Help about a job

  • I meet a lady online from a talk show and I she does work

    from home. ANd she said that she wants me to work with

    her I would like to know if this will be a good job for me or

    is she really telling me the truth.


  • I feel it is a genuine offer but that some aspect of it won't suit you at all.

  • Thanks Captain

    You know you are right their is a part that I really don't like but I think

    it is because I really don't know how to do the work. But I am learning

    and then I think I will like it. Ok so she is telling the truth. Thank the lord

    for that. Because this lady is in New York and I was like no lord no more

    people playing games on the internet. I really need something that I can

    do at home with my son. And maybe sometime next year I can work out of

    the home but again Thanks captain


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