Shuabby-need help with warnings of death

  • Oh well, I dont know how to say this, but lately I´ve been warned that a friend of mine George, that I truly love is going to die in 2/3 years. 15 years ago I dreamt that he died in a car accident I warned him to be careful, but now everything is coming back again, I am very worried about this, this time I didn’t say anything.

    Please help, I know that this is a very hard thing to answer and sometimes we are not allow to know when someone time to die is coming.

    I feel spirits presence around me and in my house, they already spoke with me, but lately they have been so quiet, I don’t know what to think.

    Do you feel or see anything? Anu input is welcome.


  • Hello mariapisces,

    I do not believe in perdicting death, as I am not God and respect him with the highous degree.

    I do believe that dreams can give warnings and if you could express to George that you are concerned for him and why, then that is all that you can humanlly do for him besides pray for him also.



  • Thank you

  • maripisces,

    to my understanding death in dreams mean the total contrary just like in card readings, death predicting changes in ones life, either finacially or thru love affairs, can be a marriage or union of some sort,

    to the contrary when we dream with marriage, it is the ending of some union or even a person life, but in the dream it is never with the person we dreamt about,

    so rest assure, your friend is not dying or will die , it is only a message bieng given to you about changes coming your way,

    i pray to the universe, that these changes bring you lots of happiness and peace,


  • Thanks Ramonita for your kind words.

  • mariapisces,

    From my own experience in giving readings at Festivals, etc, I have had the Death card come up numerous times. Each of those times reflected what Ramonita said above. However, one reading was different and I did see/feel physical death. The querant realised I was trying to find a way to say something, and luckily told me that her ageing father was failing and not expected to last much longer. I even had the occasion to dream about my ex husband on his death bed. Our marriage ended five years later.

    If you truly feel that the warning/s you've received about your friend are concerning his physical death and you have passed on your concerns to him, then as Shuabby said, you have done all you humanly can do. This is cold comfort to you, I know, but that is the only way this situation can be dealt with.

    Cast your mind back to when you first received these dream warnings: How did you feel when you woke from them? Did you feel dread, a feeling of impending doom for him, or were you simply puzzled? Often, the first feeling you have on waking from a dream is indication of what the dream was telling you. If it was puzzlement only, then these dreams were more than likely symbolic, and again, echo what Ramonita said above.

    To be honest, in the world of psychic/tarot readings, a reader does not hold the responsibility to pass on information about a physical death to a querant UNLESS this event can be prevented in some way. And more often than not, a reader will not receive indications of a physical death for a specific person, ie, the querant or a loved one of the querant. Again, as Shuabby said above, God alone is responsible for that, not his servants.

    Did George undergo a major shift in his life 15 years ago? Is he about to go through similar now? This could be why these warnings are returning.

    I hope none of this confuses you, and that it clarifies things a bit for you. I understand how distraught you must feel, but stepping back from the situation and viewing it in an unbiased way can often bring some peace.

    I hope this has helped you!



  • To mariapisces,

    I just had to butt in. You know Mariapisces my mom would say that it means

    a birth. She looked at things the opposite. Like if you dreamt of a man coming

    to your house, she would say that it is a woman. So I would say that it means

    something else. But I would just let him how I feel about the dream. But I do

    think it is something good not bad.

    Illona aka BLD

  • To Moon 50

    Hi Moon, my first feeling when I had the dream was terrifying, horrible, I had the feeling that I would never see him again, my first impulse was to tell him, some weeks after we drove to the place he was suppose to have the accident and I told him, “please be careful this place is very dangerous you can be hurt”, he trusted me, because he knows when I have this feelings they are right. The years gone by and the dream didn´t come true. He had suffered a lot of changes in his life all positive except for the last year.

    This last months I did a reading, the reply was to enjoy the time I have with him and do my best to live this life with him in harmony, my feeling about this reading was that this is the last time I will be with him, that something was about to come. I put that aside, suddenly the dream came back, and that puzzled me. I kept hearing, ”you are right prepare yourself, now you know”. Few weeks ago I was doing some readings to some friends thru pendulum and tarot cards, and asked my friend if she could do me one using the pendulum (shes kinda of a psychic), she told me they have a message for you, from 2/3 years you will face death”, of course I asked if I was going to die, the pend. said no, if it was someone I knew, “yes George”, How? The pend said in a car accident, to make it sure I asked if I was going to be with him until the rest of our lives he said no.

    So, I put some cards for myself, I couldn’t believe in what the pend have said, I saw a car accident, George acting like a child, irresponsible being to much adventurous, and death. So far all that the pend said about other stuff is correct and that makes me think.

    I have never ruled my life thru readings actually I do the opposite. But, theres some things that we cant change, its faith.

    All the warnings I had receive thru my life were true, I only have warnings when something bad is about to come and when I dream with death usually some one dies.

    That’s why Im worried and for the 1st time in my life I know I cant do anything.

    I know the meaning of the death card and she always comes up in my readings usually reversed, it drives me crazy Im tired of changes, I have never interpreted as death itself.

    One of the dreams I have is with storms and usually on the ocean with big waves, I know that when I have this dream things will get better in my life, and they do.

    I must tell you this is hard to deal with, but Im trusting that nothing is set on stone yet.

    Thank you so much Moon

  • To Blakladydiver

    Thanks for butting in, I do appreciate it.

  • maria, I do feel for you. It is so very hard to prevent something you have seen and been warned about. All the comments by others won't change the situation. You probably did avert his death years ago by asking him to be careful of the area you saw. But if he keeps cheating death, and being irresponsible, then there's little else you can do. Some think they're indestructable; like teenagers do.

    No, nothing is set in stone. As I said, when warnings are received, or a card appears and it's taken the way it's meant to be taken, then those warnings need to be relayed, as obviously there is a way to prevent the event. However, if the person the subject of these warnings chooses not to heed what they are told, then ... it is really in the hands of fate.

    It could be that you are so afraid of losing this friend that you might be overthinking, and causing that weird butterfly effect. If you can distance yourself from this, you might be able to avert the "inevitable".

    I can't see how this will go; I can only offer you comfort and kind words.

    This man has been on a crash course for years, and has never grown up. And yes, he does feel he needs to cheat death almost every day of his life. Was there some illness or injury he sustained years ago that made him that way? Or some major loss in his early life that he never really got over? He will go out laughing; that much I do get. He will be on such a high.

    If that is any comfort to you, then at least you know if he chooses to ignore the warnings you level his way, he will go out doing what he most enjoyed: cheating the very thing we all try to avoid.

    Keep at him, because you can help him avoid this. He's very lucky to have someone who cares about him so much. I feel he's very much alone and has made himself into an island, so to speak. Or a fortress, more to the point.

    But at the end of the day, you are not responsible for him, or his choices.

    I can honestly say I've had similar with a dear friend of mine years ago, who seemed to do everything to kill himself. So far, he still lives and I think he has let go of that need to cheat everything. He is slightly disabled; a kind of palsy which makes walking difficult for him, but he works as hard as anyone else without a disability and had tried to overcome his restrictions by attempting to cheat death. I feel the warnings I gave him in a reading years ago have helped him overcome that need to be superman. At least I hope so.

    I wish you very good luck and blessings. You are a very special person to care for this man so much. But he needs to care for himself first; no-one else can really change his need to end his life, either by his own hand or some other means.

    Love and light to you and George



  • Moon

    He doesnt cheat death because he wants to, he doesnt want to die, sometimes we talk about it and I tell him Im ready to go, and he tells me Im not I have so much to live.

    The problem is his very reckless when it comes to driving, he speeds up a lot and his under meds, for depression, last year he tried to kill himself and then he realized it was not worth it. He loved his wife very much and she wanted to leave him, he had a very hard time, his parents are very dependable of him, right now due the economy he doesn’t know if his going to keep his job. Its to much to handle.

    He releases his stress when he drives he becomes a mad man, and I see him very tired, I feel that his not happy, his very dearest to me, his always by my side when I need him.

    Im not overthinking, as a matter of fact I feel calm, if this must happen it must, I don’t believe in death, this life its just a passage, all of us have our time to die physically, but our souls keep living.

    What Im worried about is if I can do something and this feeling that I cant its killing me, if this comes true I will miss him, but I know he will be in a better place. All I have to do its to help him without him knowing. I cant tell him about his death, he knows I have this “gift” of knowing tings before it happens, I can make it worst so by saying this I will keep my mouth shut and hope for the best.

    If you can pick more of George I would appreciated it, but take your time.

    Thank you Moon for your message it really helps, all the best for you too.

    I don’t know what you are going thru but I feel you are not okay, but this is temporary, you will find peace inside yourself again, the healing process takes to long but it will come, do what you feel its most right for you now, think in yourself first and the rest will follow. They are telling me to tell you that you are vey blessed.

    Thanks Maria

  • I'm glad I was of help in some way maria.

    and you're right, I'm not okay. My relationship ended last weekend, I was passed over for a job later in the week and to boot we had to put one of our dogs down before my partner left. I've had no contact from him and feel like I've been dumped.

    I know it'll come good, but I'm having a little "pity party" today, while the preceding days of the week have been more about working, getting out and about and allowing time to grieve when the tears threatened.

    Thank you very much for your message. I do feel blessed, although on days like today, those blessings seem cloaked in black.

    You can tell him about his death, even if it is to further try and prevent it happening. He is a loose cannon, and I feel that most of the problems in his marriage are his own unhappiness. He is not with the one he truly loves and he knows it, but either refuses to do anything about it for fear of losing a "good wicket" so to speak, or feels he can't because it'll hurt too many people.

    The message I get about George is that he is in his own prison, and only he can set himself free. Wreckless driving will not achieve that, but honesty with himself, will.He has always run away from himself and it's time for him to face that.

    He needs to know: If he can't be a friend to himself, then his life is doomed to sorrow. He will bring about his own death if he cannot make friends with his own essence. His wife despairs of him too I feel. She has tried everything to get him to come around. Her patience is running thin. He doesn't realise how lucky he is to have the women in his life who have truly supported him.

    Cheers and thank you


  • I feel for you Moon I know what its like, Ive been thru the same too.

    Im sorry but I butt in into your life, I asked the pendulum about your relationship, he told that he loved you but he has found someone else, he didn’t cheat on you.

    What he feels for you is sorrow, he will not come back for you, his mind is made, he will not speak to you soon, I asked if he will be, the pend said in 2 weeks maybe.

    Im sorry, but this is what they told me, so allow yourself to cry it helps clean the pain.

    About George you are so right, he doesn’t leave his marriage because he was raised believing that marriages are for life and it will hurt his family, and his comfortable with it, he have the status that he wants, everybody looks at them like they are the perfect couple, I know they aren’t, his wife doesn’t love him anymore at least as a man, and shes loosing her patience, she wants him to be assure of himself, she knows that his “tired” of her, but shes willing to stay with him. She supports and care for him a lot, his her best friend. When they were thinking on breaking up they both had affairs and I think George never forgot about the other girl and she like wise.

    He never talks with me about it. I tried.

    The cards also showed me that they will not divorce but they will not end together.

    I really wish I wouldnt know this, its to much to handle and not be able to tell.

    Im curious what do you pick on me? I went to your post about soul mates, what is my letter? Soul mates are not just lovers, you know that? Twin flames are.

    Blessings Moon.

  • Thanks maria. I felt that he'd lied to me. He emphatically said there was no-one else and we'd work it out. I feel it is the one who rents the house he owns in town, which is where he is now. He had said he needed time to be on his own, etc. If he has gone from me to another, well, he wasn't worth the grief and isn't interested in truly healing from the loss of his fiancee two years ago. Can you see how long he has been "with" this other? Because our relationship started to die when he accused me of mucking up with his friend which was way back in May ...

    I'll look into you when I get home from work, or later this morning. At the moment, I'm tired after a restless night and don't know what's coming for me except more and more loneliness and insecurity (I'm in Australia by the way, if you're wondering).



  • Better still, maybe post up a question for anyone to answer, rather than me personally, because I am having a hard time being "asked" to read for people lately. However, if I see a question that I'm drawn to, I'll answer it, if that makes sense! I did post up a thread called APOLOGIES the other day saying exactly this, and explaining my reasons for it, as best I could anyway!

    Hope that's okay, because I don't want to leave people hanging. And, this way, it gives someone a chance to answer you rather than you or anyone else waiting on me. And remember one thing: too many readings about the one question can become clouded and not quite right, often due to your own confusion 🙂



  • Moon

    Sorry I had to work.

    I asked and he hasn’t gone from you to another physically, that puzzled me, sometimes they don’t tell me everything, they just say what its needed to know at the moment.

    So I asked if this woman that his in love with loves him back, they said it did.

    If he is alone now-yes

    If his living in that house you mentioned-yes

    If this woman will love him back-shes always around

    If they see and are together-no

    So I asked who is this woman- a spirit

    From what I get his still in love with this previous fiancée, something made him go back, something trigger this, you mention May, I asked what made this happen- a marriage, asked them to elaborate, they said- he likes her very much, he never wanted to hurt her, he wish he could be the man she needs, but his heart doesn’t belong to her, she reminds him of his previous lover and he realized that he haven’t forgotten her, he got afraid and decided it was best to leave. Asked again if he wants to come back-no

    Im sorry Moon I wish I could say something different but for the moment this is what Im picking up, but remember you are the owner of your destiny, maybe you can change this.

    One more thing I asked if you would find a man that would make you happy and fulfil your needs-they said yes but it will take a while. I hope this helps a lil.

    I wasn’t asking for a reading, what you pick up on George was so right, that I got curious. I know when we are feeling like this is very hard to do whatever, especially readings, I personally just go with the flow, if they tell me to butt in I will, I don’t do readings its very exhausting my purpose on hearing them its to help the ones that are worthy, so I guess you are one of the lucky ones.

    I wish the best, take care.

  • maria, I had a "flash" when I was re-reading this thread. If what I say is something you already know, or don't really want to hear, or both, I'm sorry!

    YOu are the one George loves; not his wife, nor was she ever. He needs to stop lying to himself and to her. She suspects; knows even, but accepts it. They both don't feel they shoudl change things because it's just not what people do, apparently. And they've both got used to the situation which has resulted in so much apathy that causes George's mad behaviour behind the wheel. I sense his wife drinks a lot by herself too ...

    I'm sorry if this hurts or upsets you, but ... I had to pass this on. As I said though, you may already know this.



  • Hi Moon

    Thank you for your honesty, I know he loves me, but I think its because we are friends, his my best male friend for 20 years now, we had a fling when we were younger, but we ended well, we become best friends after it, he introduce me to my husband george (same name), his been helping me with my marriage. Like my friend George I went thru a lot and Im still trying to make my marriage work, we all do mistakes, I regret what I did and my husband too, but we are trying, maybe thats because we are closer now and maybe his feelings got confuse about me. I dont love him as a man just as a friend, my heart now its closed.

    Dont worry what you said doesnt hurt or upsets me, I just need how to deal with George after you have said this. Yes his wife drinks a lot, shes dealing with a lot of pain, again she was the one that brought it to herself, I know what shes dealing with, its very hard, she does it to forget, she feels trapped, George is very obsessive about her his constantly telling her that he loves her. I just hope that when day she will realize that she still loves him and they will be happy again.

    I hope everything is okay with you, lots of blessings.

  • They will not be okay; their marriage is a sham. George simply wants to love someone. Someone he can have. Not someone he can't have, which is you. Those feelings you both had when you were younger are still there, for you and him. You did the practical thing, and closed yourself off. He didn't.

    The question is: are you both brave enough to do the right thing by love, or stick to what society's standards expect? Remember that love shouldn't be work, work, work. You should NEVER have to work hard to love someone.

    I leave it to you. But this is what I see. There is a chance for you two, but it's up to you as to whether or not you do the heart-honest thing and take that chance, or keep on the way you're both going.

    Good luck and blessings!



  • Moon

    I dont love George, at least the way a woman should and Im trying to love my husband again, Its hard to admit it but I am still in love with another guy, that its not worth it. Im moving on, my marriage is more important than love. At least I expect it to be.

    So did you had any news from your partner? Are you doing ok?

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