• Some years ago, I was sent dreams about a man who was 16 years younger than me. There were very romantic moments in those dreams, and it was like I was having a relationship with this faceless person in the ethers. I woke up crying after one of them, because it was so powerful.

    In 2009, the dreams came again, but this time with a face on them, and I knew who the man was. I was still married at the time, and ignored the first couple as simply being dreams. But they kept coming, until I was up the wall and not knowing what I was meant to do about them, if anything. I was friends with this man, but that was all.

    Eventually, it got too much for me, and I left what was an unhappy marriage. Due to some circumstances that went on prior to my leaving, there was no contact from this "dream" man, and to date, all there has been is where I run into him now and then, or have had the odd phone chat here and there about other things.

    Whereby my last partner was plagued by the ghost of his passed fiancee, I have recently been plagued with seeing this man's name time and again, and running into him more often than I used to.

    So I wonder ... was my ex-partner the only one plagued by a "ghost"? I don't understand what those dreams really meant, but they did get me to leave my marriage, which is what I was meant to do I feel. Those and other dreams I'd had which told me I'd be okay without my ex husband.

    I was devastated that the friendship between me and this dream guy had been ended, due to those circumstances I couldn't avoid, and had accepted that the dreams were simply that: dreams.

    Yet, here I am seeing his name, seeing HIM and a part of me wonders ... why?

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  • Your story is interesting too dmick! And I know there are many successful relationships where this is an age gap, so that part doesn't worry me too much.

    When I think about it, I've really been heartbroken for three years, instead of a week. How he felt to me in those dreams? Like I'd found the one; I remember saying to myself "I've found him" while being all too aware I was still married. I carried those feelings with me, and they got me through the transitional period when my marriage finally broke down for good and I left. However, my husband found a letter I'd written to him as a vent (how he did I don't know) and he made me call this guy and ask him if there was anything between us; was he having the same dreams? Of cours, the answer was "not now" and "no" not having the dreams. I won't go into the rest of it but suffice to say I left a broken and very confused girl. I wrote him another letter about two months after I left trying to explain my side of the situation, and apologising for putting him in such a position, etc. I never heard from him.

    But lately, I've constantly been hearing his name and seeing him more than I used to (said that above) and it's been bugging me because as far as I know, he's with someone anyway. So that's why I'm not sure what his purpose in my life is. My last partner reckoned he came into his work sometimes and looked at him weirdly, so ... dunno 🙂

    Now, from someone else who took the time to look into my life, there is a chance that my last partner has taken up with someone else and that's why he left me.

    One part of me wants to say F*CKIN MEN while the other says he's not far away (the one I'm meant to be with).

    Ah sheeeeit, I don't know why I bother sometimes! But this "thing" with my dream-guy obviously isn't quite done because in truth, I've thought about him every single day since I left my marriage, and even when I was with my last partner. Although I took that to be the Cancerian way of hanging on to stuff until it's totally wrung dry 🙂 Still, I feel there's unfinished business and that it's to do with this dream fellow, although in what capacity, I'm not to know just yet.

    And I feel that I'm meant to ask for something, but not sure what it is ... so you could say I'm heartbroken and very, very confused!

    Thanks so much!



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  • Hello Moon,

    I'm not psychic, but what you have written sounds almost magical!

    I think when there is a "calling" like this it is so because the energies are driving us to do something about it. You dreaming about him, seeing him, I think it's something that you really have to explore.

    If this is so, maybe you carry a message for him, or he has a message for you. Even if you talk to him, it's not like you're going to snatch him from his mate, right? You need answers, so go to the source!

    With all my love,


  • EltheMoth,

    That could be, but to dream of this person for 8 years seems a bit weird if all they have is a "message", or I for them.

    If I went near him with any intention of that nature now, I'd probably bungle it anyway, so I'll leave that one 🙂 If I'm meant to pass on or receive a message, I'm sure the opportunity will come.

    I just don't need anymore confusion at the moment; it seems too much for me. I haven't asked to "reconnect" with this guy; at least not consciously, so ... at times I get a little annoyed with the Higher Ups when this happens! Ah well ... it's probably nothing but my over-active imagination.

    Thanks for that though! You never know what these things mean; and maybe a person isn't mean to. I'll just go with it I think 🙂



  • dmick,

    can't really help with that enquiry at the moment, sorry! Have had a very emotional day and can't focus on anything apart from simply reading stuff and answering without having to focus.

    Some other time, or later tonight, when my head is clearer, maybe. But possibly post an enquiry up for anyone to "read"? I am not emotionally travelling too well today ...

    Again, apologies 🙂



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  • dmick,

    I appreciate your kindness. I'm still having trouble getting what Charlie is to you. Initial response is "friend", but I feel there's more to it than that. It's unclear and not coming. A partnership of some sort? Not getting anything romantic, but it could be that old saying comes into play here: from little acorns, big oak trees grow 🙂 Don't know if that helps at all!!

    I had wondered if this man was not my twin soul really, although readings way back then on this were mixed, like, "not quite" or he was a "stepping stone" or some other thing. But I was having conversations with him in the dream realm, and one where he asked me if I was happy with my ex husband.

    Strange too, that we had similar birth experiences. I was born with the cord around my neck and had to have blood transfusions. He was born with the cord around his neck, but lost oxygen and hence suffers a mild palsy condition, where his legs have never straightened up. We could be brother and sister too, if appearance counts for anything! Fair-ish haired, blue eyed, etc. I remember liking him straight away when I met him and feeling very drawn to him then. There's a lot more to the story than that, but I'll leave it there in order to prevent boredom! So really, so far, no real answers and it's one thing I wish I could get out of my system or get some validation/clarification. Still, the Higher Ups will tease until they think you're ready to "hear" what they have to say.

    Only time will tell. Time and intention.



  • PS: You were not insensitive! It's hard sometimes. We all want an answer to our burning questions, me included. I find it very hard to go with the flow quite often, and keep probing and keep asking (even to myself or Spirit) until I'm so bloody tired from the whole thing, I simply throw my hands up and give up!! So no, you weren't insensitive; just curious, like the rest of us 🙂

  • PPS: I consulted my angel cards, and asked them twice, what Charlie's purpose in your life is, and both times the cards presented with "soulmate". So ... that should make your day!

    However, remember that often soulmate pairings can take a while to become more than friends. There is usually a feeling of being very drawn to each other for reasons neither can fathom. It is a case of going with it, and not forcing anything.

    Good luck!

  • Dear Moon50,

    Hi, I am not stalking you on here, but keep being "drawn" to your posts...I feel the need to wrap you in a blanket and give you a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (little tiny ones)...I think I am feeling a bit protective or motherly towards you...I want you to feel loved and secure as I would my children. 🙂 I want you to find peace and love, I see a very comfortable chair and warm blanket with the cup of chocolate and a good movie. 🙂

    Big hugs and a warm, loving, motherly hand on your left shoulder. 🙂

    Hahaha...o.k. funny, things just keep popping in my head... 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Laci 🙂

  • aww hobbles, that makes me feel so loved and appreciated! I miss him terribly, but am trying to get on with things. One of my workmates, God love her, left me a gorgeous card and a really cute book on the passenger seat of my car today. In the card she wrote: "you are not yourself and it worries me. If you want him shot, I can arrange it". I laughed so hard, and after a couple of long days at work, it was just what I needed. I'm very lucky to have the support of my workmates and other friends, including you, and I know I'll get through this. I decided to reach out this time, because I didn't want to do this alone; I wanted to admit, for once, that I was hurting and suffering and I'm glad I did. I feel no loss of pride for doing this. But there's a big part of me that, as angry as I am at him for the lack of contact, wants to know if HE's okay; if he's getting through his grief; all that stuff. I care very much for him, and he gave me the best relationship I've had in all my life really. We gave that to each other ... well I hope it wasn't one sided!

    So I'll graciously accept your hugs, your motherly hand, the blanket and a cocoa - or here in Australia it's more like Milo - and enjoy every bit of all of that and thank you from the bottom of my aching heart.

    I need to find self-love; to appreciate myself. I haven't really done that until now. Not properly anyway. I think that's the thing I might be mourning here; the loss of me during my marriage and now I'm faced with finding who that girl is. She's peeping at me around the corner and I've hugged her myself and forgiven her for everything she's done that she feels bad about. Maybe that's where it starts ... I need to give those motherly hugs to myself. That could be why you've sent them 🙂

    You're getting VERY good at this! Keep at it; it's a gift that, used properly, will really bring some peace and love to a lot of hurting and angry people.

    Hugs to you and blessings and loads of cocoa's and blankets if you're ever hurting! Or just because ...




  • 🙂 Glad to hear you have found some comfort this week. 🙂 I think that is what the blanket, cocoa, etc. was about. Best wishes. And thanks to you too!

    Heal well! 🙂


  • Today after too many wines last night, I feel that healing is a long way off 🙂 My relationship is definitely over after I rang HIM and asked him. He'd been "too busy" to bother calling me or anything, so I don't need someone who can shut themselves off to me like that. What a pity though; we got on so well ...

  • I am still wondering what the dreams of this other man meant though, ie, the subject of this thread, not my last partner.

    I guess the answer will come when the time's right, but I felt such unconditional love for and from him in these dreams, and this is largely why I left my marriage because the love I had in it, was often on condition, like, I'll do this for you, but you owe me. A bit like growing up in my family truth be told!

    I don't know if I'm actually meant to do anything about this other guy who appeared in the dreams, or leave it.

    As I said, time will tell. Time and intention.

  • Hi Moon50,

    This is just a random thought, but is there any chance that this "other man" is a friend or someone from a past life that could just represent the confidence you feel in yourself compared to who you were in your marriage?? Maybe this is what you wanted to be while you were married, a confident person, who loves themself? And the dreams of him remind you of that person being within you...you are maybe fighting for yourself?? To have that love of yourself back? O.k. Maybe that sounds a little confusing, but just a thought that came to me...

    Laci 🙂

  • Laci, sorry I haven't acknowledged this last post of yours until now.

    I do strongly feel that what I am going through now, and have been for so many years, is a spiritual bid for me to recognise who I am and grow to love that person. I lost myself in my marriage; put myself behind my husband, had done the same with my parents and sister for years as well, and now I refuse to be second in anyone's life again.

    I told my last partner that I couldn't keep putting myself second in another person's life. For my kids, that isn't an issue, because you're always way down the list in their lives!! But not for that significant other. I was so tired of battling for a place with the ghost of Rodney's fiancee. I was happy to share, but not take second place, and that's where it was going and where it is now.

    This other dream man, I think, also battles with issues of self love too. He's been royally screwed over by women in the past, but as far as I know, the one he's with now doesn't treat him that way. I can only presume, because he's not talked about much by people. I can also only HOPE that he's in a situation that is treating him well.

    I am fighting for myself. I feel that. However, I can't face the thought of being without someone in my life for the rest of it. While on the other hand, I don't want to be with someone who puts me down the bottom of their list of priorities, unless of course, they have dependent children.

    Dunno, I can only say that I'm so exhausted by my life being a constant battle. I do sorely wish I could down tools, lay down the guns, and not have to fight anymore. I can't do it for much longer.

    I wish I could figure out why people like me are the ones left to battle on alone. I long for laughter in my house. For all those things others take for granted. But it doesn't seem to happen.

    Oh dear; looks like today is another pity party day, and I only had one two days ago!

    Today will be forgotten by tomorrow I hope. Because if things keep going the way they are, I will lose hope and give up. Something I have not done before. What other choice do I have? All choices have been taken out of my hands.

    Cheers and thanks,

    Moon50 aka

    The Hanged Man 🙂

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