• Yum! Cake, was thinking this morning, Cake season is almost here. I'm so glad you are feeling better, it' funny we seem to take turns being happy, sad, misreable and yes the Ego mind is a b ch feel in the missing letters. I'm getting a upgrade today again, the pain in the left arm this time, I did record what I thought were space ships yesterday, that was cool.

    Keep on keeping on!


  • Poetic ,

    Are you anywhere near that hurricane? Stay safe my friend praying for you

  • Nah, I'm in Florida, I had a feeling the media was hyping everything up, Thank God!

  • Are we all feeling the build up of energies lately? I am sensing something major coming; like a bomb going off almost. Was wondering what everyone else is experiencing, or is this just a me thing??

  • My own life is a roller coaster ride these days so hard to tell what's influencing my emotions. I fluctuate from very calm to feeling like I may burst into tears or a panic attack. I have noticed many around me are more intense in their reactions lately & everyday seems like a full moon lots of excitement in the air & unusual behaviors! Something seems to be brewing


  • Hey poetic ,

    Glad to hear you were safe Poor NY and NJ copped it big time .

    I am feelng overly sensitive these last couple of days especially around friends , I am taking to many things to heart wish i could snap out of it .:(

    this is my positive affirmations for the day i have been writing them down all over the place

    The future is going to be great i am so looking forward to it .

    I am so excited Christmas will be here soon and it will be a great one. there will be plenty of festive cheer and not only will everyone behave they will all get along together as well .

    My family and i will always be financially secure .

    All will work out !

    Love Magsxx

  • Hey amused,

    I totally relate! Although I'm having more calm days than not lately. However, have been suffering more sciatic pain - might have mentioned that already - and this leads me to tell you this: I tried your remedy of lying on a pillow, and it does work! It hurts while I'm doing it, but once I get up and walk, I don't have as much pain.

    So how's that for positive feedback?

    And I still feel like bursting into tears too, even amongst the calmness. Couples are everywhere, and even though I'm pretty happy with where my life's at, I do feel that sense of wistfulness ... sigh ...


  • Hey gang, yeah someone says that saw Santa in a sled going into the sun a few weeks ago, I hear the new money system is already in place, I think after this Election is over, amazing truths will be coming out. I'm ready for the new too. Went through some purging over economics, money, which I usually don't worry about, feeling much better now. Felt a huge wave this morning, yeah, the 11/11 portal is coming and the Eclipes, Solar and Lunar, I'm sure we won't be the same. Posting this in both places, I'm lightheaded at the moment!

    Me too with the emotional roller coaster!

    Chris the poetry used to flow for me, have not written in awhile, maybe will give it a try soon. Hang in there, it's gonna get better soon. Believe!

  • Yes! Believe!! Got to have faith! Am feeling a bit none of that today, even though it was a good day. Am SO worried about my financial situation, but am hoping that it'll sort out.

    Praise be to Spirit and the coming shift!!

  • Hi Moon, glad my suggestion helped. Should also help to limit time spent in sitting, no more than 1/2 hr then stand & stretch then ok to sit down. Try not to sit in low seats, keeping hips higher than knees. A good stretch is to stand & lean backwards a few times...hope it helps!!

    Financial woes like a roller coaster these days. After 1 yr, I have a buyer for my house. There are a few areas of concern found during house inspection......trying to get them resolved asap. So stressful & possibly expensive. Found a perfect place to move, I hope this is where the Universe has been leading me to during the past few unsettled years.

    May abundance flow easily into our lives now!!!


  • Hey Deepak Chopra is giving a free 21 day Abuandance meditation I started yesterday, today is day 2, gonna post a link. I was going through that with the bills up to the eyeballs, used to be so easy to manifest cash, not so much anymore, the rules or something changed.

    try this or goggle it.>;

    Try to focus on ONLY WHAT YOU WANT! ME TOO!

  • Poetic- Thanks for sharing....I just started the Abundance meditation. I needed to relax & abundance is always welcome!!


  • Poetic,

    I'm glad you posted that link. I did the first meditation and really enjoyed it.

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