SaLuSa: September 14, 2012

  • Andrew: Today SaLuSa covers two main topics, firstly concerning religious beliefs and secondly giving us a “preview” of how our lives will change following Ascension.

    He mentions that those who hold deeply entrenched religious beliefs will be among the last to accept the truth, but that this problem has been foreseen and will be addressed by the return of the teachers on whom their beliefs are based to explain their true messages.

    He explains that our lives will be very different following Ascension. We will meet our guardians and the Angelic Beings who have stood by us through our many lives and we will develop consciousness levels that will define us as Galactic Beings. He enlarges on the advantages of the higher dimensions where there is no aging or illness, nor any daily chores. All our needs will be met and life will be joyful and satisfying in all respects.

    SaLuSa: September 14, 2012

    Channelled by Mike Quinsey

    Those souls who are deeply immersed in their religious beliefs will be amongst the last to accept the truth. That problem has been foreseen, and the respective teachers on whom their beliefs are based will return to explain what their true message was.

    Over time its interpretation has been deliberately changed to place more power and control into the controllers’ hands, so much so that the true meaning has become obscured. Our presence, and your understanding of our service to you, has helped you realise that a point can be reached in your evolution when you can go within to find the truth. It clearly does not mean that you should not converse with others, as it is always useful to consider other points of view.

    We have already set out our beliefs as a creed that we uphold, and which expresses our place of service to others within the Universe. At our level of vibration only the truth can exist, and it is one that you are also moving into very soon.

    So we ask you to be open to new ideas which in general terms are based upon the Oneness of All That Is. The problem you have had is that your civilization has become fragmented and separated into so many schisms you find it difficult to know what to believe. Furthermore, it has brought about so much conflict that you have fought amongst yourselves to prove who is right and who is wrong.

    On Earth tolerance is not found in abundance, and this is caused by those trying to hold onto their power whether that be in religion or politics. We encourage you to accept that other souls will not necessarily be at your stage of understanding, and realize that in time all will evolve at their own pace.

    No one should be persecuted because of their beliefs, but neither should they try to impose them upon others. The period you are going through shows how dependent you all are upon each other, and it sometimes takes adversity to bring you together.

    People are realizing that class distinction based upon wealth and education is keeping the divide in place, and that every person should have equal opportunities. Some come from deprived backgrounds and that is something that will be addressed with the changes. All will be considered as equal as they are in the eyes of God, no matter what karma they are serving out.

    Indeed, in these end times many of you are taking on whatever is needed to clear it. Much of it refers to relationships with each other and some hard lessons are being learnt. Where minor lessons are concerned these can in fact be marked out, when it is apparent that your consciousness levels have been lifted up.

    Once you ascend it will be very different to what you have experienced in your present dimension. The harshness and conflict you normally encounter will no longer come about, as there is total harmony and co-operation as all help each other for the greater good.

    You will meet your guardians and Angelic Beings that have stood by your side through life after life. You will have developed consciousness levels that will give you a greater understanding of all things, and you will truly have become a Galactic Being. Your civilization is already a member of our Federation of Light, and a place awaits all those who wish to join us.

    A fantastic life awaits you that releases you from the darkness that has accompanied you on your journey through your present dimension. You have done your bit and it is time to leave the cycle of rebirth that you have been experiencing.

    In the future you will simply change bodies when you feel it is necessary, as natural decay and death will no longer be part of your experience. As you are no doubt aware, you also live for hundreds of years as you would count it, but with no aging and instead maintain a body in its prime condition. You will have all the time you need to follow your heart’s desire, and unlike on Earth you will not need money to do so as it will not be necessary.

    Much that you view as an essential part of your life now will no longer be required, and as you dispense with material objects so they will be returned to source without any waste. In time you will have your personal craft, but join others for inter-dimensional travel into the depths of space.

    You call these bigger craft Motherships and some are cities in their own rights. You could travel around in one for years at a time, and find all of your needs available at all times. They are totally self-sufficient and take advantage of free energy that is all around them. In those circumstances life is far from dull and always offers a sense of excitement as you travel into the unknown.

    You will have noticed that where we have met your people, they have commented on our apparent skin-tight one-piece outfits. That is because they are thought into being and are literally our second skin and follow every movement of our body.

    Unlike you, when we travel we do not have to take a suitcase full of essential belongings. In that respect our needs are very limited as for example, we do not have daily chores such as shaving or other bodily requirements. You will have quite a lot to learn when you commence your new lives, yet they are nowhere as complicated as life on Earth. Life in the higher dimensions is a joy and so satisfying in all respects.

    When you feel downhearted just remember where your future lies, and the indescribable upliftment that will start a whole new chapter in your evolution. The pain and suffering you have experienced will pass, and such memories will eventually fade into the past to be finally forgotten.

    So keep your sights on what is to come and not what has been, and do not allow negative thoughts to distract you. No matter what fears are raised by the news or speculation about your future, it will all be short lived. Until the dark Ones are removed they will still try to interfere with your progress, believing that somehow they will still succeed. They will learn that they have little power left and cannot return to their previous level of control.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring the best wishes of the Galactic Federation for you, and a successful conclusion to your lives. You have worked hard and long to achieve it, and deserve to experience a most satisfying fulfilment.

    Thank you SaLuSa

    Mike Quinsey

  • "Between September 15th and September 23rd there will be the most critical period as this is the exact time of the second Uranus Pluto square in 2012 and Archons will then try to provoke as much violence and conflict worldwide as possible. This Uranus Pluto square will be even stronger than the one in June because its exact moment will happen just one day after Pluto turning direct:

  • Hello Poetic,

    May I ask something?

    What is the Ascension?

    I've been hearing and thinking about it for a while, but I've no idea what it means.

  • During this time as individuals what may we feel? more fatigue, anxiety or will this be the end of such feelings ?

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  • Accension is the end of duality and the Birth of a New Earth, spritually speaking. Amused everything that needs healing is coming up so hold on, I'm in so much pain right now, I'm close to the edge.

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