Experimental Pet readings

  • I'll do 5 readings for pets, 1st come 1st serve. Only 5 please. This is the first time I have done this, I am finding my intuitive self more and more.

  • Hi BurningDream

    Our dog Rocky born Aug 29, 2000 in San Diego, Calif.

    1. Why does he whine every morning. He didnt do this before.

    2. Why is he having accidents at night only since he is house broken. He didnt do this before?

    3. Why is he barking more?

    4. Is he going to have problem with his urinating again? He had surgery before to remove

    the stone and once in a great while he will have urinating problem but then it will be normal again.

    Thanks and many blessings

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Magickal...this is what I got....there is some discomfort in his bladder and at night he cannot go the entire time, it bothers him too much he can't sleep. I also got that he is frustrated and wanting something he used to have...I get him putting his chin near or on somebody's knee and a feeling of longing. Its something to do with missing something with somebody he loves. The barking feels like frustration. I get an image of him looking out a door or window onto a deck or patio...I'm not sure where this is.

    If in fact he needs any medical treatment for any stones....be sure to change his diet to one that is a high bioavailability and appropriate for his metabolic type which thrives on a natural meat based diet not a dry grain based diet that's fortified. This will prevent future episode and his body and coat will look even better and he will thrive as he ages.

  • dmick59

    --Hi BurningDream ~ I have two cats Muriegh is the mom she's 15 & Belle is her daughter about 13. Muriegh is very social Belle is shy & she sleeps with me every night--

    Belle in her mind is still a little kitten she likes to stay close to mom or gramma. She really doesn't plan on ever growing up but would like to expand her comfort zone. Is there a place with water that worries or intrigues her? I'm not sure if its water or just something reflective.

    --I would Love a situation where I have a horse. Do you see a horse coming to me?--

    You will have this horse if the love you feel for the situation is not contradicted by any other thoughts. What I mean is, love it now and do not worry about the details and you will have this horse in some way or another unexpected. Just keep only the love alive in your heart and mind.

  • OK 3 more left.

  • Hi BurningDream

    Thanks a lot for my dogs reading.

    Many blessings

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  • Hi there Burning,

    I have a question about a dog that we had for about a year. He was a mix of breeds: cattle dog, kelpie and border collie. I live on a farm and my owners run sheep and cattle here. The rule between myself and my owners was if a dog of mine was found harrassing the sheep, it'd be shot without question.

    We could not lead train this dog, nor get him in the car or ute. He was an absolute nightmare to own, though a part of me was fond of him. I was also aware that in taking this dog on (he would've been put down otherwise) I had ignored the still, small voice that said not to. He was unmanageable for both of us.

    We had to put him down last weekend as he was out harrassing the sheep. That day was also the last day my partner was here. He left and our relationship is over for now or, forever. I have felt a sense of relief, but remorse as well. I visited his grave and asked that he find his happy place, to forgive us for what we had to do, and could he come back as a pet I can look after?

    Was wondering if you are able to pick up anything on this poor critter for me? I am wondering if he is still around and/or keeping my other dog company.

    Thanks so much!



  • That small voice was really just your own fear of failure. (The dog, I'll call him Sully just to have a name). Sully wanted you to see how much joy you could have with him. His spirit and energy were boundless, His intelligence backed by all that speed had no leader but his own heart. He instinctively knew your fear was overwhelming, that's why he took over in that way. He wanted to be challenged every day and its not surprising considering his breeds. Challenging him would be an outlet for your own creativity (EVERYbody is creative, we are creative beings). His life was a lesson...he may choose to come back to you when you both find a happy compromise. He really wants to show you his energy and joy in the spiritual sense. You will know when he comes back.

    I don't feel him sticking around right now too much, but you can call him back he is listening.

  • Wow, this was a surprise! Here and there I'd hear a voice saying he'd be the best dog, but I guess as things between my partner and I were not right, neither of us had the energy to put into him. I feel so bad for being responsible for ending his life; was almost hoping my partner would take him back to his house in town and train him. But it wasn't to be.

    Yet another piece of evidence of how fear can rule. You are right: I was afraid of not being up to the challenge of owning him. But there was that part of me who loved to pat him and he'd stop his wild shenanigans long enough for me to do so.

    Gee, talk about a double wammy. What a weekend ...

    Thanks so much!


  • I have in the last hour or so, cried my heart out at what I had to do with Pippin (that was his name). I have asked that he comes back when he knows I'm ready to look after him properly. It's all I can do for now. Animals deserve better, and I feel I failed him and myself 😞

  • Moon50....crying is a good release...just don't forget its not ever bad to know what not to do because in contrast we know what we do want. Sometimes it isn't clear until our consciousness changes and he still loves you is not judging you at all. There was no failure at all, your consciousness can always change no matter the past. (I'll tell you a dog story in private if you want).

  • Considering there is no pm on here, how best is this achieved?

  • Good question....you have yahoo chat?

  • No, I canned yahoo because my account got hacked. Also don't have a hotmail account for the same reason. I only have my main Outlook address, so I'll take a risk and post it: greendayoasisatbigponddotcom.

    If anyone else sees this address and uses it without my prior okay, they'll be blocked 🙂

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