• In my wisdom (ahem) I have amended and created some sayings:

    Life's a b*tch until you become one

    Life's a bowl of cherries until you get chocolates

    Most men are from Uranus; end of story

    Behind every great man is a greater woman

    Before a stupid man is a fine woman he ignores

    Walking away from that stupid man is that fine woman

    Money makes the machine go round, not the world

    Love does not hurt; it's the people in it who do the hurting

    Nice guys don't come last - or first - because too often, they avoid the race

    Once bitten ... watch out

    There's nothing to fear but idiots

    If you fall off the horse, get back on, then flog it

    And one final one I'd like to include which was passed to me from a lovely person on here; it is an old Japanese proverb:

    Fall down seven times, get up eight

    What sayings do you know that you'd like to change slightly?



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  • Well I have one my father told me many years ago.

    Fool me once, shame on you

    Fool me twice , shame on me.

    I know it,s an old one but I have got to admit I was bitten a couple times. I like all of yours they are so true.

  • Glad you liked them! I like your father's one! Very wise words 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Moon! hope your feeling better! hugs!

  • Am getting there, thanks hll. One day I won't miss him and will be able to release him properly; sooner rather than later 🙂

  • And I really love the first one!

  • Or







    I love yours!!

  • Dang! Meant to put "Of" on the same line as Control ...

  • I understand how you feel. when my ex left me last year, i was in such pain that I hated myself for loving him so much. three weeks after, I met my current bf. I am so grateful that he entered my life when I was so vulnerable. didnt treat him as rebound ;-/ Am not sure if its appropriate, but i do think the best way to forget the old lover is to go out and date other men! You never know what life brings to you. And I believe, the true love has a habit of coming back. So if you think you guys are meant to be, he sure will come back.. at some point in the future. BUT at the same time, u should go have some fun! blessings!

  • lol i found it on instagram a few days ago. LOVED IT. it reminded me of the dating book i read a couple years ago which truly opened my eyes. Its called why men love Bit ches 😉

  • I'm afraid of not having enough time between relationships to heal properly from the one that was. In all my life, from when I was a teenager, I never went from one to another. Maybe I should give it a go! I ain't getting any younger here haha

    And yes, men are always drawnt o B*tches, but often can't keep with them and either leave or try to "tame" them! Silly buggers ... :))

  • Thanks for the laughs Moon! I agree there does need to be time to heal between relationships however I think if I wait too long it may get harder to begin again. Kinda like getting back on a horse that threw you!! Its been 3 mo for me since my last relationship ended. I'm open to a new partner & am going out w friends & in groups where I may meet someone but I'm not ready for on line date sites. As you said I'm not getting any younger, but they aren't either!

  • amused, I did the dating site thing the first year after I left my marriage. Boy, was that an education! Weirdly, I did that because I wanted to know what men of my age group were thinking, etc. Did I find out that most men in the 40+ age group are like sad little boys who back off when it seemed they were getting to like you. I had a couple of "dates" from that, but this time ... no date sites for me. I'm happy enough being a hermit outside of work at the moment, and it's only been a week.

    I just don't do dates; it's a pain in the butt to me. Like you go out, sit there and wonder why you're out with this particular dolt or whatever. At my age, I'm over games and not interested in the chase, so to speak. Someone's simply gonna have to take an interest, show it, and once they pay all my bills, shower me with gifts, and profess undying love, I might consider a drink somewhere ... hahahahahahahaha. Yeah right!

    I don't know what will suit me at the moment. But, I'm too raw from everything to want to bother with men.

    I'm sure not getting any younger either, and am all too aware of that. Have decided that if I am not in a snug relationship by the time I'm 55, I'm writing that idea off, will buy a stack of cats, probably a goose or two and breed cockatiels 🙂 And become known as that weirdo who lives on that farm out on that there road with all these animals and rarely comes to town ... and she never does anything with her hair and has teeth missing!!!!

  • Moon50,

    LOL!!! What a picture that makes!! Hopefully the Universe will have a new man cross our paths who is ready for a loving relationship. I too have found men tend to be man/childs, not emotionally mature & run when they start to care....most likely from unresolved past hurts. I'm ready for a loving partnership filled w caring, compassionate,& considerate behavior not just fun & sex -of course thats a part of it but there has to be more for it to last. In the mean time I'm out doing what I enjoy & making new friends

  • I thought that's what I had with Rodney. But it isn't to be if his lack of contact is anything to go by. But at least I've had a taste of what a compatible relationship can be like, even though he threw it away. I'm not ready to socialise really, but don't have a choice this week; got my daughter's end of school formal Friday night and a friend's 50th Saturday night and I'm on a promise to go to both, whether I want to or not.

    I just want to stay at home on my own (outside of work) and only talk to those who understand; not be in a crowd of people who don't really give a toss.

    Ah well; best not be a hermit, although that's exactly what I feel like doing 🙂

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