Reading plz...desperate and need help :(

  • Hey, I am Jessica and im new to this site. I have been searching for help for a while and came across the forum. I have this ex (Jerred) who lives in a different state from me but we have been communicating off and on for 2 yrs. Even when we fight and don't talk for weeks or months at a time we always come back together. I need to know if hes the one im meant to be with. Him and I aren't talking once again but one of us will contact the other eventually. Just a matter of time. I also would like to know what he is feeling towards me at the moment.

    My second issue is that my daughters dad keeps threatening to take me to court for custody. y We have an agreement sent in place already but he made a comment that he was going to family court. Im just wondering if ill ever get full custody of my daughter.

    someone plz give me some answers 😞

    Thank you!

    My DOB is 10/9/86 if it matters

  • We didn't always live in a different state btw. He moved back in December or January.

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