• I really need your help! I sent some mean textmessages to an old love flame. I am so angry at him for never replying to me. In the beginning I did not understand why he did not reply, but I get it know. I think he is affraid of losing me so he doesn't say anything at all. I feel that something between the two of us was a match made in heaven. When I first made contact with him the emotion was overwhelming. I could feel his enerrgy and he could feel mine. It was like we had sex without being in the same room. He was in a different country and so was I, but I feelt his penis penetrating me. It was like he planted his seed in me. I felt something growing inside of me. I know me and him are connected on a deeper level. I have a feeling that he is my twinflame because only twinflames can feel eachothers energy and have sex without being in the same room or in the same country.

    What do you think?

    Also, lately I've been having dreams about my teacher. They are very intimate and I don't know why I've been having dreams about him. Can you tell me something about it?

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