We are in the last phase before the fall of the Reptilian empire. Reptilian empire on the etheric and astral planes around the surface of planet Earth under the dictate of the Archons and black nobility guided Cabal financial slavery system on the physical plane of the surface of this planet is the last stronghold of once vast Orion dark empire that was feared throughout the Galaxy for countless millennia.

    However, the progress of Light in the last few decades was such that we are just before the final breakthrough that will bring this Reptilian empire to its knees. There was a very successful operation of the Light forces completed on this planet on August 25th that sent a very clear signal to the leading Archons that their defeat is near and undeniable. This has set them in panic mode and inside the time window between August 25th and October 7th they are trying to do everything they can to stop the progress of Light. This is their last chance to create as much division, confusion and conflict between all people that are working towards the liberation of this planet as possible.

    During this time frame you will read all kinds of accusations, distortions and disinformation on the internet. My suggestion would be for everybody to turn inside towards the still small voice of Truth and learn not to judge people or get involved into conflicts. The Archons will try to instill as much conflict as possible, commanding their Reptilian minions on the etheric and astral planes to pressure on the weak spots, doubts and insecurities of everybody.

    During this time frame, fears about world war 3 and martial law will arise. Although the Cabal has plans to make those things happen, they will not be successful. Positive ET races and the Resistance Movement want peace and it is within their power to prevent world war 3 or martial law simply by pressuring the key members of the Cabal.

    Today is September 9th. No “doomsday clock” will go off as some people are afraid. Instead, this day is a portal of Light that is very much needed to brighten up the atmosphere. Today I would ask as many people as possible to join our Weekly Liberation Meditation to reinforce that Light.

    Between September 15th and September 23rd there will be the most critical period as this is the exact time of the second Uranus Pluto square in 2012 and Archons will then try to provoke as much violence and conflict worldwide as possible. This Uranus Pluto square will be even stronger than the one in June because its exact moment will happen just one day after Pluto turning direct:

    This is Archons’ last chance before the breakthrough of Light. As it was said in my previous post about Uranus square Pluto, here are instructions for that challenging time:

    “Regardless of the events in the next few days, please remain calm, but alert.

    Archons and their minions will try to provoke you. It is natural and human to feel anger, fear, doubt or impatience. But do not act on it. Just calmly observe your emotions, take a few breaths, maybe play your favourite song and then decide how to act.

    Do not engage in violence, whether physical (rioting, violent revolution) or verbal (attacking messengers on the internet, hateful comments to anyone, relationship quarrels). Violence will NOT solve our problems. Clearly planned and focused action will.

    Focus instead on beauty, nature, meditation. Find calmness within. And when you need to act, act from that calmness.”

    Before October 7th, billions upon billions of Reptilians will be cleared away daily from the astral and etheric planes by the Light forces. This is a very volatile time during which the Event will not happen as it would be very unwise to trigger things during the peak of the Archons attack as this could lead to many casualities. After that, more Light will come in and after October 7th I will be able to release more intel about the Event.


  • Preparation needed, indeed!

  • I can see this is all coming true. The dark side is making a final last-ditch effort to gain power over the world and all its people.

    From Avaaz, a global civic organization originating in New York that promotes activism on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict -

    "Details are leaking of a top-secret, global corporate power grab of breathtaking scope -- attacking everything from a free Internet to health and environmental regulations, and we have just 3 days to stop it.

    Big business has a new plan to fatten their pockets: a giant global pact, with an international tribunal to enforce it, that is kept top secret for years (even from our lawmakers!) and then brought down like a Death Star on our democracies. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Walmart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists are all in on the draft -- including limits on smoking laws, affordable medicines and free speech on the Net. The deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is written to protect investors from government regulation, even if that regulation is passed in the public interest. Leaked versions suggest the TPP would undermine protections for air and water safety and reintroduce measures from the US Internet freedom attack as well as steamrolling efforts to produce generic affordable medicines. Worse still, lawmakers who fail to conform to the TPP’s rules face sanctions in an international tribunal -- a place where corporations can sue us for deals previous governments signed in secret!

    Negotiators say this is just a trade agreement, written to facilitate investment and profit for all. But the leaked draft imposes so many limits on citizen protections, it's clear this "trade" agreement is skewed to put corporate profit above people's needs -- that's not surprising since it's been drafted in secret with almost 600 corporate lobbyists.

    But outcries in each of our countries could shake the confidence of negotiators and scuttle the talks forever."

    According to all the channelled messages, this grab for global power will be defeated.

  • They will keep fighting till the end. There time is up.

    "Between September 15th and September 23rd there will be the most critical period as this is the exact time of the second Uranus Pluto square in 2012 and Archons will then try to provoke as much violence and conflict worldwide as possible. This Uranus Pluto square will be even stronger than the one in June because its exact moment will happen just one day after Pluto turning direct:

  • We live in interesting times...

  • Oh I can feel the angels streaming onto the earth today! They are joining hands with all us light-workers to encircle our planet with light and love. It's a glorious day!

  • I see a layer of the earth's crust flipping open to expose a dark writhing mass within. Light is pouring in as the darkness is sucked out. Healing is taking place.

  • Oh, Dear Captain, I feel so uprised,/ that even a word?? You give me hope and I actually feel like I was lifted up from the last post from you! 🙂 Hope all this is all soon peaceful (birds). 🙂

    Loving the light,


  • O.k. this sounds strange, but I have to say little snowwhite type bluebirds... Goofy...but I have an overwhelming need to pass those specific birds on. 🙂

    Lots of light and love,


  • Heehee, Laci, maybe you are seeing me playing the Angry Birds games that I have become addicted to. 😉

    Glad you feel inspired - it certainly is a day to feel good!

  • 🙂 Hahaha. 🙂 Too funny...I was so annoyed at those birds from snow white...I used to think that they would be horrible to have to deal with...always fluttering around the poor girl who already had so many issues...hahaha...Then they pop into my head too...darn yes, Hahaha...Angry birds makes sense!! 🙂 LOL! 🙂 Good luck and thank you for your kindness! 🙂

    Laci 🙂

  • I'm glad I remind you of Snow White - perhaps I have been too long without a partner. 😉

  • Interesting times lucky to have each other for support here on the forums

    Captain, you may not yet have a new partner but you have many dwarfs here as friends & followers. With a team like that how can any of us loose?


  • And which Dwarf are you amused? Happy? 🙂

  • Captain

    LOL!! actually I do see myself as Happy, yet when my allergies act up I'm Sneezy & when my menapause symptoms act up I'm Sleepy & sometimes Grouchy. My sons may say I'm Dopey when it comes to computer stuff!!

  • At least you are not Bashful about coming forward. LOL! 😉

  • Personally I am looking for Sexy the (not-so) dwarf.

  • S-E-X-Y the dwarf!

  • I think he would be very popular indeed! If he's over 50, not bald & beer bellied you've got a winner for sure LOL!!!

  • Lol! Captain (and amused59),

    You two are so funny! 🙂

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