• Chris ,

    It feels as if the shooting pain is going all the way up my arm at first ithought of heart attack symptoms , when i googled it it came up with carpal tunnel which makes sense I know i shouldnt google but i cant help myself . It has never woken me up at night .I am in complete agony I dont do to much driving just up and back to the kids school which is ten minutes away . I am feeling it bad in the back of my shoulder .Ouch 😞

  • Well, I meant how much driving did you do going on holidays? Coz hours of holding the arm in the one position can cause that. It happens to me whenever I do a long drive and I have to sit the arm in my lap here and there. Yeah, it hurts, that's for sure! YOu might need some anti-inflammatories, so a visit to the doctor might be in order 🙂

  • Oh now i get ya I never drove on the holiday my hubby did all the driving , i never knew it was going to be this painful i just thought it consisted of pins and needles and numbness . my mum just gave me some panodol rapid , i took therm half an hour ago but it is srill throbbing .

  • That sounds like the spiritual pain I had this year, I had a vision of Electricity shooting up my arm through my fingers, I was in pain for like 4 days, broke me down like a baby, I called everyone in the Heavenly realm and every other realm! LOL!

  • Thanks poetic for putting me back in touch with paddi we just had a great chat on skype .The pain is gone now but that is exactly how i would describe it i pray it doesnt come back i couldnt handle it .I will be going to the quacks quicksmart

  • Girl I had so many Angels and Masters around me cause I could not take that pain, never had it that bad since, they don't feel pain, there is a method called the Purple Rose of Healing or something I think thats what they are using now, much better, you can ask that the endorphins in your brain be increased also! I would not wish that on my worst enemy! My pain lasted like 3 or 4 days that time. It was Electrical. Feel better soon!

  • P.S. They say the Hindu's say "bring on the pain, because they know they are growing spiritually." Very brave! Me... I'm chicken!

  • Ah well, I've been growing spiritually a lot this week also! I had a fall (due to alcohol and silliness the other night) and have pain in my shoulder, sciatic's been mucking up a bit (from dancing around like a teenager) but IT'S ALL GOOD! I, like you and Marg, would wish that spiritual growth could be a bit kinder, but nothing good comes without effort and some sufferance.

    Not to mention the fact that I spent my night of silliness with someone who may become very special in my life ... now THAT'S also a reason to say it's all good:) We'll see ... muhahahahaha

    Hope you both feel a lessening of pain sooner rather than later!


  • Sorry to hear you had a fall Chris , but doesnt it feel good to dance around like a teenager again to let your hair down ,what aussie bands do you like ? I have a feeling you are a cold chisel fan is this right ?

  • Hey poetic purple rose of healing wow i will have to check it out i am in agony with my shoulder it is killing me .

  • Marg, I like Cold Chisel, but my bands of choice are U2, Queen, Green Day and a host of others. Whatever sounds good to me! I love some hip hop and rap, classical and as said, anything that sounds good to me.

    Hope shoulder is feeling better today 🙂

  • Marg, I like Cold Chisel, but my bands of choice are U2, Queen, Green Day and a host of others. Whatever sounds good to me! I love some hip hop and rap, classical and as said, anything that sounds good to me.

    Hope shoulder is feeling better today 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Chris I feel like partying too! Got out of my car this morning, dancing in the parking lot!

  • Hey CHris ,

    ,I like Bon Jovi of course (Hello) I like U2 as well , I love the 80s music . I really like Timomatic do you know of him ? He is an aussie . I love Taio Cruz . I dont mind the singing budgie and i love Madonna and Lady Gaga. Queen yes i like them as well my shoulder has been aching since i had that pain in my arm last week but at the top do you feel CT would be causing this .

    I hope you are feeling better as well .

    Love Magsxx

  • Poetic,

    This morning I had an early start and was dancing round the kitchen at 5am!! Been on a high all week really, except for pain, but high weighed out the pain, and still is 🙂

    Don't know if it's this special person in my life, though I think I'd feel like this without him in the picture really; he's just adding to it 🙂 Again, we shall see ...


    I like Bon Jovi too, and the others you mentioned, LOVE the 70's and 80's, although I haven't heard of Timomatic, and as for Taio Cruz, not too sure who he is though his name rings a bell. Think he was the one on X Factor last night?!

    As for shoulder, don't know if it is CT. But a trip to the doctor should confirm it. I think it might be tendonitis really, but again, a doctor will tell you yay or nay 🙂 Good luck!




  • Good Chris we need it, the dancing, joy, we have to choose it! I love oldies too 70's, 60's, and I love love Reggae music mon! Bob Marley, etc.

    We have a new place to post Mags started, don't know if you found it. I did a a Rite of Transformation from Children of the Sun last night very powerful, I felt reborn almost.

    Be back soon! OH, this time I prayed that I did not get more energy than I could handle, the last time I had the bad pain it was an Meditaion for the Electronic Ring of Fire or something, oh boy did I get the fire! LOL!

  • That could have been my problem! I got an overload of joy and energy, and now I am in the pits of sciatic pain and feel like sh*t 😞 Had to beg off work as well, which didn't do much for me, but had no choice. Anyway, need to feel calmer, so after three nights of little sleep, I'm spending this totally BEAUTIFUL day in bed, but again, have little choice 😞 Will see how I feel when I'm up and about.

    Have a great day!

  • Moon50

    I was drawn to this thread today. Sorry you have leg pain coming from your back. As a PT I can say the majority of people w that type of pain get relief from lying over a pillow on you r stomach. The pain should decrease or stop if you can lie for 5-10 min. If it works each time you begin to feel the pain get back on your stomach to keep shutting it off. The nerve can heal better & quicker. Use cold for sharp new pain, heat for dull aches & old or recurrent pain

    Hope this helps



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