Tarot-Nick-need a reading please

  • Hi Nick

    I have been seeing your posts and kept wondering what you can pick about me.

    I have this relationship that I don’t know were is going, I also don’t know what I feel for this guy anymore, I just know that I need to help him doing the right choices and that I still want him in my life, its been a year since we saw each other and a few months since we start talking again, I don’t know what he wants he doesn’t open to me, my tarot keeps telling me that he loves me but his lost he doesn’t know what to do, that we will meet again. But I cant wait for him forever, especially now that I know he have someone and I do too.

    Can you see if you can pick up anything about both our feelings.

    Thank you

  • Hi mariapisces,

    I have no problem doing a reading for you, but I will pick up only on your feelings. Hopefully it will help you look at it from a different perspective and then it will help you make your choices.

    Your not feeling productive... i get the la de da feeling....

    there is definitely a misunderstanding between you too

    either you just got a new job or some money... it's just temporary

    I know your question was about the guy but I am picking up on a women who is talkative and looks out for herself.... (bitchy)....

    Personally you just went thru a period of feeling good, your thoughts came into your own

    With that new beginnings are now possible

    take that and feel peaceful

    with that though he is still on your mind (do me a favor and really look at your relationship you had, is he everything you need? or did you over look stuff and think it will get better; I won't say what to do... just look and think about it, trust your heart)

    with friends things will look up...go with the peaceful feeling you are having now and attract peace back to you

    somebody older is trying to help you give you strength

    But it all comes back to you...if you doubt yourself and question why me... it's hard to move forward and you can become stuck.

    So go and enjoy the peace you have now... trust your heart not your doubt... the last card tells me what you should work on, reflection is good, doubting yourself only hurts you. You can only change yourself you can't change other people thoughts. That's kind of why I only stick to the person being read.

    Hope that helped,

  • Hi Nick

    yes I did start on a new job, that I dont like, I would like to go back to my previous one, they are trying to get me back but its taking to long. Im doubting if this will ever happen.

    Yes Im kinda like u said I look for myself, I stand for my believes, I defend myself from anyone that tries to harm me or subdue me to their will. I got tired of people abuse. I used to be that person that puts everything on hold to help others, I used to think on others first then in myself, now its the other way, thats why u are getting the (bitchy). I tend to talk a lot I love to make friends and help them in every way I can.

    Its hard to let go of this man because he have taught me so much, to believe in myself again.

    No his not everything I need, to be with him would meant to leave the rest that makes me happy, thats why I chose my life instead of him and for that he cant forgive me. But without love I feel an emptiness inside me that some times is overwhelming.

    I dont see who this older person is...

    Thanks Nick.

  • Hi mariapisces,

    Don't worry about the job, you won't be there too long. It's on of those endure while you can things. Plan for something that you love to do... and make it come true.

    The bitchy woman card.. I don't think it was meant to you... but something you were thinking of. When other cards don't back it up.. it's more of something to watch out for... something to think about other wise it wouldn't have popped up.

    The major thing is you made a decision... it made you able to move on and be happy. Take the good, learn from the bad, and build the building blocks to someone who will treat you the way you would like. remember don't wallow in what you could have should have might have, that would be counter productive to you.

    the older guy is in the future... just someone looking out for your interests.... you will find someone... patience and just be yourself....

  • Hi Nick

    I have received terrible news, the lady that was taking care of my package to open a position for me so I could go back to my previous job, told me that theres nothing they can do, that the human resources office have frozen all the open vacancies and that they dont allow them to create new ones. This is the job I love the job I was cut to do. One more time in my life Im going to loose it and that hurts, this is what I do best and evrybody recognizies it, I´ve awarded several times because of my good work.

    In the current one I feel lost, sad, Im working with persons that are mean, I feel the rage, the envy coming from them towards me, sometimes they do things on purpose just to show they are the ones in command, they hate the fact that I was better then them to be chosen to do that job. I do my work the best I can, I have one good thing everything I do I do my best to do it, I do not like to have fingers pointing me out for a bad job. I keep my mouth shut and pretend that I don’t listen, in the way that I wont start a fight, but its very hard.

    The bitchy woman card, maybe it’s the other woman that the guy I still want to be friends with is living now.

    I don’t want any more guys in my life, Im hopping that the guy you are seeing is not related to love, Im currently in a relationship and hopping that we will be happy, and doing my best to move on from the other guy, so I can be happy.

    The only thing I want from the other guy its his friendship, nothing more. I don’t like misunderstandings and they are too much between us, I want to clarify them, to understand, there was a lot of pain between us and still is, that’s why I want to make my peace with him, I feel its very important and when I have it all will be better.

    Im not going to lie I still have feelings for him and I wish we could be together again, but I have both foot on the ground I know its impossible, wouldn’t be the right choice.

    Thanks again

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