Sanat Kumara on An Hour with an Angel – Part 1/2 – 9/11: Mayhem, Chaos and Dark

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    Sanat Kumara on An Hour with an Angel – Part 1/2 – 9/11: Mayhem, Chaos and Dark Energies

    Our guest today is Sanat Kumara. So with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

    Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Before I welcome you to the show, Sanat, or Raj as you prefer to be called, let me introduce you to our new listeners, if you wouldn’t mind. You hold the positions of Planetary Logos and Keeper of the Universal Law for the Earth. You visited us in the past as Quetzalcoatl, the Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Skanda, Subrahmanya, and Dīpankara Buddha. (1)

    Welcome to the show, Raj. It’s always a pleasure to speak to you.

    Sanat Kumara: Welcome to you, and for your illustrious introduction. But I come to you as friend, as ally, yes, as Planetary Logos, but also as ally, as one that has worked with this Earth, and yes, this planet, this universe, for a very long time, as you well know.

    So, we have much to talk about. And even as we talk about particular subjects, I wish you to keep your heart, your mind, your being open, that much of what I say applies not only to the topic at hand but to the entire planet as well.

    [Steve: Notice that Raj's reply implies that he already knows what I'm going to discuss with him although Linda was not told of the subjects.]

    SB: Thank you, Raj. We do have an ambitious program today. We’d like to cover 9/11 in the first half-hour, and have a look at India and Pakistan and how they can be brought together in peace as we approach Ascension in the second half of the hour.

    Have you anything you want to say to our listeners before we get underway, or should I ask you my first question on 9/11?

    SK: Yes, I would like to say a few things.

    SB: Please.

    SK: About the planet, about the collective, and about their ascension into the new reality of love, of wholeness, and of enlightened consciousness. And in order to do this, my dear friends, it is important that you do not cling to the old, to the paradigms or to the grievances, to the injuries, either real or imagined, that your mental or emotional body believes have been inflicted upon you, or events that have, or perhaps have not even, occurred.

    It is important that you align yourself, wholly and completely, with the Law of Love, with the Law of One, and to bring your will, your heart, your mind, your will and all of your sacred selves, to the place of surrender, to the place of willingness to be. Yes, I do not say or suggest in any way that you are abandoning action, for that would be foolhardy and not accurate advice.

    But I wish you to know, do not look back. Look back for references, for guideposts, for understanding of where you are headed and how you are anchored, but do not look back in terms of trying to be stuck, because being stuck, my dear friends, is simply a choice, and it is never a choice that I will recommend.

    So yes, dear heart, begin with your questions. But I will tell you, there is not a great deal that I am going to wish to discuss about 9/11.

    SB: All right. Well, I did wonder if you would tell our listeners what the truth of 9/11 is.

    SK: The truth of 9/11 is that there is mayhem, chaos and not creative chaos, the darkest energies upon the planet that have come together in what many of you think of as conspiracy to destroy hope, to destroy love, to destroy the fact that you feel you could go together into a new reality, to delay much of what has been planned in terms of the Universal Plan, the Divine Plan of the Sacred Mother.

    So yes, there were many pieces and particles, many individuals, many factions, many countries involved in this undertaking. But what I really wish to say is that it was also a failed venture, and that, particularly now, in hindsight is important for each and every one of you to look at, to embrace, and to examine, to understand. The purpose was to defeat hope, not only in the American arena, not only in the world arena, but in the hearts and minds and core of all beings upon the planet.

    Was it an energy of darkness that wished to exhibit its power? Yes. Was it successful? Momentarily. Did it create war, distrust, mayhem? Yes. But at the same time it also created a sense of community, of determination, of fellowship, of a coming-together.

    And it also awakened in the hearts, not only of those involved — and we mean the perpetrators and the recipients — what it did was it awakened in the hearts of those that were on the receiving end of a feeling they could not be defeated, that the darkness would not be allowed to simply delay the Divine Plan and the unfoldment.

    So, did it throw a wrench into the timeframe, into some of the events that were already underway? Yes. But it could not stop them. And what it also did, all over your planet, was awaken people to understanding that there were various factions — and no, I do not wish to go into pointing fingers and naming names, because as I have said, this is almost ancient history, and we want it to be such — but what it did was awaken in the minds and hearts of individuals, collectives, the fact that there are powers-that-be that would like to quash the advancement of spiritual awakening.

    The biggest injury — and no, I do not wish in any way to minimize the lives or the sacrifices of families that were made in this undertaking — but it also created determination and faith in the collective. And out of the understanding of those dark factions also came the knowing that they would not be defeated, that lies, what you think of as conspiracy, as actions of hatred and control and greed, would not rule the planet, would not have a place.

    So, yes. Did it result in enormous destruction and war? In false war? Yes. And has there been a great deal of repair work, what you would think of in a very colloquial way as catch-up? Yes. But what is not often spoken about is also that flame of determination, that greater desire for peace, that understanding of unity that also came out of that event.

    So, in many ways, it backfired.

    SB: Raj, world Islam has been blamed as harboring terrorists or being a terrorist religion, or specific Muslim populations have been impugned. Did 9/11 have anything to do with Islam, world Islam, or the Islam of certain countries?

    SK: First of all, we would not connect terrorism with the belief of Islam, with the practice and the embrace of the religion and the beliefs of Islam, the same way that I would not connect it to Catholicism or Christianity or Hinduism, or many … or Buddhism. That would be tantamount to being sacrilegious, and that would not be the purpose.

    Understand, there were many terrorist factors. Now, let me suggest to you what I mean by the word of terrorist. And it is those who come to a place of such exaggerated belief — not knowing, but belief; and it is a combination of mental, emotional and spiritual paradigms that are false, so think of it that way — who believe that it is their mission and purpose to hurt, to maim, to kill, and to gain control for their purposes. And that they do so regardless of the concern for either the individual or the collective.

    Now, you have terrorists all over your planet. Do you have them in Islamic countries? Yes. Do you have them in your Christian countries? Yes. Do you have them in your neutral… what you think of as neutral countries? Yes, of course you do.

    And terrorists, per se, you think of them as subversive elements. Well, yes, they are, and they have been throughout time immemorial. But the subversive elements are sometimes hidden, as in terrorist cells that are very deep and hidden and secretive. But there are also terrorists that are part of government.

    So, to point a finger or to try and assign blame on a set of religious precepts, on belief systems, to be so arrogant or xenophobic as to assign blame anywhere at any time — well, it most certainly is not of love, it is not of equality, it is not of unity, it is not of balance. It is not of anything other than ego. It is one of the lowest vibrations.

    And that is at a time when it is important that the community and the unity is building. How can you call someone across an ocean or a continent a brother or a sister, a family or a friend, when at the same time you are assigning such negative concepts and beliefs to them?

    That will never do. And that will never create peace, in the same way as believing in the external enemy, whether it is down the street or, again, across the water, will never create peace. If you believe in an external enemy and you believe that you have need to go and to kill them, to destroy them, whether it is on your own soil or on someone else’s, it is all on Gaia’s soil, and she does not have tolerance for murder and mayhem. And it is an aggressive action.

    You may call it protection, you may call it whatever you want, but it is not of love and it is not of peace. And it is time for the human collective to learn other ways. And this is not about placing blame.

    Understand, that is of your old way. It is not about finding fault. And that is why I’ve said I will not point fingers. Because when you try and say, “They are at fault, and we are in the right,” then that creates separation. And that is a complete illusion.

    The question is, what is in your heart? What is in your history? What is in your field, that you believe, first, that you have external enemies, and that you have the right to kill or maim them?

    That is not the way of an evolved society, and it is not the way of where you are headed. And that is why the Universal Mother and all of the masters keep telling you, what is it you are wishing to create? What is it you are bringing forward? Are you able to embrace the diversity and celebrate that diversity?

    And we do not simply mean one side holding out their arms and saying, “We are sorry, we forgive, we embrace.” It is all parties, all faiths, all cultures coming forth and saying “We are one.”

    Look at the divisions that occur within the United States of America, between rich and poor, between those who have plenty and those who are starving on your streets. Look at the difference between the political realms and what you think of as the Christian Right, and those who are brothers of Islam.

    Look to your own neighborhood, and see if you are creating peace. And when you have, then look outside and embrace those across the continents and across the oceans, and stop looking outside of yourself for someone else to find fault and blame. It is the lowest vibration, and it is completely negating your own responsibility for your own evolution and your own ascension, and it cannot be.

    SB: Thank you, Lord. Is it an appropriate use of you to ask you to solve some of the mysteries connected with that day?

    SK: The mysteries will all be resolved. The mysteries will come to light as you enter new dimensions. What we are asking you to do is to place this aside and to look to what has come out of it in terms of your own strength and knowing. Do not be looking to dark cabals — of any nation. Look to what you are co-creating right now as you leave that very dark history behind.

    SB: Okay, Lord. Thank you for that. NESARA was due to be announced on September 11th, 2001. Now, to my way of thinking, if I were a member of the highest universal council, I would choose September 11th, 2012 to announce NESARA. Is there any possibility that NESARA will be announced tomorrow?

    SK: There is always a possibility of that, and you know it to be true. And yes, when we have spoken of a wrench, destruction in the universal unfoldment, the Divine Plan of the Sacred Mother, certainly it created many, many disruptions of which the financial system….

    Because what happened was everyone went into an defensive/offensive mode, even though it was… it was a sham. It was…. Now, I am not saying this fear was not real and had to be dealt with, because of course when fear occurs everything gets stuck. So is it possible for that decade of healing to have taken place as we go forward? Yes, of course. Very definitely.

    (To be continued)

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