too; I have such fun there 🙂

    Today is a funny day though! It's 8am roughly in Australia, and I've been awake since 4am, and up since about 4.45. Methinks I'll crash and burn later in the day, but not till I've mowed my lawns!!

    LOP, if your arm keeps persisting, go to the doctor. YOu need prescription drugs for it, not just over the counter I think. If it's a dull ache now, see how it goes when you constantly use it. If it worsens with use, then there definitely is a problem somewhere. Again, I get tendonitis ...

    How's everyone else?

    Amused, mood swings is probably pretty normal for now. We're all experiencing things that aren't our "norm", and as hard as it is, I think we have no choice but to go with it and let it roll over us. Fighting it will only result in high stress levels after all!

    Take it easy everyone!



  • Yes i am having these mood swings as well i really love feeling extremley happy for no good reason i wish i could bottle it . My arm has stopped hurting thankgod !!!!! Chris is the weather usually the same all day where you are ?

  • LOP, no, we're getting four seasons in one day a bit here and have been for a couple of years now. Like, it got hot yesterday, but last night and this morning is almost like a winter's morning! Weird ...

    I have to say, that I popped up to a neighbour's place yesterday, consumed quite a bit of alcohol (again God save me) then later on in the night when I was home by myself, was overwhelmed with feelings of deep sorrow (probably brought on by alcohol haha) and realised how much I missed my daughter being with me. Every time I thought of her, I cried buckets. I am still sad about that this morning. I can do little about it because she's in the middle of HSC exams, so I have to wear it.

    So mood swings - either brought about chemically or not - seem to be the norm at the moment. I went from being happy as yesterday to wanting to end it all; to move from this feeling of loneliness and abandonment. I didn't realise how deeply those feelings had drove themselves until I gave them vent. I cried for my broken marriage, cried for my last relationship, cried for Brooke and generally cried for every single thing that has left its imprint of pain on me. I wish though, that I could say I'm washed clean today, but instead I'm not a little bit hung over (again) and still have that feeling of sorrow about my daughter.

    So, I'm hoping this actually IS normal, and that I don't need prozac!!

    I'm so tired of all of it though ... I just wish I could lay down, rest and feel refreshed and calm. Seems to be an impossible dream at the moment 😞


  • Feel better guys, yes EVERYONE is very emotional, going from tears to laughter in the same moment! Nut Case! Our Heart Chara's are opening more, I think. Today I'm in a self imposed Funk, stay grounded and try to detach.

  • I'm like a roller coaster of emotions. Why are our heart chakras opening more now? I'm trying to fill it w L&L to share it w those around me

  • Yeah, I've been as down in the dumps this week as I thought I could possibly get after the high of last week 😞 I feel like I manifested all the joy and good things I wanted last week, and now this week, I've come crashing back down and all I've managed to manifest is sorrow, exhaustion and a general lack-lustre sort of feeling. I can't understand it really; I thought all my negative crap was a done deal last week, and now here it is, rearing its ugly head again.

    I'm over it ... sigh ...

  • Hang in there Moon. Its a very confusing time. Old stuff keeps coming back & it hurts all over again. I'm working hard to let it pass by & not give it a lot of my attention, like clouds passing through. I read somewhere not to recycle old thoughts just keep sifting them getting a smaller & smaller pile each time & eventually it goes away. If you recycle them they don't seem to go away & at times may get bigger & more deeply engrained in the psyche.

    Feel better.......I believe better days are coming



  • Thanks amused! I thought better times had come last week, but it must have been that I was feeling happier because of outside influences, rather than from within me. This week, things have gone pear-shaped (as said before) and I'm really feeling it.

    I am undergoing NLP therapy with someone at the moment (I don't know if you've heard of it), and this issue came up on Monday, so that's probably why I've been experiencing so much emotional pain this week!

    I'm so determined not to let this stuff wreck my life again though, because I know this will mean I'll spend the rest of my days alone which is what I don't want. I see everyone else around me with someone in their lives, but I'm all alone out here on the farm. Even though I like my space and love the farm, I want to share it with someone, not spend my days digging holes and wondering where my life went 🙂 Nor do I want to keel over at 80 and nobody know about it until no-one's seen me for a few days!

    This is really p*ssing me off!



  • Moon50

    I can relate to not wanting to spend life alone. Looking around it does seem like couples are everywhere...must be cuz single people are staying inside wondering what happened or what to do to change their life? I'm not familiar w NLP therapy but will check it out. For now, I think just knowing what you want will help set your intention & the Universe will answer....its the timing that is undetermined. I think one of my lessons at present is patience, guess I'm not a quick learner!! Of course letting go is a big lesson for most of us & the Universe is asking all of us to let go BIG time. I feel P&ssed off too when things I thought were resolved rear their ugly head again.....enough already!! Feel better, seems to me undergoing therapy & knowing what you'd like will set the wheels in motion....better days are ahead



  • Hey guys, that goo is stuff purging that needs to come out, it will pass.....

    It's funny single folks want a man/other and the married ones want to be single.

    I think we are right where we are supposed to be right now and that we are already complete, whole, love yourselves and eventually you will get what you want, meaningful, well thats my two cents!

    Stay grounded! I went through that misery over the weekend, now I feel wonderful!

  • amused and poetic,

    The answer remains hidden whilever fear rears its ugly head. I discovered this in a matter of hours yesterday. From feeling exhausted and in the pits of despair, I finally realised I AM OKAY JUST HOW I AM. I don't NEED anyone in my life. I want someone, which is entirely different. I don't want to have them underfoot all the time, at least not yet haha, but want someone in my life. I don't have to spend my days alone all the time, unless I want to! I'm still very tired today, and smoking like a train, but that is something I will deal with, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    I pulled myself out of the doldrums yesterday, and dragged my daughter out of bed and we went shopping for the day. Also saw my son for lunch, and it was a grand day, even though my eyes kept threatening to close all day! I love being around my kids - who are now 21 and 18 - this age group is such a treat to be around and I always feel lifted around them.

    However, I got home, had a quick power nap, and hooked in getting rocks to make my fairy garden. Have started it, and hopefully will get a fair bit done on it today, then back to work tomorrow.

    It all comes down to changing an attitude. I changed my attitude towards the difficulties I was having at work, and now it's all good and I enjoy every minute of being there lately.

    So I have finally begun changing my attitude towards MYSELF, and through my tired eyes, I agree with poetic! Why on earth are we judging ourselves so harshly? Let's look at what we have achieved, pat ourselves on the back and get on with actually enjoying where we're at! It's that simple 🙂

    No need to bash our heads against brick walls anymore. Amused, if you don't want to be alone anymore and want someone in your life, try this: Ask the Universe to send you what and who you need for your higher good. And they will deliver.

    When I asked this question, I was sent more contact with my friends outside of work, and then this guy appeared. We get on really well and enjoy each other's company. But we aren't in each other's pockets; merely getting together on weekends when we aren't otherwise busy and it's all good. We're getting together again this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. But I was just as happy if I was going to be on my own fiddling with my fairy garden and other things I love to do around the place.

    Just because we aren't seemingly "moving mountains" or "changing the world" doesn't mean we aren't contributing enough to the planet how we are. Just being us is enough.

    yes poetic, let's just love ourselves for ourselves and that will spread out to others.




  • Moon50,

    You go girl!!! Glad to read you're feeling better. Power of positive thoughts

    Fairy garden sounds wonderful...I love fairies!

    Took your advise & asked the Universe ....... doing well on my own but to share life with someone would be like icing on a delicious cake



  • Good on you amused! I think sometimes we get led to believe that we shouldn't want a significant other in our lives, but if we stop, think and realise that that is actually what we do WANT, then all we need to do is ask.

    Even though the Higher Ups sent this guy, I'm still in a sort of transition stage after my last relationship, so I don't want to rush anything. And the way my work shifts are, and his work/family commitments, it's not easy lining up time to see him anyway.

    Still and all, this has come along, and it is a true test of my patience and willingness - should this go further than friends - to accept his loyalty to his family over and above me. I know it could become an issue here and there, but really, anyone who can be that family oriented and loyal, will be a worthwhile risk if you ask me 🙂 My family situation is not the norm, so I understand most others have traditional family commitments, unlike me. Just means I'll miss out sometimes, but then so will he considering I work a lot of weekend 🙂

    For now, I need the space and time on my own I've been given, because if this week and last week are anything to go by, the old mind chatter will get on top of me big time! I just can't seem to stop thinking!! It's driving me INSANE!

    Now, where's that meditation cd ... ?

    And I like the sound of the icing on that delicious cake ... you haven't been talking to Blmoon by any chance have you? hahaha, that is a term she used in a reading she gave me recently 🙂



  • And I think the Captain uses that term too if memory serves ... 🙂

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