Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Hi Tonix3! Please make a reading to the future of my marriage. Shall I stay or leave for good? My DOB is Aug. 22, 1959 and him is Oct. 10, 1961. Has reached a dead end and just stayed for the kids. Also reconnected with my first love from overseas. His DB is May 19, 1960. What lies ahead for all of us? Please help coz am LOST!

    Angela 168

  • Hello!

    I need one quick reading, will the guy at the store that I gave my number to contact me and is he intersted? it has been almost a week since I gave him my number

    my birthdate is 11th of august 1989, I don´t know his

  • why the guy i gave my number to never called?

  • Hi tonix3, can I have a quick general reading too please

  • taurusbaby22,

    i see joy, then tears, then a betrayal (i see the betrayal as someone stabbing the other in the back, but could also just be inflicting pain)

    the next set of cards are you and the father on opposite sides due to money, could be someone with money comes in between you two. last set of cards is you facing opposite the father, and going towards the direction of the other person (could also be just walking away from him because of money. (i know this sounds typical, but if you'd like i could email you an image of the cards as they were laid out and explain what each means). my interpretation is he will come in, and eventually go, and the "betrayal" could just be leaving your daughter again.

  • renzosluv

    i see things are balancing out but you seem to be resisting a change. this is whats making you feel as if things aren't going the right way. there will be someone who comes into your life through a creative opportunity or while "discussing" creative ideas/prostects.

  • sporty48, i think i'm getting a formal job for your husband, corporate, but i see it tied to retail. i am feeling its very much an office or "proper attire" type of place, but i get the sense of lots of stores. for you, i see there is a commitment in something more creative/flexible or not so corporate. his will be more with numbers, and yours would be more flexible, i feel somewhat art or design related? from the layout going left to right, it seems he will start off earning the most out of the two, but down the line, its your job that will lead to much more financial security.

    i really can't say when and where and in what, (still learning the ropes here) but thats about all i get from the few cards i threw down.

  • Hi Tonix3 I would really love a reading. Have asked for readings and so far NO-ONE has done one for me.My b-day is 7-3-56 CC, My husband is RC 5-1-64. We've been married a long time,almost two years ago he left me. No clue as to why, which now I'v heard many.In this time we have spent time together. All the while he has said he loves me, then he wants a divorce, I know hes very confussed and I dont think he knows what he wants. 6-months ago he told me it is over and told our kids the same thing. Only after words we spent time together,and have made love. 6.-weeks ago I pulled away from him. Only text when I need dogfood or my check. I do -not see him. I know 100% he is-not having sex with any-one other than me. He has told the kids he cant file for a divorce because he does-not have the $2,500. Yet he has money for other things. Can you PLEASE tell me what happened to him? IS there some under line health problem? This man NEVER hit me, went out on me,or drank. treated me like gold.Will we ever get back together for good? If so can you pick-up on a time fame? I feel he really doesnt want a divorce, feels alot of guilt for what he has done to me and our family. And I know he does love me. Maybe not in love with me anymore?I dont under stand any of this..... I do know he is my soul mate. Thank-you for any of your input. Blessings cathi

  • Hi, Tonix3 - thank you SO much for offering to do this! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!

    Here's my question: I'm 6/19/53 and wonder what's up with 1/10/57. What's ahead for our relationship, i.e., is he "in" love with me and what's down the road?

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Tonix3,

    Can you give me a reading plz.. I have been taking to this guy online and we have been messanging ea other off and on b4 we talked to ea other the first time on the phone last nite...As the moral of the story we both had the same essay written sayn that we where both tired of all the players around here and we where both giving up on looking for love...well b4 he was gonna make a new essay he saw mine and wrote to me like everyday and I kind of felt pushing myself away untell I finally gave in and started to write him back.. then when we finally talked on the phone for the first time I felt like we have known ea other for along time.. we both laugh at ea other jokes and stuff...I felt real comfortable with him...hes alot younger then me too, well lets say 6 He wants to meet this weekend like either today or tomorrow...Im into cowboys and i know hes not one but he does live on a horse ranch here in Ca....He really does like me cuz he keeps on telln me that he does....He wants everything that I want in life too.. But im just wondering if hes the one that I have been prayn and lookn for even tho hes not a cowboy..his a Capicorn and Im a Cancer.. So im just wondering if hes the one for me or is my soul mate still out there lookn for me as I am him....I know this is a long message but I had to get it out....Oh by the way there is another guy that i have known for 2 mos which I do like alot and yes hes a cwby redneck, but all the other phyics tells me hes not the one for me hes a Sag which one of them is my soul mate....or is he still out there...I'll be patiently waitn for your answer back thanks Roni

  • Can you do a reading for me about a past love interest of my fiance's from 15 years ago, who 'friended' him only 4 weeks ago after he proposed to me in December 23, 2009? He asked her to 'step back' briefly for my sake via e-mail, and she blew up at him, calling me a name he cannot even admit she said because she was able to intimidate to the point where he know acts as though he has the same regressive attitude about the success of our relationship. He started shaking and gobbling chocolates while she ranted about me being a "Miss Goody Two Shoes" (she herself posts "advice" that is relentlessy 'upbeat' and saccharine; one time I tried to Chat with her, she was very pushy about that and tried to make me feel 'bad' about having a good relationship with my father, simply because she didn't share that.) I was born 1/30/1961, my fiance was born 11/4/1954, she was born 5/23/1967. Help!

  • HI tonix if I am not too late.... I need advice pretty badly... my man left me a few weeks ago, I want to start dating another guy named ken, but I am not sure.... in addition i get my degree this year, and am trying to buy a house... any advise on all or just one of these issues would be greatly appriciated.

  • If you have time, I would like to ask if I can have a reading? I am a Cappie born 12/28/1956. I just don't know what my life's purpose is since I wanted and unsuccessfully tried suicide. Will there be a love of my life in partnerships? Will I be working again? In general, what direction should I take plans to have a life since God has not allowed me to die? Will I be needing more surgeries? My health is bad and am struggling with these issues. If I know what direction I need to take my life, it is most welcomed. Please, if you can help. Thank you so much.

  • oh and my bday is june 5, 1974

  • Thank you tonix and no need to email me I understood what you told me and that is more or less what I was thinking about him. Thank you so much for your reading.

  • Thank you for doing my cards and giving me a reading. This seems backwards for the two of us, but than you never know about fate. I have been the one that has worked for corps, and he had his own business, I am open minded enough to know that anything can happen so I will let you know in the future what happens. Thank you and please keep practicing. God Bless!

  • Hi Tonix, I would really appreciate a general reading, anything coming up for me? thank you! I hope all is good in your own world. 😄

  • Hi Tonix, Time for one more? I've been involved in a very stimulating project recently and want to know if there is a love interest in and around this project for me. Thx.

  • Dear Tonix,

    Thanks for the offer. My DOB is December 21,1973. Can you give me a general reading regarding finances and love? I appreciate it. Sending you lots of LOVE!



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