Sagittarius - having a bad year?

  • I don't know if it is my life cycle or the Sags in general but, I am having one of the worst years ever - health, financial and spiritual issues. It is a 7 year for me and I really am having a hard time with the introspective and learning what I am suppose to be learning. Any other Sag having the same problem?

  • Hi there fellow Sag...(my moon is Sag too). I too am in the middle of a major transitional year. I turned 40, got a divorce, left a 17yr career, and had to move out of my home. I often tell my friends that I am scraping the surface now, with nowhere to go but up. It has been very hard emotionally, but I can say honestly that it also has been the most freeing experience of my life....I can now go in any direction I choose. One thing I did was get certified as an astrologer...fulfilling a dream I've had for 10yrs! I know it's hard, but maybe you can try and look at this year as an offering to let go of some things (whether they are material, mental, or spiritual) to make room for all the positive changes that are sure to come. If challenges are really opportunities...well, maybe we both are in store for a big, bright light at the end of our tunnels. I wish you the best:)

  • Sag sun here.

    It has been a rather emotion roller coaster type year for me,but I've had worse.

    It seems like this is a year for inner reflection, spirituality, and cleansing/clearing.

    Basically cleaning out our physical, emotional, mental baggage.

    Sometimes you have to look at it as things that you may need to go thru and experience to progress and learn whatever lessons you need to learn. The key thing is to learn the lessons so you won't have to repeat them 🙂

    Sending you both lots of positive energy and thoughts to help you thru this rough (temporary) period.

  • I am kind of new at this, but I am having one of the worst years of my life as well. Losing my job, betrayal by what I thought were friends, not getting unemployment because of my so called friends...they are telling me it was all just a misunderstanding and it was not their intent...but I have been out of work since the first of February. Got a temp to hire job and then let go after 5 weeks.....amazing. I worked for 30+ years with one company, then took retirement. Went to work with my "friends" for about 7 years..5 weeks with my temp to hire.....I am really tired and emotionally spent. So, any hope for the NEAR future?

  • Hi,

    thanks for the insightful comments. I guess I am just impatient. Is that a Sagittarian trait? ha ha.

    Tuffin, I hope things do get better..

  • Hello my fellow sags..

    sun sag here and OH YEAH not a good year. Im in the middle of my saturn cycle as well, and it actually has been a rough few years. I do believe i found this year to be weeding out things that has no use to me. i have seen a lot of people's true blue.... time of clarity.. its sad but its happening whether i like it or not. i also feel it is a year of inner reflection.. where am i in the scheme of things??? and oh yeah, lets not forget the patience factor.. Im finding out that that could be one of my life lessons! I am starting to learn on how to get some..

    For me to get along in this time of funkiness, i just go with the flow, dont get aggravated as much, and let things go. you cant change things but you can have a change of attitude about things. There are reasons for everything. Things have to get better. We are too good in the zodiac to not be happy go lucky. .

    Hang in there all......


  • Sorry but this is long....just wanted to elaborate..

    Well, it's been really good at the very first(til january) then everything spiraled downhill from there..u can say exactly when february began, usually I never ever ;liked that month in my life, always had bad things going on in it(the year before it grandpa passed away etc..and most of my break-ups, deaths of relatives and so on) that's why I haaate the valentine's day too lol and astrologically it was written so too esp. this year.

    u can say that until it began to gradually change when march started, or basically when spring has come..

    then down again, I lived one biiiig rollercoaster for the first time in my life got physically affected by my emotional breakdowns, fell sooo hard in love knowing I shouldn't and that I must be a bit cooler, and lied to myself, put my head in the sand and lived in my own fantasy, wishy washy world..overly optimistic sagittarian going thru hard times..mmm...u can imagine what it would be like!!

    even then, during that bad feb. time, not only love was downhill but also my job(even with jupitarian luck in this area and for myself loving and working in that place for over 4 years)

    1st day of the month I had a severe pain in my jaw and couldn't sleep all night so I excused myself in the morning said I was very ill(got dizzy from pain and sleepless night) those days and the days before the exec. secretary who is supposedly a good friend as well, was suddenly not talking to me like she did and doesn't even say hi..

    so apparently when I sent her she did not tell the supervisors or the boss abouit why I am absent or maybe said something against me who knows...I was not in the mood already!!

    I remember crying and having a long argument with the financial manager with whom I never had any conflict since I ever worked there, and who is known to be a very calm and collected, diplomatic and helpful person who's beenin the company for 25 years(a pisces) and same her colleague who was always very kind to me and was nice and kind of naive(leo w. moon and mercury in sag., yes I studied them lol) was acting kind of awkward..

    so basically, NOONE was ok, even the ppl on the street and in the shops were harsh and rude and my mother and I ran after her car before it got cuffed down we had to pay a big amount of money to let it go and drive it! alll of this, besides the drama and the tears I went thru bcz of some cancer guy who was moody, changeable and weird..

    his phone wud ring no answer and strange things happening, then heard he had a fling with the girl who supposedly "fixed" us together and who was also supposedly a "friend" of mine I hung out with all the tired and got already kind of depressed remembering these horrid times..sorry again for the long post but I just needed to vent

  • Absolutley, Im having the worst time this year. Can we fast forward so I can have a new year fresh start. My love life got flushed in the toilet, my finances are putting me further in the hole. It seems like I started out good... 2 steps forward and fell 5 leaps behind.

  • Oh I am so glad I am not alone. I have spoken to a few advisors and they keep telling me, this is my year. Maybe its the old addage that which does not break us, makes us stronger. I am ready for something to give. If this is a good year for me, I would hate to see a bad year. My husband left for another woman. My daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. And our business is on the verge of bankruptcy. Trying to sell my home in this market. Trying to go back to school. I know, I know, out of the ashes. But come on already, I am exhausted. It also seems to me that any year ending with a 9 has been horrible for me. Starting with 1979. What kinda of cycle is that. Someone told me once that Sag's hit their prime in their 50's, well if this is prime, I'm outta here. I've got picses in my moon and rising, maybe I can blame it on that. LOL.

  • Hi,

    I am a pisces; my tag might give it away. However my fiancee is a sag and, starting from September last year she has had the worst time, her relationship with another sag broke up, her father died 10 days later and she has also been made redundant from her job.

    However she is now the happiest she has ever been, 2009, according to the Chinese Horoscope is a year of change, I also have been through drastic changes in my life and there have been moments of despair but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and my Sag and I are now looking forward to a uncertain but potentially the best year of both our lives - I wish all of you going through the clouds of doubt health and happiness. 2009 has turned out to be the start of an unimaginably beutiful life, but it was a pain to get through but well worth the agony.

    Love to you all


  • Wow. Maybe only the people who are having bad years are responding, thus everyone looks like it's a bad year. Mine has been the worst and best. As PiscesPiggy says, it's a year of change. I've never known such highs and lows to exist within the same timeframe. I hope it's not for much longer. My Sagittarius optimism has taken a beating and has gone into hiding (it's still there, just doesn't want to come out). Not glad I'm not the only one, because it's never nice to see others suffer, and I take no joy in it, but I am glad I'm not alone all the same (does that make sense?).

  • Dear Sags! Your fellow Sag speaking:-) A last few years haven't been easy emotionally but this year has been the worst of all. In February I thought I fell out of love with the guy I had been in love with for three years but when I least expected, it started all over again...This time it was all his fault. He has been my dear friend and colleague for years and he was aware of my feelings. He said he had feelings for me (we talked about it three years ago) but that they weren't as strong as mine.

    Nevertheless, he kept acting totally different from what he had said...It started all over again this February, continued through March, brought me a lot of hope and sleepless nights. We talked again in April (I initiated the conversation since I couldn't pretend nothing was happening and wanted to avoid losing my head again). He admitted he had feelings for me but that didn't stand in the way of his marrying his girlfriend (who I listened about all these years during their break-up phases during which he didn't know if he loved her at all).

    He got married yesterday and everything is over now. I do understand I should get on with my life because I'm a sensible person but my heart is bleeding. I know, I know, you'll say he is not a good person (he has flaws but many virtues, as well, which aren't mentioned here) and that I'll get over him and I know it's all true but I hate this year. It brought me so much disappointment. I'm writing this so that you would know that you aren't alone. Take care, cheer up, be strong...

  • I just wanna know what is it with february and sags!

  • I think FEB seems to be a time of endings and beginnings for me. But hey, I too can relate to this topsy turvy year... had an interview today after coming back to the city (sydney) looking for work in Nov last year and STILL haven't found full time employment. I'm juggling all kinds of entrepreneurial stuff to make ends meet - and fell for a younger (by 13 years) cancerian in the meantime who isn't quite in my life as yet (so im dealing with emotional roller coaster too!)

    Although it's one of my biggest and toughest years (im 44), it's not my worst! I LOVE the way im feeling about this man, I LOVE that I'm so resilient and i am so grateful for my friends who have rallied around when I have a tough week, and it's karmic that they buy the champers and give the hugs! (I've been there so often for them.... with no expectations ever)

    From all accounts, we are going through an all important Jupiter/Neptune/Venus + Chiron (planet of healing) encounter right now - and apparently this is the end of all our learning and healing in readiness for the next great path to unfold. And as far as im concerned; this sounds good to me! I've worked too hard and loved too often to give up now. I send you all blessings and support in what seems to be a Saggi's lot to suffer ongoing lessons - but oh what fun! NOT!...I do hope everyone else is staying positive and healthy? Here's to a rest soon... I'm also exhausted 🙂

  • Hello Dear Sags. I'm a Scorpio, but I know what you are going through. My son, who is a Sag, has had the worst year of his life and it's been very hard to keep his spirits up. My beautiful boy has had a very hard life and he keeps fighting. He'll be 21 this year and is attending College this semester. I am very proud of all his efforts to straighten his life out. Optmisium is the best medicine.Don't let life get you so down that you don't have the energy to pull yourself up. surround yourself with those who love and support you and if you don't have anyone like that in your life, Love yourself that much and others will draw closer to you. Happenstance, Cheer up and let go of this man. He is holding you back from finding that one TRUE love in your life. He is holding on because he is unsure about his own life and if this thing doesn't work out with his new wife he's using you as a back up. DON'T EVER let anyone treat you that way. You deserve to be #1 in someones life, and he will always put you last. Your year will start over soon but keep in mind that with all people in this world there are ups and downs. Enjoy every up to it's fullest and learn the important lessons from the downs. Good luck and Love well

  • this "bad" year started for me in december of last year.. but my year finally got better at the end of july and things seem to finally be falling into place.. i felt lost before, i was unhappy with the job the friends and living situation i was unhappy any where i went and i went threw a weeding out process where i lost alot of "friends" but my life is working it self out i have three jobs currently and a brand new place to live and i relize that the friends i have always loved and needed are still by my side!!! i feel better about myself because i kept pushing and didnt give up when i got really down and things got hard. i knew when things were rough tht i just needed to keep working and keep trying and what i deserved and needed and wanted would fall into place and sure enough it has. keep it up SAGITTARIANS!

  • Hi all

    I found this yearly horoscope for Sag on it looked like what we are experiencing so I copied it and here it is:

    Sagittarius Year Ahead 2009

    Read the latest update

    We are entering a phase of global history where, according to many so-called experts, there are a great bunch of options that won't be available to us. The world is supposedly taking a break from prosperity. Hard times are around every corner and they may well get a lot worse for a lot longer before they get better. Of course, they don't know this because the future is not yet written. But if they could only convince enough people that things are bad, we'll all go ahead and make them bad by imposing a set of negative expectations over all we see and do. You, though, are now being blessed with tremendous power and strength. Your inner resources are impressive and enviable. Somehow, this year, you are going find the ability to achieve whatever it is that you most need and support whatever cause you give most of your heart and soul to.

    All year long, every time you find yourself getting caught up in the day-to-day grind, you can refuse to feel frustrated or descend to the petty level that some people seem to dwell at. You find your sense of hope and inspiration and ask, 'Yes, but what really matters?' 'What was I born to do?' 'What is beautiful about life?'

    Too airy-fairy? Too head in the clouds? Not realistic enough for a year during which the world is getting ready for all kinds of recession-related problems? Well, you know what? If you want to participate in the doom and the gloom which is prevalent at the moment, nobody will stop you. But for you as a Sagittarian this year, it doesn't matter what's going on or who believes what. Just as long as you believe that what you are doing is important enough and you keep on giving your passionate commitment to what matters, all the needs which have to be met will be met, regardless of how unlikely that appears to be. During this exceptional year Jupiter passes through the part of your chart that governs wit, intelligence, application, invention and innovation. All you have to remember is that existence is against all odds. Happiness, it often seems, is against all odds too. You have got everything, against as many odds as you care to count, to make sure that this year, miracles happen. To make them happen, just stop counting odds and start counting your blessings!

    Latest update:

    You were not born to push pens or count beads. You did not come here to fill forms or pay bills. When the Great Creator bestowed on you the precious gift of life, it was not so that you could spend your time in Tesco.

    The mountains, the meadows, the hills and the fields? They are really not just waiting to be covered in concrete and mortgaged to the banks. So what is it really all here for?

    A 15th century poet from India reckoned he knew. He wrote, 'If I could change the seas into ink and make all the trees into pens and use the whole earth as paper, I still could not say enough about the magic of the divine.' Kabir was quite a character. He wasn't religious but he somehow had a special relationship with the Creator. Remind you of anyone? The force that put you in this world and keeps you in it with your every breath wants nothing but joy for your heart. It is working hard on your behalf this year. Saturn and Uranus, as they form their historic opposition, stir up tension and change on the home and family front - and cause you to think hard about your 'status'. Something in your life is only as it is because everyone feels it 'ought to be' that way. Find the courage to change it and you'll need an ocean of ink to express how much happier you are starting to feel about life.

    I thought it was pretty profound...and I wish you all hope and optimism in this rough and trying period of our lives.

  • Lisaisbabygirl0, thank you for your support! I agree with everything you have said.

    I have never settled for being anything less that number one in the life of men I loved. The thing is that I'm not a gullible person and I can't forgive myself for being stupid again. It's not the first time that my love is unrequited but I have never suffered this much. If he hadn't made me (and all other people who know us) believe he was madly in love with me this spring, I wouldn't be feeling angry, disappointed and sad now. I thought I had finally learned something about love (I'm 33 now) because I learn my lessons and analyze my mistakes and illusions but it turned out I knew nothing.

    I lost my faith in my sense of judgment, my intuition and value system. He took advantage of my feelings and the fact that we were close friends (I could rely on him in all possible situations).

    He almost ruined my life, went on, got married as if nothing had happened. I'm confused and angry. I tried so hard not to love him and be fooled but I had never been sure about someone's affections as I was about his. All I've learned is that I haven't learned anything about love in my life. I'm sorry for being such a drag but the last few days have been an emotional nightmare for me. Nobody has ever hurt me this much and I can't forgive myself for letting it happen.

    I wish all the best to you and your son and thank you for being supportive!

  • o is this is the worst year of my life, divorced after 28 years, business is falling apart. i dont even know how to support myself. i feel i have to go though this, before i have to go where i need go. i just pray that i will make it to that point first.

    it feels like a cleaning....i am loosing everything. i have to shed off everything i know to move forward.

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