Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Hello,

    I was wondering about dating Vince? He and I get along really well, but I am still hung up on my ex bf John. I always was told John and I are supposed to be together? It is confusing, and I wondered if you could give a small reading to see what you see?

    Thanks so much,


  • I would take a reading. My wonderful marriage of 30 years has hit a real rough patch. We are seperated. What do you see here for us. Also, I am trying to get a job. How will that pan out? Our birthdays mine: 5/7/1955 @ 12:59PM His: 5/19/1955

    Bless you!

  • Donnamae92: I think that Tonix3 has probably got overwhelmed, or maybe she is busy someplacce else, but your question touched a chord in my heart and I thought I would try my hand at a reading for you. Like Toni I have not done this professionally, just for friends and family; but if you are happy to accept this offering I give it with only the best intentions.

    The cards I drew are all about you, it appears as if you have not given yourself enough importance in this relationship. Have you been the follower, have you ever been the leader? It appears as if the future is hopeful for you and your partner in the long term; but you will need to be more prominent in the relationship. A job looks like a good starting place, something you find for yourself totally unrelated to your situation but allows you to work as part of a team and realise your value to it and to life. This is going to take time, you are going to have to face up to the truth of your relationship and your role in it. You may need to co-operate with someone else to realise your full potential, maybe a friend or counsellor, but potential you have. Try to let go of the hurt and get your life in gear. You need to grow as a person before anything is going to change.

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  • Hi Dovechick:

    Could you do a reading please? I wondering the outcome or some insight into my recent break-up. Together off and on for 16 months, lived with me for 5 and moved out while I was at work on May 3rd.... He even asked me to marry him? I'm 11-6-58 and he is 4-24-64. Thanks so much in advance!

  • Dmick: Once again the cards drawn refer primarily to you and would suggest that you are helpless to change things in this situation. You can however provide a steady and warm presence for others, in that at least you can be creative and positive. Believe that you can make a difference to your grandchildren just by being yourself and being a beacon of comfort and warmth for them. There could be a change of direction for you, maybe a change of mind about values, or detachment from the situation. You will have to think carefully about your role in the family situation and be clear about what you can provide. This might be a difficult time for you, being torn between loyalty to your daughters and the life that you will know you should lead. You will have to make a difficult choice, you may be tempted to put off the inevitable but ultimately you can only give love, not demand it of others.

  • Monday: You wil probably know that a Gemini is two persons in one, so attracted to your fire and energy, but at the same time needing his independence and time to himself. The cards I drew for you continue this trend of flip flopping between options and outcomes. However in the cards it appears to be you who are displaying one kind of emotion and feeling another. Look carefully in your heart to identify your feelings. Are you angry but not showing it, are you confused but appear calm, are you sad but appear happy, are you grieving for the life you might have had with him but feeling somewhat relieved? Pride is useful in self preservation but there might be situations in which being candid is more useful, it might bring clarity. This is a time of transition and readjustment for you, maybe a time of limbo. You might need to take a step back to move forward. I do not have a clear feeling about your future together, it seems to depend a lot on your ability to see the wood from the trees. I would leave you with the question:s what did your partner see in you when you first met? Does he still see this in you now?

  • Is there someone out there who will do that same for me a simple reading on one subject. Go on have a go, what have we to lose?

    I'm involved in an important and stimulating project, but want to know if there is the chance of a love interest during my involvement with this project.

    I can't do this for myself. Too much wishful thinking. Hee He!


  • Hi Dovechick,

    I can't do a reading but would love to hear what you see for me. Questions would be about a new relationship (he is 6-1-51) I am 9-30-50. Also about where my business will be going in the future.


  • Hi Dovechick,

    Really do admire what you are doing and would love to see what you may have to say for me. I was born January 21, 1974, and am wondering when love will turn around for me, and what my business future holds?

    Thanks so much.

  • thanks for the help dovechick! shed some light on me if you have a moment. have a lot of things on my mind at the moment...

  • Rimgal: Wow, I wish I could pick out cards as good as these for everybody. Seems as if all your wishes are coming true. Most of it appears down to your personality and hard work. Your success is well deserved, because you have worked hard for it and have a lovely way of getting things done. Being of a similar age to you I know that sexuality is still important even though we might not be in the flush of youth any longer, and the cards support this too. As you probably know a Gemini is two persons rolled into one, I am sure that your balanced personality will be able to cope though and the omens are all good. The cards even suggest that your lover is younger than you and I notice according to your birthdates that he is - just. Do not allow this new relationship to subjugate you though... retain your independence it is your birthright.

  • Dear Dovechick,

    Hello my new friend. I would like you to do a love reading for me. I don't know if this is the right time to venture for love. Recently my husband had passed away and I am testing the waters to see if this is the right time for me to venture out.



  • fiojenpat: Being on the Cusp of Aquarius, you have the potential for great relationships with people. You should be able to enter into intelligent conversation with others, if this is not your experience at the moment take some time to develop this ability, it is there it just needs a little tender loving care.

    The cards seem to support my first impression. They imply that your potential is limitless but that you have to re-evaluate your life and the rules by which you have been living it. Do not attach blame to this inventory just accept that you have grown out of the old ways and that things are set to change if you will allow it. Get ready to celebrate, love looks likely to come your way once you have accepted the new you, dump the emotional baggage of the past and do what makes your heart sing, it is time to take your light out from under the proverbial bushel and people will recognise your worth.

  • Hi Dovechick,

    I would love a reading from you if you're still taking requests. You've been so gracious & thorough in this thread! Good stuff.

    My birthday is 11-14-89 and I'm wondering if there's anything interesting coming up in my love life.


  • Thank you Dovechick,

    I do appreciate your reading. I was wondering if there is anything I can do proactively to help bring about these changes in my life?

  • Hi Dovechick, I was wondering if u had time if u could do a reading plz and tell me what you see and what is ahead for me and if it has to do anything with a female taurus of mine that i was interested in but not sure anymore if she feels the same, if friendship is about how far its going to be between us or nothin more. My second question is about my next door neighbor wondering if i would ever be able to meet her or build some kind of relationship with her because i've been dying to meet her for so long ever since I found out that she lives next to me. my D.O.B. is 9/17/90 my initials are J.M. any other advice will be much appreciated, thank you i hope im not asking for too much! 🙂

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  • Tonix: glad to help... will be away for the week end so won't be able to do anything then, but will pick up again early next week... Could we work this together?

    I can see that there is confusion and contradiction in your life at the moment, the cards indicate that you have a comfortable family background and have played life according to the rules that have served you well. But at present there seems to be some emotional turmoil and pain in your life have you been let down, hurt? or is it all in your imagination. Take care that you understand the situation clearly or you could make matters worse. Examine the status quo objectively, with this and your intuitive nature you will come to understand what is necessary to the situation and what will come next. You could be shedding those conventions that have served you so well in the past and setting out on a new journey. Know thyself, this knowledge is your power.

  • rooster5 So sorry to hear of your recent loss, it is a natural urge to try to fill the void with something pleasant and new. I will see what I can find for you in the cards.

    Whoop Whoop! two out of the three cards are twos, and the other one is an Ace. New relationships, romantic love, sexuality the lot. I wish I had these cards... They certainly indicate that there is something going to happen soon, pressingly even. You will be supremely confident in this new relationship and you may need to follow through with this confidence to encourage the other person to see things in the same light as you do. Show your passion for life and you will attract the person who will become important to you as a moth to a flame. This experience will transform your opinion of yourself and you will wake up to your true worth. It may even lead to you embarking on a project that will enable you to leave your mark on the world. Not necessarily through the person you meet but maybe more through your growing confidence in yourself and your renewed joy for life. Something will come into your life that you will become involved with and maybe change the outcome of.

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