• HI Moon

    i have done your life in general readin the cards that came out were ,

    The hermit

    7 of swords

    8of wands

    King of wands

    6 of coins

    Ace of coins

    I dont do particular spreads all these cards refer to what is coming up for you in the near future .

    Regaridng finances i do see money coming to you with the 6 and the ace new opportuinites are also coming into play .I feel it is to do with work anew job or promotion The king of wands represents someone new coming into your life and this will happen very quickly with the 8 of wands ,right next door to it i feel this is someone you will meet who will be very taken with you but your heart is still with Rodney and will be for a long long time ,, the hermit confirms this for me you will withdraw and going inside yourself for a while i am sorry i do not see a reconciliation with Rodney in these cards , i do see some deception with the 7 of swords that your are going to find out about ,i hope i am wrong but i do feel this has something to do with Rodney something you were not told about you will find this out from someone else .

    Thankyou for letting me practice read for you , and please excuse my typing i have carpal tunnel in my right hand my finger tips are numb so ive noticed some of my typing is missing letter maybe i am not hitting the keys properly .

    (( Hugs to you )) I hope you find your superman tonight someday (refering to a Bon Jovi song

    Love Loap:)

  • Sorry Moon

    Please disregard that link it didnt work properly it was a link to the superman tonight song . i dont know why they wont work anymore .

  • Strange things happen on this Site; you can't post up certain letters, and links don't always work. Very annoying! And I do wish they'd set up a pm option on here; it makes it so hard for people who want to link up outside of here to do so.

    Anyway, thanks so much for this reading! With the way my work situation has become lately, I am feeling that I'm getting enough messages that I need to find something else anyway, but don't know where to look really. There's not a lot going in a town this size, but then again, the job I'm in landed in my lap when I most needed it, so, we'll see 🙂

    A boost in money would be very welcome at the moment. Rodney has left me in a reasonable position, but I am now unsupported completely and trying not to focus on that too much. God knows I've got enough to worry about without that being added to it. My boss suggested I apply for benefits just in case, but I honestly don't think I'll need to do that. Something tells me a solution will come. Sooner rather than later I hope too!

    Interesting that you say someone new is coming quickly. At the moment I am so not ready for another person because I feel that I've been kicked in the guts royally and am emotionally too exhausted to pay attention to another person. I've been going inside myself a lot in these two weeks, and feel I'll be doing a lot more of it. I do need to though; I know that. I also know that well-meaning friends will be saying I need to get out more; can't stay out there on the farm all alone all the time, but it's the only place where I can shout, scream, cry and swear without neighbours hearing me, or anyone else for that matter! I don't feel particularly lonely here really, but the weekend really got me a beaut. It was the first one without Rodney and where I wasn't working, and boy, was it a roller coaster ride.

    I do agree with you though; I feel there's something I haven't been told about why Rodney left. He tells me he can't explain it, but I think he's hedging around the truth. I've wondered if his passed fiancee's family have something to do with it, but can't be sure unless I hear one of those small-town "whispers" which are likely to come up at some time. I feel that I am in the position of being the last one to know.

    Today, I do feel that I would not want Rodney back anyway. He's hurt me far too much and I don't think I could trust him again. I had enough trust issues when I was first with him, and that combined with his was a recipe for short term, so it turns out.

    My thoughts in a nutshell on him are that he's chosen money over me. I don't know if I'm right, but that's what I think it could be, which is where his fiancee's family come into it.

    Anyway, I reckon you did great here! I hope your cards are right (all of them, because I already have suspicions about Rodney). The money thing would be something I'd be hoping for at the moment more than a relationship frankly. I need to be able to support myself properly without the help of a credit card, however that's my only option for now.

    I do confess, however, to a slight bit of curiosity about this new man. The way I feel today, I don't think my heart'll stay with Rodney for much longer, because his lack of keeping in touch with me shows me he doesn't care a toss how I feel, and possibly didn't for a very long time.

    We'll see!

    I do appreciate this, very much. If you get any other impressions, please feel free to pass them on, and I'll return the favour.

    I also suffer carpal tunnel. It's a pr*ck of a thing! Around that time of the month, my hands wake me up constantly with the numbness and tingling. And it does make it hard to type properly and even drive any real distance. If I drive for longer than about an hour, my right hand is useless. So I sympathise with you, very much indeed! I've had this bloody condition for years; on and off since I had my daughter.

    Again, thank you very much. Hope you had a marvy day today 🙂

    Cheers and great blessings


  • Hi Moon ,

    Thankyou so much for your feedback and for letting me practice on you , i will let you know if anything else comes to light . I am glad you could relate to the deception part . The carpal tunnel yes it is a pain i am feeling tingles in my left hand now i have started wearing magnetic bracelets and it has lessened the tingles heaps , i hardly feel them when i am wearing it just light flutters but today my fingers were extremely numb just a the finger tips . I had it really bad a couple of months ago that my whole arm was vibrating that has stopped thankgod . Have they suggested that you have an operation at all ? The doc told me that i would eventually have to have one .I hope i dont suffer with it on my jounrey to Queensland as we are driving up there . I have wished that they had a pm system on this site as well , as i would never put my email address on a public forum . I hope you are having a nice night

    Love Loap:)

  • It may require surgery for me too, but I haven't yet gone the option of cortisone injections, so that may help for a time. I can't afford the time off or $$ for surgery anyway, so may speak to my doctor about the option of injections for now.

    I hope you don't suffer with your hands driving up. At least though, you'll be able to share the driving with your hubby if you do.

    Thanks again!



  • Hi Moon ,

    Mine is not so bad yet but i have no doubt it will get worse , and now having it in both hands try the magnetic bracelets i bought some from the $2 shop . what a day ive just found my budgie dead in the cage and a good frieind of mine has to put down her dog , i am minding her son while she takes the dog to vet .. oh my heart is breaking for the kids my little one refued to believe me that his bugdie is now in heaven with the angels .he wanted to see Tweety so i took him out to show him as the bird is still in the cage covered up i can not bring myself to take her out of it Hubby said he will do it when he gets home , He was ok once he seen the bird he said bye bye and went on his merry way . I hope you are having sa much better day .

    Love LOap:)

  • A much better day it was today LOP. I didn't feel like crying all day and didn't feel like strangling Rodney, so that's a plus 🙂

    What a shame about the budgie and the dog! Gee, it seems like it comes in clusters sometimes. You no sooner get over one thing, then another comes along. Relentless. It seems we are being put in situations that bring on floods of tears! Still, maybe once we've stopped crying, we'll be washed clean of all this stuff, and be able to get on with things ...

    I hope you had a great day, and if I don't speak to you beforehand, have a great holiday!



  • Hi Moon ,

    Sorry i havent replied sooner the bloody wifi keeps dropping out its driving me nuts . I had a sh*t of a day yersterday not only with the animals dying i bought a new card a couple of months ago and i have had nothing but trouble with the dam thing , it is has broken down on me 3 times the first time ford thought it was the battery so they replaced it and it done the same thing again a ciouple of weeks later this time they replaced the fuel pump , and yesterday i took my 2 sons shopping and i happened to park on the seconed level of parking (which a tow truck in not able to get up there) and the bloody thing wouldnt start then my son got out the car and was screaming mum the car is leaking water everywhere i got out and had a look bent down to smell it and it was petrol i thought wtf ??It was everywhere i am so peed off how this could effing happen . a moblie mechanic came and helped me he had to push it down the ramp so a tow truck could get to it . I told them i want the car replaced but they said they cant do that i can only trade it in Fairdinkum i am so fuming right now and they just rang telling my hubby it was a faulty clip on the fuel line , What next and we are driving this car to queensland on the weekend i am so over it . I am no worried that it is going to happen again i feel i will always be on egde with this car .

    I hope all is well with you .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Well, it's so bloody annoying when you get a lemon of a car! I swear by my holden; I've had it since new (bought it when with my husband). It'll be sixteen years old next april, and it still runs well, never let me down without good reason (and even if it has broken down, I've been somewhere I could get help) and I love it to pieces. Rodney helped me get a bullbar for it, and has been a wonderful mechanic for me and my Rocket (that's the car's name .. yeah, yeah, I know what yr thinkin' hahaha). He still wants to remain my mechanic, and that's fine by me because I trust him not to do a bodge job. I sure hope your car performs well for you on your trip. It probably has been a case of getting all those little things fixed before you go on a long trip. Imagine if it "waited" until you were halfway there or something and all this stuff went wrong!

    As for me, I'm thinking I've really lost the plot or am desperate for a bloke or something, because weirdly there is this guy here, who I met months ago at the hospital where I work. I always liked him, but he was with one of the nurses there. They are no longer together; are friends at the moment so I hear. I don't see him around much, and something made me send him a facebook friend request last night!!!! This is very worrying to me! I have NEVER really wanted to get involved with anyone straight after a relationship ends, and can't believe I did this. However, whether or not he accepts (he may not remember who I am, or not know my full name) remains to be seen.

    But I can't believe the audacity of me!!! Oh well ... we'll see about THAT, won't we?

    If I don't talk to you again beforehand, please have a lovely holiday, and thanks so much for your continued support. It's nice to have people to "talk" to when you get home to that empty house at the end of another long day 🙂

    I wish I could see whether or not your car will be reliable on the trip. I do feel it'll be okay, and that you may have ironed out all the problems with it. Sometimes cars muck up with a new owner, when they never did for the previous one. I reckon my car'd muck up if I sold him to someone else to be honest 🙂

    And I have been called a weirdo for naming my cars, but ... it gives them a sense of "family" hahaha!

    Talk to you again soon!



  • Moon do you remember this statement from my reading ?

    (The king of wands represents someone new coming into your life and this will happen very quickly ) This could be the guy. you never know .maybe its a good sign you sent him a facebook friend request .and afterall it is only adding him as a friend ., not going out with him to a candlelit dinner .

    I think it is cute how you name your cars , i have a good one for mine at the moment white elephant or a few choice words i better not type lol . I am leaving saturday night for queensland ,thankyou for your well wishes i am going to need if we are taking white elephant up there .I am not talking to my hubby at the moment he spoke to me like sh8t in front of a friend and i am not tolerating that at all bloody scorpios they can be mean heartless b*stards , he hasnt apologised and he probably wont that is usually what happens . I am not letting him get away with it this time . I can hold out this non talking lark until the cows come home .

    I hope you are having a good peaceful night .

    Love Loap:)

  • Oh laci, what a pr*ck!! My husband was a Virgo and loved to do that as well! I could slap him for the amount of times he's shamed me in front of people, and I tell ya, he still tries to do it when we're both at something to do with our daughter. I will get my chance though; and it's coming soon. He'll wish he'd never crossed me 🙂

    I had a green car I called Kermit, a black and yellow one I called Tiger (my mechanic at the time called it the Holden Banana - I coulda slapped him haha), etc. You get the picture. The only car I didn't name was a Ford Cortina which was a complete lemon and always let me down.

    Who knows if this is the guy coming in "quickly"? I find it even weirder because I'd sent Rodney a friend request also, but merely to pass on my condolences about his fiancee's death. Next thing I know, he's chasing me relentlessly and I was powerless to refuse ... 🙂 I don't know if this'll be history repeating itself, but I'm very wary of making a big blue here. Still n all, request sent, so we'll see what happens, if anything.

    Tell your husband - when you're talking to him again - that I think he's a moron 🙂

    Have a wine or two! That'll calm the savage beast haha

    So sorry you're angry today, but I can't blame you. What a frustrating day all round! Tomorrow will be a better day; I'll send you peace and calmness and a whip to flog hubby with 🙂



  • Hi moon,

    I am at a stage in my life where i am not interested in a relationship anymore i just want to be on my own and have peace . I gave it to him alright , i wasnt putting up with that sh*t.I have got white elephant back and ford has assured me there should be no more problems . I went off my head , and told them they can at least give me 3 years extended warranty i am waiting to here back from the manager I dont have to worry about friend requests as i deleted my facebook account , i didnt like the concept . I am going to have a wine or two lol do you shop at aldi ? I bought this really nice wine from there and it is only $6 .. Thankyou for sending me peace and calmness . i have had a better day today .I hope you are having a good night .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Was having a FINE day until I had to ring Rodney about something to do with my daughter's car, and his complete lack of interest in talking to me, his ignorance of the 18 months we spent, made me SO angry. But I hung up the phone and stomped around instead of giving it to him. I wanted to message him on facebook and tell him to go fuck himself, but didn't. I'm wondering if that's what he wants me to do, so he can make up his little mind that I really am a bad person and what on earth did he see in me, etc. He's being kind towards Brooke, and me for some things. But he simply won't talk to me. He has lied to me just about all along I reckon.

    As for this other guy, well he can go f*ck himself too. I can't be bothered coz they're all tarred with the same brush if you ask me 🙂



    Love, light, calmness ... breathe ... peace ...



  • Moon ,

    You did the right thing by not posting on FB dont give him the satisfaction , yes i feel the same about Men i am over it i want peace now lol . I just want to put my feet up at the end of the day and watch the telly , I really dont think much of that facebook lark , having all your friends friends see who is freinds with their freinds it is a viscious neverending circle for people to post crap on there . It was the best thing i ever did the day i deleted it . I am old school i dont need it .

    Have you heard what is going on over here regarding the missing lady whos body has been found ? they have posted the killers address on FB, i hope they hang him by the balls ,but apparently warnings have gone out now for people not to post his details on FB or they will be in serious trouble ...Do you follow the footy at all ?, i dont and i do so hate thsi time of year glad im leaving town 2m ,. I hope all is well

    Love and Hugs Loap:)

  • Yes, I did hear about this Meagher lady. I can't believe what he did to her, and only 450 metres from her home! Her husband and family must be beside themselves.

    As for facebook, I kinda like it, as it's been a lifeline for me when I was first on my own out here. However, I don't like the bitching and other crap that gets posted up there. There's no need for it. I post up the odd status about how I'm feeling (if idiot sees it, then he's meant to) I never mention names, and put up the odd poem. That's about it. But others can't help themselves and have to b*tch and whinge about all sorts of things and next you know, there's an all out verbal war! Ridiculous ...

    And I HATE FOOTBALL too. Hate it with a passion. Lived with an AFL guy years ago, and I tell you, I really got to hate it then.

    I hope your car behaves and that you have a lovely, well-earned holiday. Sounds like your husband could do with a kick up the proverbial and I sure hope he doesn't wreck your time away.

    Love and hugs to you also! No doubt we'll catch up when you get back 🙂



  • Hi Moon ,

    I am leaving tomorrow night at midnight so i still have plenty of time , are you anywhere near the newell highway? i will give you a wave as i go past lol . I think the afl is full of wankers i dont know how you tolerated living with one of them ,its all a money making racket now , i remember my Dad used to take me to the footy when i was little and i was bored shtless.I understand why you like facebook it is good for keeping in touch with people long distance . MY hubby is like all men a pain in the a*s. , I understand how you feel about Rodney i think you should just let your daughter deal with him now if he wants to be like that , or play him at his own game do the same back not that you want to stoop to his level but sometimes people come around once they have had a dose of their own medicine . I do it to my hubby all the time now and he doesnt like it and gets worried but the sad thing with scorpios i dont think they realise how rude and cold hearted they can be . i hope you are in good spirits and having a couple of glasses of wine ,

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hola! Have a great weekend!

  • thanks LOP and poetic!

    I am going to take back what I said about that other guy can go f*ck himself. Have had some replies from him, and well ... as quick as this all seems to be happening, I think this might be the beginning of a great friendship 🙂 We'll see ...

    Hope you have a grand holiday LOP and that hubby doesn't p you off too much and that the car behaves. Will be good to catch up when you're back 🙂

    Poetic, I'm having a FANTABULOUS weekend, trust me .... NOT. At work for the whole of it, including tomorrow's public holiday, UGH!! Ah well, money's good 🙂



  • Money is always good! I'm dragging today, partied too much Sat nite, but I needed to get out and abouth, today, ugh. I shall carry on.......... I think.

  • Hi Moon ,

    Im, back i had a great time ecxept on the way there in shepparton which is not even 2 hours into our journey a kangaroo nearly took out white elephant, i had a heart attack as it was a big one i told hubby it was there and he swerved to miss it but it bounced back and hit the side of the car smashing a light and damgaging panels oh well sht happens at least no one was hurt but of course it was my fault if i hadnt have told him the kangaroo was there he would have dealt with it in his own way and missed it altogether he had the fn shts after that and winged all the way , if we had of hit it head on it would have probably written the car off not that i give a shit about that car by any means only the occupants inside .There was road kill on the highway everywhere we were driving over carcasses i am a nervous driver especially around trucks and as you probably know that is their domain.other than drivng 18 hours straight yesterday i had a wonderful time the weather was perfect in surfers and i gave you a wave when i seen the sigh welcome to nsw central it was beautiful weather up there as well . I am never doing a road trip again with hubby and his antics the only reason we didnt fly is because my daughter couldnt here for a week last time we did ,she always has problems with her ears . I hope all is well .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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