Is anyone else a day off?

  • I have started to notice that my daily horoscope ALWAYS describes the previous day's experience. In fact I have started to go to the "tomorrow" button to read my "today". It's not a problem, but is instead an interesting aspect of my astrology. I am a Capricorn, born 1-10-1950, in Georgia, USA, and now live on the west coast. Does the fact that I am three thousand miles from my birthplace effect my horoscope timing? Am I experiencing some form of time shift? Am I just weird? LOL.

    If anyone has any answers or suggestions, please share.

  • Hi . This has been going on for a while it always gives the previous day for some reason . Admin did try to explain it but I diden't understand the explaination, So your not going nuts LOL.

  • Sometimes my horoscope is a few days off. A little early, or a little late. It would be nice if Astrology was an exact science! LOL!

  • Thanks for the responses! I guess I'll just keep looking at tomorrow.

  • This post is deleted!

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