• Hi all

    I have another whinge today, and that is, that I was passed over for a permanent job where I currently work (I work in the NSW Health industry). I have worked there for three years, and now will lose my contract and go back to casual. I have no financial support other than myself and am very worried about how I will manage.

    Can anyone see what will come for me? How do I deal with this, particularly because I have to work with the successful applicant all weekend and she's the sort who loves to brag and is a loudmouth.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!



  • Have you ever thought of using all that land of yours - I get a vision of you standing in a field of flowers and veg, selling produce as if it were a market garden.

  • Or at least supplement your income by growing your own vegs.

  • Well, that could work, but I have to get it in place first. My worry is that I go back to having no paid sick or holiday leave, and no guaranteed hours. There isn't a lot of work here either; most jobs are casual and not as well paid as the one I'm in.

    I'm also trying not to get angrier about my living situation too ... like, great, he leaves, my job goes to sh*t and I'm going to be battling all over again ...

  • You may be eligible to receive Centrelink payments even if you work casual, depending on how much you make. But I think you are going to find another way to make money. You may be so successful that you give your current job away.

    You just need to put all the emotional stuff you are dealing with aside so that you can think objectively. That's easier said than done, I know, but you have a good head on your shoulders and you will see your way clear once the fog of emotions fades.

  • Thanks Captain. I am feeling that I can make money another way, and that if I'd got the full time job, it might've taken me away from doing that.

    I have texted the successful applicant and congratulated her, as she could end up being in a much more insecure position than I am in now, considering her husband is 40+ years older than her and could pass on sooner rather than later. I'm happy she has that security behind her now.

    I need to find my own security. And I will.

    Bless you; you have always been there when I've needed you lately.




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