Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Hi--I would like a reading concerning my "ex boyfriend" that I have words with almost a month ago and also my job. Thank you.

  • Hi! I would like to know about future of love relationship beetwen me (Capricorne-Scorpio) and my boyfriend (Taurus-Capricorne). Thank you!

  • Hi. I am a Capricorn, dob 12/28/32. Have a question concerning my job. Was called back

    after being laid off for over a year. They have hardly any work for me. I keep going around

    asking for work. Usually no one has any. Sometimes go in for an hour or two and they send me home. What do you see about this? Still looking for another spot, but hard at my age

    to find office work.

    Thanks. amg

  • Hi and Congrats on developing your skills.

    Quick question. Broke up with my boyfriend last month. We had dated previously 5 years ago and then reunited Sept. of 09. There were challenges in our relationship, but mostly good until the last month or so. I have tried to connect with him and would love for us to be back together as I know he is the only man I have ever truly loved. I am a Taurus he is a Leo. Any indications that will happen? Or must I let this go?


  • People like you inspire me. I find you so interesting. Hres' my question, I am a capricorn 12/27/57, lost my job Oct 08, nothing since, lost my best friend and lover a pisces about 2 years ago to another. What do you see for me with either question!

  • Lost our home last year to a wrongful foreclosure, had a company (promiseary note) that was paying us monthly money has closed, and have a possible suit against a hospital. Will I be able to collect on any of these monies due to us? We have to get a place of our own - this is really effecting my kids. Really, Really, Really don't want to move in with the ex husband! What do you see for our financial future? Thanks and it's wonderful that you are practicing!!!!

  • ok, I'd love for your insight on this question:

    Which Creative Project should I do first?

    Symbols are fine, since I work with symbols in all of them.

    I'll be happy to share more, and/or give you feedback, as well as let you know the longer term results of this reading.



  • OK PLEASE I would like a social life has been on a downturn for quite some time...not sure why. I am healthy, happy, etc....birthdate 10/31/59---Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon, Taurus rising. THX

  • Hi Tonix3,

    I would like you to practice on me as well. I am not sure of my direction with career or relationship. Would love to meet a great guy though, do you see that in my near future.


  • Hello Tonix3

    How cool of you to offer readings for all of us. I am a Leo and my boyfriend is a Taurus. He is 57 and has never been married. Our relationship started out very rocky. We have been together for 1 1/2 years. I have been told by a psychic that we were meant to meet and have things to teach each other. Please let me know what you see for us. He was in a long distance relationship with a Virgo woman when we met. He broke up with her in Oct 09. Is she really gone?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi ToniX, I'm also Toni and would like a reading if you can. Birthday 10/11/50. Thanks.


  • Hi there, How are you doing ? I found a tarot deck under my desk when Iwas trying to figure why my electricity wasn't working. I haven't played with them yet. My birthday is 3/27/1935. I was wondering what kind of a future you see for me and I really appreciate anything you can find. Bless you for what you are doing. Janet

  • Hi ToniX, i'm a cancer and i just met this leo and would like to know how things would work out with a reading please

    my birth:7/09/92 his birth:8/08/88

  • tonix3

    would love to have a reading - dob 01/31/52 - biggest issue right now is finances, but anything in general would be helpful.

    Thank-you ,terry131

  • hello:) im dealing with a break up right now. i met with a reader sometime ago and she told me shoking thing i suspected him of doing. i confronted him, but i guess he will deny it at all cost. pls shine some light in this horrible break up if possible. my bday 1/26/1981 his 12/17/1977. and its wierd to want to know but will i see him again

  • Dear Tonix3,

    Hello new friend. Please do a general reading for me. My birthdate is 7-06-1957.



  • this is for Tonix ~ R U still doing readings?

  • Hi Tonix....not sure if this is where I am suppose to submit my request for a reading. If you are still oing readings, here are my questions. Will my situation with my children change? Can you tell me where I stand with the man I am currently involved with? Birthday: 21-12-60

  • Hello again Tonix I have another question for you so there is this guy I like but I don't know his name or anything he works at the gas station where I go often. Do you see anything happening between us? My DOB is 5/17/1987 My initials are CMM. Thanks

  • I am a Pisces . My birthday is Feb 21, 1973 . I am 37 years old. I was born in Maryland. I feel as though my life is stuck in some sort of rut. Same schedule everyday. Going through the motions but never getting anywhere. My career, my family, ,y life feels like i am heading no where. Can you read my future and assist in my hearts desire for change ?

    Please email to

    Jenny Stacey

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