For Schaubby - Dog question

  • Hi Schaubby,

    My family recently had to put down our 13 year old miniature schnauzer. He suffered from Diabetes, blindness, deafness, and old age. It was really hard to say goodbye, but we knew it was for the best. I'm just wondering, is his spirit happy now?

    And also, our other dog Ari who is 9 is without his friend now and I want to know if he is ok and if he would like it if we got another dog so he had a new friend to play with?

    Thank you!

  • LAG83

    Sorry for your loss. His spirit is healing from the illness he suffered on this earth plane and I feel that he is with a good spirit doctor that does wonderful healing on the other side. He will chase a red ball is what I see here again over there soon, and he says he licked your hand in affection when with you. He will visit you soon when he feels stronger. You will feel him by your bedside or even on your bed in less than a month. He says thank you and he felt your sorrow at his leaving , but he was ready to go. He knew you were there with him and heard your words of love.

    Ari would like to be the only child now, yes he will grive for his friend but with the extra attention and love he will have now, he will be happy with that, as I feel he gets tried and would not like to have a younger dog around him now.


  • Thank you so much Shaubby!

    I am happy to hear that Blitzen is recieving healing and is not suffering anymore. I do not live at the home where Blitzen lived, as I have my own place..but I'm assuming he can still find me?

    Thanks for letting me know about Ari too. 🙂

  • LAG83

    When in spirit you are free and can go and find anyone or thing that you please.


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