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  • Hello all,

    I was hoping that I could get some feedback on a psychic reading that I had yesterday.

    The psychic said that I should write, and that because I am a Virgo, I would be good at anything I tried. She also said that I should try to keep my oldest child from joining the military but that is exactly what is happening now and because of the age of the child, I cannot stop the process. What do I do? This child has seem to be set on the military. There were many other things I was told but these two issues are what I'm looking for feedback on. Does anyone see me writing and if so, what will I write about. I think I know but i need reaffirmation.

    Blessings to all.

  • Hi, I like your name. A creative childrens book would be a good place to start. I agree w/her and your son in the military. I just hope there are some good strategies in regards to Afghanistan. Some people do have a calling for that. Ask St. Michael for protection for your son. Remember, good has a way of emerging out of a bad circumstance.

  • Thank you, Dalia. I have read some of your posts and believe you are enlightened and I respect your feedback.

    What did you mean by Afghanistan? Of course, this is something that is close to my heart but I feel it can't be interfere with.

    As far as a children's book, I really don't know what kind of subject matter i could use to educate or appeal to children. I will continue to pray for guidance with this but I have to start somewhere. I have been displaced with the last two positions I was in and became involved in a business that the psychic said that I should get away from. I feel as though I am being moved, but it's the not knowing for sure. I know the universe and God moves in ways that are amazing so I will take what you tell me to heart for sure. Also, just as a side note, the psychic told my I was clairvoyant. I feel I am clairaudient as well an empath. I want so much to develop this...

    Many blessings to you!

    Thank you, again, and many blessings.

  • I felt you should write a children's book. Why not on some kind of childhood memory, as you were growing up? or baking? Clairovoyant- meditate and try to listen but stay calm. watch your energies.

  • Hi Dalia I do reiki and am going to start a psychic development course in January any insight on how I will progress. Love the site keep up the great work blessings x

  • Hi AutumnKaren, I don't really like to promote myself as a psychic. I just like to offer advice, things to think about. I think you are a good person. I don't know what reiki is. I generally believe in a common good for everyone. In other words, a solution that will benefit all in the long run. May not seem like it at the time. I see you as wanting to promote the general well-being. A lot of people are given gifts--insight, intuition, spirituality etc. These are all aspects of God.

  • Hi Dalia thanks for your reply, reiki is hands on healing, and as I am a healer I do promote the general well being to other people. I also believe in a common good for everyone, so hopefully when I have done my course I shall be able to provide help and answers to lots of people who may have problems in their life. You have been blessed with a real gift, I send you love light and lots of blessings, thank you x

  • Hi allie, great advice do you have anything to add about my psychic development or healing, blessings

  • Hi AutumnKaren. Your search for pshycic development is good but be careful because you may not be aware of energies that come. You have to make sure that it comes from God. Keeping an open mind, being still and listening. Reiki works if both your energy and those of the people you help believe in Reiki. Don't try to hard to develop your psychicness. It will come if it is not forced. I do not claim to be a psychic but I do have very good instincts and am very intuitive where things do come to be true and right on target.

  • Thank you, Allie, for the advice. Actually, I keep getting the push to write about my oldest son and his stories. This may be why the children's story keeps coming up.

    Also, what did you mean when you said "Watch your energies"? How do I do that? Also, do you sense negative or positive energies around me?

  • Hi,

    By watching your energies I mean make sure that you are relaxed, and not rushing or trying to make any judgements when upset or worried. I don't feel any negative energies around you just busy. I think things will open up but it may take some time just because things that you want to do are up in the air.

  • Hi Allie,

    What you say is so true. What I want to do is up in the air. As far as my energies, I do a lot of meditation to protect against negative bombs. Those can devastate me so I do need to ask protection regularly.

    I will continue to work on my abilities and hopefully be able to pass on info that will help others. My information comes and goes depending on the urgency of the message.

    Thank you for your help!


  • Hi Allie thanks for your feedback. You are right about not rushing things, I have a lot of psychic friends and they have told me that I will eventually be able to give readings and that I should be patient as it will not be for a few years yet, but I get so excited by it that I do find it hard to be patient, but I have now told myself that I am trying too hard and it will come when the time is right. Yes it is true about Reiki so I only would do a healing if someone has asked me to then I would hope they accept the energy Im giving them as they have asked me to do it ,so they have some belief in it. My deveopment course is in a spiritual church, I am doing it as my daughter is very psychic and she wants to develop her gift. It is a year long and covers everything spiritual like meditation,tarot angel readings, protection etc. Im doing it to get an insight into what I may be doing in the future and to keep myself safe and protected from all the energies that come in. and to get a better understanding of all spiritual aspects. They have open circles to help develop any gifts you may have, in the safety of more experienced advisers. So I thank you for your input as you are spot on with all things. Love and blessings to you x

  • Hi, Please anytime. If I can it will come. You know it is said that others can usually sense on others but can't for themselves. With that I did have a question about how things will be in my love life and/or where I'll be in life. I know things will work out.

  • Hi Allie you said be careful because i might not be aware of energies that come what does that mean? Thanks for your advice and I will ask my daughter to read your replies and see if she picks up anything on you. Love and light loads of blessings x

  • Hi AutumnKaren! Thank you I appreciate that. When I said to be careful of energies I meant that sometimes we are so eager to develop our abilities that we have to just make sure where our thoughts come from. Are they our own thoughts or are they from a higher power? You have to make sure that it comes from God. Keeping an open mind, being still and listening. I know that when we begin to become intuitive/psychic we ask that if a message is to come through that we are guided by God or a positive higher power. There are energies that are in a different realm that try to send mixed messages and confuse what is meant especially if we are upset or stressed or even rushed. That is why it is important to make sure you are rested, calm and positive. Up to this point I don't think you have to worry because you are going through this with a clear mind and seem to be patient. I hope this helps you to feel more secure with your beginning process.

  • Hi Allie thanks for your reply. When I meditate or communicate with my guides, angels, pendulum etc. I always ask for protection from Angel Michael, my guides and surround myself in a white bubble and ask them to block and clear any negative energies and to only send me positive energies from the light for my hightest good and to protect me at all times. I think 3 of my clare senses are beginning to develop as I am having lots of visionsetc. I also sense and feel things and at times I just know things, so my clairaudient is the weakest I think ,but hopefully in time it will come. I am a lot more relaxed about it all now and always keep an open mind. I sense very strongly at the moment some kind of energy in my aura Im not sure what this is but I will stay aware and protected. Thanks for your advice Hugs and blessingsxx

  • I know this reply comes a full two weeks after your original post. First of all, know that any reading is based on the energies that exist at the moment of the reading. Second, energies can and do change. Because of this inevitable change, readings are probabilities...NOT absolutes. By virtue of knowing what the probability may be, you do have the ability to change the probable outcome. Third, practitioners must be very careful to read the energies as they exist and not project their own fears or prejudices into the reading. I strongly feel that this is what has happened in regard to your son and the military.

    As a psychic with over 20 years of professional experience (I prefer to call myself a spiritual facilitator), there have been a number of occasions when my personal opinion was the exact opposite of what I was receiving. I did not let my personal opinion over-ride and presented the information exactly as it was coming through. Each time, the Universe was correct.

    Your son is wise, even though it doesn't seem so many times. He is the type of person that has to experience things for himself. He will make the right decision. Remember, if you harp on the subject too much, he will do the exact opposite of what you wish just to prove he can. So, it is best to keep silent while letting him know you support whatever decision he makes. Ever since he was a small boy it seems he has gotten into scrapes (nothing malicious). It is because he is curious. He didn't have the maturity to think things through when he was younger (remember the paint?), but he is older now. Give him the opportunity to grow up. You will be proud of him.

    As for the writing--by all means. Start with what you know. Don't try and determine what kind or genre makes the most money, write what you like. It is only when you are doing something that touches your soul that you succeed.

    May you have many blessings.

  • Hi Sarah,

    I thought it might be helpful if you suggust that your talk to some military veterans of our current war. They should be able to give him some real insight about what goes on over there. Hope this is helpful.


  • Hi Annikin..Just read what you had to say to Sarah and thought it to be very insightful. I have never had a reading and always wanted to and was wondering if you could maybe get a sense or a feeling about me. Theres really nothing in particular I wanted to know...and was just hoping that maybe you yourself could maybe tell me what I need to be doing in my life or with my life. All I can say is that there is alot of change going on with me and I need some guidance.

    Any kind of help would be much appreciated. I wish you much blessings in your life as I feel that you are a sincere and loving person.

    Much love...kitten

    PS--I love the pic of your cat. as I am a very big animal lover but esp love my cats.. 🐵

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