Help me astrologically!

  • Hey Captain..I'm back..I this time like a guy who is a Tauras..He is born on 8th May,1987 and I'm born on 27th July,!992..I just wanted to know,are we compatible astrologically atleast??

    Please reply Soon..Is there ANY future??

  • This combination is most compatible for friendship. It has to start there, though a love affair or even a marriage can grow out of friendship. There will be inevitable conflicts and arguments over knowledge and information, and over who is right in this relationship, who was right the last time, and who will be right in the future. Unless you can both agree to disagree - and not do it in public since other people won't like watching you two fight - or if you cannot give up know-it-all attitudes, your relationship will not survive. The I-told-you-so attitude will also not help your matchup be beneficial. Challenging each other will be a constant here and it is up to you both whether it is an adventure or a disaster.

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