• Hi all,

    What a week it's been! I'm emotionally wrung out and exhausted. I am glad of work though, it keeps my mind off things, but the effort I have to make to keep up, tires me out.

    So, hence this question. I came home from work the other day to find one of my outside chairs turned the opposite way. I never moved it; can't remember for the life of me putting it in that position.

    Today I get home and find my modem turned off. Again, I can't recall doing that, and I never turn it off unless the net is running slow.

    I suppose I'm wondering if my last partner is coming here when I'm not home? I know he probably will to get things he forgot to take last weekend. But to do that without letting me know beforehand if he needs to come in the house, taking into consideration the fact that he hasn't bothered to contact me at all since he left, about anything.

    So, I wonder if I'm simply being paranoid ... but it seems weird that these little thigns have happened and I can't remember doing them!

    Any insight? Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Moon50 .,

    I defentley dont think that you are being paranoid ok its easily enough to forget to turn the wifi , but the chair being out of place that would really stand out and grab your attention for sure . I was wondering was it facing a fence at all ?

  • No LOP, facing my kitchen window!

  • Oh ok is the kitchen window high ?Could your ex have used the chair to look through the window to see if you were home by looking through the window ? Your property sounds lovely . Are you near the Blue mountains at all ?

  • No, he would've simply sat really. It's an old farmhouse, sitting pretty much on the ground. I'm about 3 hours past the Blue Mountains as the crow flies ...

    The modem was really the one that got me because I don't turn it off unless, as I said, the net is running slow.

  • And he would've known I wasn't home, if it was him and not me doing things and forgetting I'd done 'em! I've always said dementia is catching ...

  • It doesnt sound like its anything to worry about then , do you have a dog? As my Beagle has tipped over outdoor plastic chairs and gotten onto all sorts while i have been out .I was also wondering Moon is it ok to ask you a question on how you do your readings? as im sure you posted on another thread that you don't do tarot .Do you just feel things ?

  • Thanks lop 🙂

    Yes, I do "feel" things and sometimes see and hear them. I will use Tarot spreads if a person in a face to face readings requests it - or Angel cards - but these things are more a visual "prompt" for the querant, rather than me, the reader. Often though, cards do help in a face to face reading if you're getting a bit stuck on a question, or cant' get anything! I'll just sit there looking at them going "hmmm" or "well .... " !!

    I'm not worried about these little occurrences in the house either; just a bit perplexed! If it had been my (ex) partner coming here, that also wouldn't have worried me because he's not got any malevolence in him; at least not towards me. I did say he was welcome out here any time any way, if and when he needed to pick up stuff. Having said that though, I'd rather be let know ahead if he needs to get anything from inside the house so I know someone's been here. It wasn't him who came out here either; I think it was either me (being forgetful) or my resident spirits having a bit of fun at my expense 🙂

    I do have a dog; a mixed breed 57-variety: cross maltese-shitzu / rottweiler. She's pretty much stone deaf and has cataracts, but still can see and hear things. Her other senses have taken over I think, so at least she's not running into things and hurting herself. She's thirteen, soon to be fourteen and still acts like a puppy 🙂 I'm glad I've got her and my cat, because they give me "solid" company rather than relying on dem spirits I have here who I can only feel.

    So how are things going for you? And out of curiosity, how do you read?



  • Oh God, I don't know why this site won't allow the word "v i s u a l" - must be the "vee", but that's the word which has been **** out!!!

  • HI Moon

    The reason the v word is blocked is due to a spammer that lurks this site . I am learning tarot and have been for the last 8 years , the reason i put it like that is because i feel it is something that you never stop learning . It can take years to master . I use the cards as a tool to guide me while following my intuition i mean after 8 years ive practically read every book i could find on the subject now i let my feelings guide me . Your dog sounds cute , my Beagle is 77 years old and still acts like a puppy ive always said having a beagle is like having a toddler in the house lol.I hope you are having a great weekend the weather is really nice over here today .

  • Weather is great here too. Are you the one who is is Melbourne? I'm not sure if that was Livingadream or you 🙂

    Intuition is the best way to read. Following books and guides is never the way to do it. Either we "allow" the intuition to guide us or not. Books can cloud that, and make readings forced, which is never a good thing. Plus, a person can get mislead into telling people what they want to hear, rather than what IS.

  • Yes i am in Melbourne the city that has 4 seasons in one day , Is livingadream an aussie as well ? There are not many of us on here Captain , Icearia and now you are the only ones i know of .

  • I lived in Victoria for about three years way back in the early 90's. I was with my ex husband then and we lived on the Navy base near Hastings (on Crib Point, base is Cerberus).

    Four seasons in one day doesn't quite describe it!! I remember one day - and this day killed living there permanently for me - it started off cold. Turned both heaters on. Day got extremely windy; temperatures dropped to 7 degrees. Day then got hot, so stripped off to shorts and t-shirt. Day then got sticky, and it rained ... That was it. We posted out of there not long after that and returned to Sydney 🙂

    However, where I am now, is becoming like Victoria here and there! Not to mention heavy frosts we get in winter; especially the farm where I'm renting. It's in a basin type of location, with a dam not too far from it, so frosts can be pretty chronic here during winter.

    There's not a lot of Aussies on here, and I don't know if LOD is an Aussie too. Don't think so. We are always outnumbered by these northern hemisphereans ain't we?

    So, your profile pic looks male to me - is that your man? God strike me down if I'm being a bit blind again!!!

  • Oh Moon do i wish that Profile picture was my man it is Jon Bon Jovi i am a die hard fan . Yes Melbourne weather is crazy it really drives me nuts, i've lived here all my life and never got used to it .I wish we has a shop over here called all seasons that sell exactly that clothes for all kinds of weather as some dsays in summer csn be very cool over here and we get nice sunny days in winter as well .I just went to by my son some track suit pants and it's all summer clothes in the shops grrr it is so frustrating , Yes i know where hastings is .I see a lot of threads in your name on the main forum you must be doing alot of great readings , I am having break from Melbourne weather i am off to sunny Queensland next week i cant wait .

  • I was buggered if I recognised Jon Bon Jovi!! I was very worried that it may have been a female pic, but one where it doesn't clearly look female and that it might've offended you!

    You'd think Melbourne would have shops that sell clothes for all seasons, considering. And we might need that here too if summer/winter's been anything to go by here for the last couple of years!

    I do try to help a few on here, even in the midst of my own loss at the moment. Helping takes you out of it, and often, readings you give another can be meant for yourself as well.

    I saw my ex-partner today, and our conversation was easy, though it felt a little weird. I felt sad to see him leave again, especially now that he's picked up most of his things from the shed.

    However, if we get back together, and he decides to stay in his house and I in mine, well that'll be okay if that's what we both want. If not, then this separation was definitely meant to be and I need to be grateful for the time we had together.

    Lucky you going to Queensland! I could only wish to go on a nice holiday ... it seems unattainable at the moment the way things stand. We were going to go up to Emerald to see Rodney's son next year, but guess that's off the cards now 😞

    Ah well. As I've been saying a bit lately: time will tell; time and intention.



  • This holiday is long overdue my husband has been working himself literally to death we have 3 young kids that he never gets to spend proper family quality time with so they will be over the moon . I have wished it for so long i can't finally believe that it is going to happen ,Where abouts is the emerald you are posting about ? I know we have one here in Victoria .I'm so sorry to hear that you and your partner never worked out How long were you guys together ? I can understand how sad you must feel .I thought that the Bon Jovi avatar does not look like him as well i am going to change it as i dont want people thinking that i am a man lol. I can do you a reading if you like i did one for cwb on the lounge thread regarding a relationship but lately i feel as if i am connectiing with readings when they are in person not online for some reason . I could do with the practice .and feed back .if you are ok with it .I hope you are having a nice evening it is very chilly over here now .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Emerald is in Queensland too, but right near the top of it.

    I was with him for 18 months, but what a wonderful 18 months it was. I believe it was the best relationship I'd had in my life, and felt that I was good at loving him; which says a whole lot. Maybe one day, we'll come back together, but for now he has things to sort out, as I do, so we'd best be getting on with that.

    Well, you could do a reading for me if you want the practice!

    I won't provide birthdate/s because I don't believe in doing that, but my "question" is: what does the future hold for me in life, love and career/money? See what you get!

    Thanks so much LOP


    Moon 50

  • Hi Moon ,

    No worries i never ask for birth dates i will get on it as soon as i can , as the kids have been taking over the computer . I thought it was Emerald in Queensland . You sound very positive about this relationship break up , i believe in the old saying if you love someone set them free if they come back then it was meant to be . Like Taylor Danes song which is playing in my head now . Love you lead you back . I hope you are having a great day the sun is shining in Melbourne today but the wind is very cold .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Funny you should say I'm positive about this breakup, because today I've been in the doldrums about it all day. Cried like a baby again. I went out, saw a couple of friends, chatted to my daughter for a while, but came home exhausted. Went to bed on this sunny day (which is also windy), but got woken up by the f*ckin quad mustering the sheep over to the next paddock. Am so tired out by all of this.

    Like Friday, I can't seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I so dearly wish for a pair of arms around me, and a shoulder to cry on, however I'm fussy because I want male arms and a male shoulder, I want HIS shoulder, but can't have it.


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