Tarot-Nick What Is Going On?

  • Hey you have done a pretty impressive reading on me before and I was wondering if you could help me out with what is going on in this phase on my life. I have my emotional ups and downs and somedays I feel I could attain my goals but I have so much of a burden on me that I feel its hard to get out of.

    I really want to be a a famous and respected filmmaker/screenwriter and I have tried shooting and editing my own work with no luck because I never have enough money for good equipment or time to really pour my heart into my project-its makes me extremely depressed because it is the one thing I love. I have to stay at home and watch my little brother and go to school. I never have anyone to talk to -Ive only been in Texas two years and still don't really have any one I feel too close to. I don't have any guys that I like, like me at all. I feel so unattractive and trying to adjust to being alone forever so I can just be happy about my career when I have nothing else going on. I love my family but their needs and wants are stressing me out. I live with them but have no room of my own or car so it can get very stressful and when I never have any money it seems as if they are upset and question. I dont feel respected or appreciated at times. And the emotional support I crave is sometimes absent.

    What I really want to do is just use all of my money on equipment and savings whenever I get paid even though that is hard when it comes to living with my family. I love them so much but I feel I will never be successful.

    I want my own space (apartment) and car so I can clear my head and broaden my horizons with my film career with the freedom I have. What do you pick up on this situation Nick? Do you see be being successful in my film and love endeavors?

  • Asia118X

    Here is your reading... as you know I'll pick up on what you are feeling and hopefully it will give you a different perspective to make good decisions.

    There is a strong want for things of money

    backed up by dissatisfaction of not having it

    and a feeling of dependance on others

    and your question is on your skill, which I do get a nice feeling on, it feels positive

    Recently you felt threaten?...which made you not be able to make a decision

    seems like your running into an older guy who is strict... has to be his way or no way...

    I don't think you are going to be lonely... i see a young man...seems nice... like a friend

    you worry about not being creative

    I think your trying to start a project with a friend... its not going smoothly... keep working hard at it, the more you put into it the more you get out.

    you need to breath... don't let the anxiety build up

    Things are not moving like what you want them too.

    My input to this is don't want things so bad, they will come... the steps on the journey turn out to be the important steps, not the destination. If you want something so bad sometime you lose whats around you. Don't doubt, make a plan. Plan the steps to get there...enjoy each step you take and grow from each one. Work hard in everything you do and you will learn lessons that help you grow. So if you want to get into the film business what do you need to do; that's the first step. If it's writing then submit things even if they get tossed, its a step toward the goal. You will grow, if its editing or making video... you tube can be an outlet, be creative someone may see, but every time you do... you grow.

  • Thanks TarotNIck for all of your help and advice 🙂

    This reading describes my situation very well 🙂 I feel I am just not the most optimistic person as I want to be due to disappointment and several bad experiences. I do have some kind of optimism but its a work in progress. I just really want to be happy and one way to my happiness is completely doing what I love without any restrictions but whatever I will just try to make the best out of everything.

    Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciated it.

  • Hey Tarot Nick-there is this guy Ive been having a crush on since he first worked with me a month ago. He asked me to go out with him over his family's house and hangout but I ended up having to decline but suggested we can go elsewhere and take it slow-he gave me his number but I lost it. I had a hard time talking to him afterwards because he seemed like he didnt want to talk to me-I took it a little personally. Then a week or two later he said he was a little hurt because I didnt call him. I decided to hangout with him and go out to eat on Sunday. We ate at Ihop and hung out over his house and house til 7:30 in the morning (when he had to go to work at 8:30 am) watching movies, kissing, cuddling and talking. He took me home and asked if I would call him, we've been texting ever since but he still acts a little strange around me-He talks, laughs and is outgoing with everyone else but seems to be more shy and withdrawn or reserved around me. We had our laughs together but he acted like this before he asked me out. I know I can be impatient so I haven't really tried to be a jerk about it. He seems that he likes me but I don't know why he seems so reserved-some say he tries to figure me out. Im not sure what it is. We have deep conversations about life our goals and things. I asked him about his behavior one time but he told me its because with me he has conversations and with everyone else he talks because its something to do.

    I really do like him though. I would like to know if he likes me like I like him and why he seems so reserved when he talks to me?

  • Hi Asia118X,

    I'm glad your not lonely anymore, and I see in some of your threads your taking a breath... remember to breath (patience). It's been about a month so I see whats going on, as you know I'll pick up on your emotions... not his. As always you control you and the decisions you make.

    Ok here you go,

    Your having conflicting emotions... they go against each other, so the end up fighting each other

    Your ready for some thing new... new ideas

    you have hope and are ready to put your strength into it

    New beginnings are possible

    after some struggles you did breath... had some peace...

    Again...something new is coming

    be prepared for a separation or loss...

    Deep down you know you will succeed...that's all the hope from above coming thru again

    I get a sad feeling with a friend

    Someone gives you good council, keep an open mind.

    Last card comes out as you will be ok but you have to take some bumps and bruises as you go thru

    Well loud and strong your going to start something and it feels good. I'm glad your learning to breath... it's important when you hit the bumps in the road. Be tough and trust yourself and follow your heart.

    Hope I helped,


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