Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Hi Toni,

    I would love for u to read me...Im an april child and so its the fellow Im interested in...we r both taurus (actually i was born on the cusp of aries & taurus). We just briefly met & hv been textin each other;theres a lot of physical chemistry, but have nt started seeing each other...wondering if you see any solid dating future there or will it just stay in the virtual txtn mode.

  • Hi.. I would love a quick reading if at all possible. My question is regarding a relationship between myself (Sag) and an Aquarius man.. It's VERY complicated but in the long run will be end up really being together?

  • I was wondering if you could do a reading for me... Anything you see will be fine but if you need a question then whaat do you see for my love life and what about my finances///Thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    I would love to have a reading. My main questions would be about a new relationship and the direction my business will be going.


  • sweetoty, you will come across him again, but after that you are walking away from him for good.

  • Hi tonix3

    hoping you are still doing this .. I would like to know if I may ever have a relationship again and app. when. I am gay and 53 and been very lonely for a long time. I would so much appreciate your vision.


  • After seeing my post I have been edited!!! I think that's really offensive on this site that they do that tonix!! what do you reckon ? anyway obviously being a lesbian is a problem for them LOL.. bet I have been edited by simply a woman wanting to be with a woman.

  • Oh WOW suzannesuzanne, that is some sort of record!!! being you just been a member for only 7 mins!!! really should take this up with admin....this is not good...

  • Hi suzannesuzanne,

    I apologize for any confusion. I can advise your post has not been edited. If you ever have any questions, you can reach us at:



  • Hi suzannesuzanne, I knew admin would sort it for you!!...they are good at this sort of thing, hope it cleared up the confusion for you.



  • you have to watch your wording when requesting guidance, etc.

    If you ask for anything remotely in the for of a prophecy it is against the admins policy

    loving silver wings

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  • should I look for another job?

  • are you talking to ren1 or angelwings

  • I am a divorced middle aged female with a low paying job and some health issues. I would like to know if you foresee a change for the better in my circumstances coming up anytime soon. I would like to meet a compatible man but it's difficult in my age group to find a good one who is still available and willing to even consider a woman who is not young, beautiful or in comfortable circumstances. I am also very unhappy with where I am living and would like to move should a good opportunity arise. Anything you see would be helpful, even if it's not blissful, thanks much.

  • tonix,ive been interested in an aries female..things started out really great but soured..should i continue to pursue this female??thanks

  • tonix are you o.k hun?

    The challenges currently facing you will gradually clear but you need to be patient,also there is a change coming up for you in the next few months which will be positive.

    Take care of yourself.


  • thanks crystal. almost missed this! what kind of change are you seeing? thanks for the time!

  • Hi, can you tell me anything about my marriage and what is ahead for us, i.e., will we make it or will we break up? what about our children? and what about career info specifically for me?

    Any help you can offer will be much appreciated

    my bday is June 29, 1970

    husbands is May 4, 1974

    children are 3 years old and 8 month old

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